Angel is an OC (Original Character) that one of my friends made. She isn't mentioned in any of the books for this reason. Jake- Harry's god brother is the son of Sirius in our roleplay, we have decided to name the marauder kids after their parents. (Harry- Prongs. Jake- Padfoot. Etc.) Just to save any confusion. :3 Hope you guys enjoy!

Harry and Angel had been friends for over a year now, Harry only saw her as a friend- she was like a sister to him; the two had met just before Christmas, Angel was as shy as anything; she had hardly any friends, which she didn't mind; she was a people person. Harry liked to randomly walk over to people and say hi, but the first time he saw Angel; he saw more than just someone to say hi to. He saw someone who was in need of a friend; he wanted to help her and be there for her. He didn't want to see her alone mainly because it hurt him; he felt rather sorry for her. Time had passed and Harry and Angel were two of the closest friends you could get apart from Ron and Hermione; Angel was his best friend. Harry knew how Angel had felt but now they were close; Harry hadn't seen Hermione and Ron for ages and thought they'd forgot about him. The rare times he did see them; it wasn't for long- Hermione worked at the ministry, Harry hadn't heard what Ron was up to while Hermione was busy at work; he heard they had a daughter but the name he wasn't sure of; now he was too preoccupied hanging out with Angel to even remember to send them an owl.

Angel sat in Gryffindor common room, there wasn't much going on at Hogwarts right now; she had just finished studying and sat in front of the fire thinking about Harry and the fun they'd be having right now... if he were around. Harry, of course was somewhere about the school either playing a prank, or getting into some sort of mischief with one of the teachers; either way, Angel was bored. She flipped out her wand and pointed it into the air, "Expecto Patronum." she said, focusing on her happiest memory of meeting Harry for the first time; her life had changed since him and she was honoured to call him her best friend. A silver horse galloped about her head for a while before disappearing. She let out a bored a sigh and waited for Harry to run through the fat lady portrait as he usually did; it was as though she could sense where she was or something. Of course he couldn't; he was just there at the right times. She laughed to herself as she remembered the time she was feeling really down and he came along and cheered her up; just the thought of her best friend made her happy. She always looked forward to another adventure of theirs.

Harry was strutting the halls as usual, Padfoot (His god brother, Jake) was out of Hogwarts for a while, apparently he'd found himself a women and well; Harry didn't have to guess what was going on between the two. "Good on ya, Padfoot." he said to himself. He decided he'd go to the common room to see who was there, maybe Angel would be there and he could tackle her and take her to the lake or something; he missed his best friend, after not seeing her for a while. He made his way to the common room.

The fat lady glared at him for a moment. "Are you going to tell me the password or not?" she scowled. Harry could tell she was in a cranky mood of hers.

"You're the lady." Harry said with a roll of his eyes.

The fat lady smiled and allowed him to pass; he climbed through the hole and looked around the common room, he caught sight of Angel and grinned, he took off in a bit of a run and tackled her in her chair.

"Ahh!" Angel half screamed, half laughed and fell off her chair with Harry on top of her.

Harry grinned and helped her up off the ground. "C'mon." he laughed and almost lazily threw her over his shoulder,

"Hey!" squeaked Angel as Harry ran with her out of the common room and outside of Hogwarts to a random tree.

He scaled the tree with ease as Angel clung to his back; he sat comfortable on a branch before letting Angel climb off and sit in front of him. Harry loved her squeak and poked her in the stomach just to hear her squeak one more time; he found it amusing before dumping a pile of leaves on her head with a grin.

"Hey!" Angel laughed once more, turned around to face him and threw leaves at him.

Harry laughed and whipped out his wand. "Sunshine daisies, butter yellow. Turn my best friend yellow!" with that a flash of orange light flew from the tip of his wand. He laughed as he saw a yellow Angel looking at him.

She whipped out her wand and grinned devilishly, "Midnight sky, lavender purple, turn my best friend purple!" she said and a purple flash flew from her wand dazzling the two of them, she laughed as Harry had turned a nice shade of violet.

Harry laughed and made the sound of an instant pudding being made; more like the sound of a muggle microwave, he whipped his wand again and grew some flowers on top of her head.

Angel laughed, "Flowers!" she beamed.

Harry grinned as he fiddled with the flower petals; he flicked his wand and made some spring onions sprout from her ears. He laughed as they hung down as though some sort of earrings; something of the sort Luna would wear.

Angel looked at him confused, took the onions from her ears and threw them at him.

This was a casual greeting for Angel; she was used to this. She watched as Harry held the onion he had caught in his hand and fumbled with it for a moment. She could only wonder what he was going to do with it; she could tell he was thinking hard about it.