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Alisha felt very excited. Today she could finally prove herself to her country. Thensillia's annual bar reading was due now and every child above eight years of age within the state would go through the procedure of having their bar-level read. The requirement to offer yourself to the country was to have a bar-level above five. Alisha was hazy on the details on what it meant to 'offer' yourself to the country. Nonetheless, she knew that she was above a five bar, though she wasn't bragging, just an instinct within her that gave her that indication.

She did not want to think about failing her test. She knew that the consequences were very dire. Alisha also knew that the neighbour's daughter was taken into the night one day after failing horribly. She was, to nobody's surprise, never seen again.

"Now darling, stay put and smile for them." Her mother had ordered that afternoon, wiping away the dirt on Alisha's face with a wet handkerchief. "Also, remain calm and try to be relaxed."

Alisha twirled in front of the mirror wearing her best party frock. She smiled a gap-toothed grin, her blonde hair styled into two pigtails.

"You're still at it?"

Alisha spun around to face her older brother Damien. He was leaning against the door and had a small smile on his lips as he looked at her with an amused expression.

"Of course..." She smiled at her reflection. "Why shouldn't I? Today is the most important day."

Damien rolled his eyes. "Sure it is...if you want to be a slave to our society forever."

Alisha's mouth gaped open with shock. How dare he? Her brother had just insulted the very core of her being! To be a useful Thensilian was what she thrived for, and her brother dismissed it with his impertinent insults.

"No it isn't." She narrowed her eyes darkly, "and don't give those ideas to little Hannah, she's still too young." She was referring to her little sister who was, at the tender age of five, still innocent about the political issues surrounding their world.

Damien gave a nonchalant shrug. "Sure, she'll know soon anyway. They're coming in a few hours aren't they?" He stood up straighter and gave her a piercing glare. "You're just too naïve as well, Alisha, fooling yourself into believing that you'll do the world justice by having a five bar, which would be the case if you want to be used as a military weapon."

Alisha seethed, offended by her brother's remark. What had gotten into him? Besides, didn't he know that he would be read too? The government wouldn't spare him. "You'll be read too."

Damien smiled wryly, "I know that sis, that's why I'm telling you to be careful. A big brother has to look after his little sister."

Alisha gave a dramatic sigh, "If you mean by insulting our government? Then sure, you're helping me." For more effect she rolled her eyes.

"Alright then, be like that. Don't tell me I didn't warn you." Damien nodded seriously, as though he had found out some grave news. "I'll see you later then. I'll go check in on Hannah."

Alisha crossed her eyes and blew a raspberry at him. "Puh! See if I care." She giggled childishly, her attention returning to the mirror. "Now let me smooth down my tails."


"Alisha! Come down quickly darling, they're here." Alisha heard the sharp shout of her frantic mother who was now going up the stairs in great big strides.

"Sure..." Alisha hopped out of her vanity mirror, glancing at herself one more time. "Who's first?"

Her mother entered then, her own chignon dishevelled and wonky. Her dress was rumpled and she looked as though she went through a time machine and aged dramatically, her face was now lined with worrying wrinkles and loose eye bags. Gone was her beautiful mother. In a day the stress of losing her children became too much to bear.

"Oh my darling, my beautiful baby..." Her mother rushed to her arms and held her tightly, smothering the little girl in her embrace. Alisha could faintly smell the perfume that she was wearing and her home cooking food.

"Mu—um." Alisha groaned, trying her best to pry her overbearing mother off. "I'm fine. It isn't as though I'm going to die or anything. I'm serving my country, aren't you proud?"

Her mother froze, limp in her arms. For an alarming second Alisha thought that her heart had stopped, but after another second she moved. "Darling, there is much you don't understand. Please, for my sake suppress your power."

This time it was Alisha who froze, "What?" She was sure that she hadn't heard right. Her mother, her own mother was asking her to lie in the face of the government...and for such a selfish reason too.

