After his previous thoughts about Angel, Harry couldn't help his mind as it raced on, thought after though; his passed experiences with girls hadn't helped his mind; it was troublesome for him he wanted nothing more than to hold her, however this led to some pretty embarrassing word trip-ups for him. Angel was having a effect on him and he was sure he was liking it...

Angel looked at him and thought for a moment, "I don't know... maybe you just don't work out." she said and stuck her tongue out at Harry.

Harry looked at her rather shocked; he knew he was buff; his stomach was perfectly honed; he had muscles not too big or too small; however his chest was squishy he had no idea. Well... I do!" he said defensively; really he didn't; he was too lazy for that, Quidditch was how he got his perfect build but he wanted to prove Angel a point. He lay on the ground and pushed himself up with his hands then back down again. "One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten... eleven... twelve... thirteen... fourteen... fifteen... sixteen... seventeen... eighteen... nineteen... twenty..." he counted; he decided to stop at twenty before he did work up a sweat and stood back to his feet. "See?"

Angel laughed; "I stand corrected." she smiled rather impressed.

Harry misheard her; he was too busy looking at her smile and gazing into her eyes to hear her properly, "what do you mean? I just did twenty push-ups with a sweat."

Angel laughed, "That makes no sense."

Harry looked at her; he felt himself redden as he not only realized what he said but also what she said. "I meant to say without a sweat, Burke!" he laughed.

Angel laughed, "pfft... I knew that!" she scoffed and stuck her tongue out at him.

Harry laughed and stuck his tongue out at her in return.

Angel laughed as she poked his tongue, Harry looked at her amused.

"Tongue poking are we?" he smirked and poked her lips. 'Merlin, she has tender lips...' his mind raced as his heart pounded.

Angel laughed and bit his finger. "HA!" she laughed.

Harry's mind raced over to everything possible; the thoughts he had were not clean, especially after many of his experiences with girls. He collected himself again before he completely turned himself on... or she did and gasped dramatically, "ANGEL BIT MY GINGER!" he yelled.

Angel looked at him oddly and cracked up laughing.

Harry returned her glance and realized what he'd said; he was too busy focusing on her bright fiery red hair, "I mean... finger..." he laughed; his dirty mind once again taking its toll on him.

"If you say so..." Angel laughed.

"So!" Harry said suddenly, "there! I said it."

Angel rolled her eyes and growled playfully.

Harry grinned cheekily at her; in return Angel stuck her tongue out at him; Harry stuck his tongue back out at her. Once again Angel poked his tongue.

She really wasn't helping his thoughts. Harry looked at her, laughed and poked her forehead. 'Why's she poking my tongue?" he thought to himself.

'POKE WAR', Angel declared in her mind and grinned evilly. She grinned and poked Harry's stomach. 'Muahahaha... Squishy!' she said to herself.

Harry laughed and poked her nose, 'squishy!'

Angel wiggled her nose and poked Harry's cheek.

Harry moved his mouth around trying to wiggle his cheek and poked her stomach. 'Soft... pillow... so comfy...' he thought then found himself wanting nothing more than to cuddle up to her and hold her tightly.

Angel squeaked and jumped back; she glared at him with half a grin, half a scowl and casually hid her stomach. 'Why must I be so ticklish?' she scowled in her mind.

Harry couldn't help but laugh hard at this and poked her stomach again.

"Harry!" Angel squeaked, lengthening his name, almost squealing it.

This gave Harry a good laugh and some more dirty thoughts entered his mind. 'I wish I could stop thinking this way.' he thought. He really didn't want to get her into bed at all; he wanted her to be his girl but he didn't want anything more until she was ready; he just wished his mind was a lot cleaner than it was right now. He grinned and kept poking Angel's stomach.

Angel squeaked and jumped back, "Harry!" she grinned and ran off.

Harry laughed and chased after her, as he ran he conjured a stick and poked her in the back with it to annoy her as she ran.

Harry poked Angel in the back, she laughed and ran faster. Harry continued to chase her to the Great Hall where the feast was about to begin. As he sat down next to her and caught his breath, he wondered how he was going to tell her he had a thing for her; this wasn't going to be easy.