Her mother sobbed in her arms, her body shaking violently. Alisha was unsure on how to react. "Ali, I know you find this a selfish act, but I can't bear for all of you to go. I'll be lonely and you'll be scared and we will never ever see each other again." She clutched her little girl's arms tightly and moaned in great distress. "Oh my babies are all going to go now, they'll leave me and I will never see them again."

Alisha's felt puzzled. Did her mother say all? Never? Had she heard right? Surely Hannah would be spared too, she was far too young. "But mother, Hannah is here with you."

The moan that escaped her mother's lips was like that of a wounded beast. "No!" She cried, closing her eyes with her hands as she shook. "All of you will be gone, they promised that. We're one of the five higher reading families in this district so they'll take you...all of you, even my poor little angel, Hannah. My baby is so unaware and blissful now. I wish your father was here, he'd know what to do."

Alisha's father had been away for three months now on a unexpected business trip. He regularly sent them money and toys, as well as the daily essentials of life. Despite all that, Alisha and her siblings felt too distant with him. He was there and not there at the same time.

"Why Hannah?" The facade that Alisha had bravely put on was now crumbling into smithereens. Everything, from her values, to the way of her life was now being broken to pieces. "Isn't that against the law?"

Her mother's eyes filled with contempt, she stopped herself from spitting out in disdain and instead opted for a much calmer tone. "We're not really in a position to contradict them honey. If they say it is the law, it is the law."

Alisha's eyes widened and her bottom lip trembled, "But…." She paused when she heard a rustling from below the stairs. She spied a black familiar cloak and gasped, her face paling.

"Moth—" She couldn't finish her sentence. One of the bar reading member grabbed her from behind the arm, hindering any mobility and held her in a vice-like grip.

"You…." Red eyes locked on her mother, its voice laced with venom. "You have lied about the government to this child! You have defied us! How dare you!"

Her mother flinched and winced as it dropped Alisha on the floor and lunged at her, its red eyes scanning her with distaste. It threw her across the hall and wrenched her up with lethal force, her mother shook with fear.

"Speak! It's an order!"

"I—please don't harm my children." She begged. Her eyes full of horror. She recoiled in fear as she was held aloft like she weighed nothing.

"Harm? Your children are an important subject in the creation of the best military weapon that Thensilia has ever witnessed. You should be proud…" it looked at Alisha who was whimpering in the corner, she had her arms wrapped around her legs and was muttering silently to herself. "You will be punished accordingly for hiding a potential military weapon."

Somehow, courage took over Alisha's mother. She looked it straight in the eye and spat. "Hiding? I wasn't trying to hide anything—Aah!" It tightened its grip, but Alisha's mother was insistent and she continued her speech. "I'll never forgive you if you do anything to harm my babies!"

It laughed imperiously, "You speak like that to I, Angus? I have underestimated you woman. You have a will…and that," it smiled sadistically, "will be crushed."

"No!" Alisha shouted, shaking out of her reverie. She charged at him, trying her best to plummet him with her tiny fists.

Angus looked at Alisha, his gloved hands raised. "I shall put you to sleep child for you are too bothersome!" With his raised hands he swiftly chopped at her neck, leaving her wobbling.

Alisha's eyes rolled at the back of her head and she could feel unconsciousness threatening to envelop her. She groaned incoherently before she landed on the ground, the distant voice of her shrieking mother the last thing she heard as she succumbed to darkness.

Pain. Pain was surging through her body. It was the feeling that greeted her when she rose to consciousness. Where was she? What happened?

Alisha groggily sat up, facing the dark room that she was now inhabiting. She rubbed her head. Did some kind of force hit her before she lost consciousness? She could not remember anything that had happened. The pain in her head was excruciating, she felt worse than that time she fell of the tree and she had to have 12 stitches.

"Where am I?" She dared to murmur.

The room was oddly silent. Where was she? She couldn't see a thing in the dark room. Only a small candle, that was fading in and out, was illuminating light. She closed her eyes, trying to differentiate any sound from her surroundings.

She faintly heard a crackling noise from afar, she tried to swivel her head to the side but the effort was too much. Her head promptly hit the ground and she stared at the dark ceiling, feeling scared and lonely. Where were her sister and brother? Where was she? Had they read her bar...if so, how?

"Hey, the chick is awake."

Alisha tossed her head to the other side, squinting in the dark room. She had heard a voice, right?


"Puh, she's just a newbie. Nothing special, they all come and go Odden." This voice was definitely female and she sounded snooty, like she was once royalty.

"Oh come on Ang...Why don't we take the time to get to know her? Hey new girl! What's your name?" The boy named Odden hollered.

Alisha delicately sat herself up, biting her lips and feeling afraid. "Ali...Alisha." She mumbled quietly.

"Wait a second, I'll come to you. I know this room at the back of my head since I was here for 3 years now." Odden shuffled closer to Alisha, dragging his chained feet behind him.

Alisha could make out a small scrawny boy with brown hair and eyes, he had a toothy smile. "Come now, we're in this together now. I'll take you to the crew."

She heard a snort from the corner of the room, followed by a sniff.

"O-okay." She smiled shyly as she grabbed Odden's outstretched hand. She let herself be hauled up and dragged to the others.

"Man, you're just came so you shouldn't even be hungry," Odden commented. He whistled a little, impressed.

Alisha just smiled, silent and afraid to say more to these strangers. She watched with awe as she saw three other scrawny children, all of them also chained by their legs. One of the boys smiled at her and another one, who looked like the other boy, gave her a small acknowledging nod. The girl was the only one who had a hostile aura.

"Why did you bring her? She's probably a spy sent to infiltrate us." The girl glared at Ayano, her arms folded tightly. She was a pretty brown haired girl with dark calculating eyes. She assessed Alisha, studying her from top to bottom.

Odden gave her a harsh look, "A spy? Do you think so lowly of the government? They'd choose a more appropriate method. Besides, look at her, this injured girl can't be one of them." He narrowed his eyes at the two boys, "don't you think?"

One of the boys shook his head. "No, Odden and neither does Mark."

Mark smiled at his brother, "That's right Tommy."

It was only the girl who was left pouting.

"Angelina? Listen, I know you have a right to be cautious, but give this girl a chance. She's just as scared of us and has obviously passed her bar reading test, or else she wouldn't be here." Odden said.

She had? Alisha had no recollection of such thing. When had they taken it from her? Her mind was befuddled and she was fuzzy on the important details...where were her siblings?

"Damien...Hannah." She mumbled.

Odden smiled, his blue eyes crinkling. "Your siblings?" He guessed.

Alisha nodded mutely.

"Aw, they've probably been taken to the other cells. You know, for special inspection and all."

Alisha's eyes widened. "Cell?"

Angelina huffed impatiently and gritted her teeth in frustration, "Listen newbie. Stop with the questions! It's annoying how you repeat everything that Odden says...if I had my way, you'd be gone."

Odden gave her a stern look and put a protective arm around Alisha who winced at the contact. "Ang! Why are you so rude for? You know that she's scared and unaware of her surroundings, and here you threaten her! Shame on you."

Angelina blushed, feeling shocked at being chastised, "You can't blame me. Anyway, I wouldn't have done anything. You know that it's risky for us to use our powers here."

Tommy nodded gravely, "If I could use it, I would have lit this room up with my human torch body."

"Oh, I would have duplicated myself and got us out of here..." Odden sighed wistfully, gazing at the barbered cell.

"And I would have burned the whole place down and then I would have watered it down." Angelina grinned, happy that Odden wasn't angry at her anymore.

"I would have drawn an escape door ages ago." Mark shrugged shyly.

They all expectantly stared at Alisha who flinched at the unexpected attention. She smiled a small smile and shook her head.

"I don't know what I can do."

Angelina stopped herself from snorting and raised her eyebrows instead, an enquiring look on her face. "What?"

Odden had a concerned look on his face. "First thing first..." He said, looking at the others, "do you know where you are now? How you got here?"

Alisha shook her head. She had no clue about anything. Her life was just a turmoil of emotions.

"You don't know that you are in a cell full of children with 'potential' military power? And that you could be taken any time and never return..." Odden paused, thoughtful. "You know, I think they drugged you or make you lose your memory about the event. Something shocking must have happened."

"We're not really in a position to contradict them honey. If they say it is the law, it is the law."

Alisha had heard her mother say that hadn't she…before, before that man…thing from the bar reading recruitment came and took her to….


Alisha gasped, as sudden memories flooded through her, hazy memories that were up to date.

Her shrieking mother; her unconsciousness; waking up in a dark room full of monsters; her hand being forced into a machine; her bar level reading 5.5; Damien and Hannah taken away; her mild protests; forced to eat a small red like drug; losing consciousness once again.

"I…I remember." She muttered, stunned at the ferocity her memory resurfaced at. What happened to her mother? Had they…

No, Alisha didn't want to think about.

"You remembered." Odden affirmed, happy that she wasn't in the dark anymore.

Angelina gave a wry smile, "Took you long—" She stopped short and gazed at the flitting figure outside the cell, her eyes widening in alarm. "They're back!" She hissed, beckoning them closer.

The door was forced open. They all held their breath.

Alisha's head spun around as she faced the same perpetrator that stole her mother away from her.

"You're awake." Angus chuckled giving Alisha a once over. "I'm surprised, for a drama queen like you I would have thought it would have been for another hundred years." He chuckled at his own joke. He turned serious again.

"We want Odden…we believe that he is what we need." His red eyes swiveled across the small dingy room, resting on a shaking Odden. "Ah boy, come here and we won't dismantle you. You'll be in one piece, not in pieces."

Angelina watched in dismay as Odden obeyed, standing up meekly. "Okay." He was hauled up in a dastardly manner and swung across the room threateningly.

"You will co-operate I believe." Angus hissed, carrying the sniveling Odden.

Odden nodded, his face stained with tears. "Yes…" He sobbed.

Angus grinned, his yellow fangs on display. "I thought so…."

"Leave him alone!" Alisha had found the courage to confront the beast that destroyed her life. "Just leave him alone you bully!"

Angus laughed haughtily. "Know your place, little child. We are the Crimson Lotus and we don't take threats lightly. Be good and stay put. Your first power extraction will be this afternoon." With that, he retreated from whence he came.

They all sat there in shocked silence.

Angelina was the first to break it: "That was awful!" She sobbed bitterly. "Poor Odden. I know he won't come back. They did that to Diana."

The twins shuddered at her name, flashbacks of unpleasant days resurfacing.

"He will…" Alisha cried out in determination, all meekness from before erased. She turned to face them. "They're monsters. I don't care whatever posh names they call themselves, that doesn't disguise the fact they are ruling over us with terror."

Angelina laughed and it wasn't a friendly one either, "Puh-lease! Girl, we all know that we are helpless. There is nothing we can do, what gave you the courage?"

Alisha clenched her fist. "I watched my family crumble right in front of my eyes because of that…that monster. I was forced to forget all that I cared for. And here you guys sit like cowards and spineless fools. You don't even have the courage to attack."

Tommy stood up, angry at her accusations. "Oh yeah? Well, why don't you try staying in this bloody cell for three years! Trust me; you would have had your spirit crushed ages ago. So don't you dare come up with your petty insults when you haven't lived a mile in our shoes."

Mark followed suit after his brother and nodded. "We have always imagined about escape. It helped get us through. But the reality is inevitable, no one can escape. It just isn't possible."

Alisha's head reeled with shock. Whatever they had been through must have dampened their spirits. "We can get our hope back," she said with resolve, unclenching her fist and looking at Angelina. "It might take us a few years, but we'll get it."

Angelina sighed with exasperation, "You can't. It's impossible."

Alisha looked at her with disgust. "It is that attitude that won't get us anywhere." She looked at the twins with a determined glint in her eyes, holding her fist in front of her. "We're getting out of this hell hole once and for all."

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