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When Archie arrived at the stand still fair, the first thing Ike did was get him something to eat. He with the owner of the fair. Ike liked Archie and, after they talked for a while, he offered Archie a job running one of the games. After Archie had eaten, Ike decided he needed a tour. He introduced him to some of the workers that were having their lunch. Archie crossed his arms over his chest and nodded as a few people spoke with him but a girl suddenly walked out from the kitchen and she commanded his attention like no other. She looked up and catch his eyes then looked away. He watched as she moved, gathering up plates and discarded silverware.

" Oh, I won't pay attention to her if I was you." Ike said with a chuckle. Archie looked away from the girl and to his new boss.

" What?" He asked, making Ike chuckle more.

" I said I won't pay attention to her if I was you."

" And why's that?" Archie asked in his soft, easy voice.

" Because she is trouble." A graying man said as he came forward. " Hey, I'm Mike." He said, stretching out his hand.

" Archie." Archie said, shaking the hand firmly. His eyes shifted back over to the girl who wasn't pay attention to anyone.

" Hey, show him around for me, will you?" Ike asked.

" Yeah, no problem." Mike said. Ike clapped a hand on Archie's back.

" You start tomorrow morning. Mike will show you to a trailer you can stay at." He said before he walked away.

" So, why is that girl trouble?" Archie asked. Mike started to laugh and hitched his head to the side so Archie would follow him.

" She has some serious anger problems. Ike has her doing the simple things to keep her mind busy. A couple of us think he knows that if he doesn't keep her busy, she will flip out and kill us all. She has been in a lot of fights around here, kicked a lot of ass. Ike knew her dad. He was Ike's best friend or something." Mike explained. Archie looked up at her as she cleaned a table.

" She's so tiny." He commented, dropping his eyes when she looked up at him again.

" Yeah, well don't let that fool you. Girl's got a good punch. I would know. I have been on the receiving end." Mike said. " Hey there, Adriana." He said to the girl as she wiped down the table.

" Fuck you." She said. Archie's eyebrows' went up at the same time she looked at him. " And stop fucking staring at me, Dick." She snapped before she turned and walked away from them.

" What the fuck was that?" Archie asked.

" Told you, she's an angry, angry bitch." Mike said as they walked out of the mess tent.

Mike showed Archie around the fair. They walked around the rides with Mike spilling the secrets of the different operators. They walked through the rides and side shows then Mike showed him to the trailers. It was decided that Archie would be sharing his trailer. Mike had to get back to his job at the Guess game so Archie stored his bags in the trailer. He only had two bags. He then walked outside and back to the mess tent. He was hoping to Adriana again.

But he didn't until dinner time. She came out of the kitchen building while he was eating. He watched her carefully as she cleaned. She didn't say a word to anyone and no one said a word to her. She didn't even look up from her work. When she disappeared to the back again, Archie stood up and grabbed his plate. He made his way to the back. He cast a few looks towards the other members of the fair who were watching him like he was a dead man walking. He cleared his throat but looked towards the doorway to the building she had disappeared in. Women. Archie always had a weak spot for them. He liked women and she was hot.

He found her at the sink across the room. She was giving him her side profile and he could tell she had on little ear bubs in. There was something sticking out of the pocket of the left side of her jeans. Cords were leading up to either side of her head. Her hands were buried in the soapy water. She was shifting her weight slowly from one leg to another. Archie swallowed hard, narrowed his eyes then started forward. When he got closer to her, she surprised him by spinning around to face him holding up a long knife.

" What the fuck do you want?" She growled out. Soap was dripping off her hands. Her right hand was gripping the knife hard. Archie held his hands up in defense.

" I'm just bring my plate in." He said. She narrowed her eyes at him. Her left hand shot up to yank out the ear bubs. There was no music coming from them.

" Why didn't you just leave it out there like the rest of them do?" She asked.

" I just thought I'd be nice." He said. " I'm going to just put it on the counter, okay?" Slowly and carefully he brought his plate down to the counter. After he set it down he put his hands back up.

" Get the hell out of here." She said. Archie tilted his head but started to back up.

" Adriana? Did I hear Mike right? That's your name?" He asked.

" Mike has a big ass mouth. What else did he tell you?" She snapped. Her knife was still aimed at him.

" Nothing much." Archie said as he continued to walk backwards.

" Did he tell you that I punched him out?" She bit out.

" Yeah, he might have mentioned that." He said.

" Good. You will be next if you don't get away from me." Adriana said.

" No need for that. I'm leaving." Archie said. She watched until he walked completely out of the room.


Archie was leaning against the fence by the kitchen. His head was bent down so he could light his smoke. Yeah, he was waiting for her. She had pulled a knife on him and the twisted part of him thought it was hot, sexy. He just hoped she didn't bring that knife with her everywhere she went. As the door to the building opened, Archie flicked his lighter shut and stuck it into his pocket. He drew hard on his smoke as she started outside. He watched as she walked. She sighed deeply and he didn't think she knew he was there. Archie pulled the cigarette from his mouth and pushed away from the fence to go after her.

" Hey." He said. He was making sure to keep a clear distance between him and Adriana just in case she did have a knife on her. Adriana groaned and turned around. She stopped walking and crossed her arms over her chest.

" What the hell do you want?" She snapped.

" Just to say hey." Archie said. She shook her head, rolled her eyes then dropped her arms and turned around.

" Well you said it so go away." She said as she started walking. Archie picked up his pace, seeing that both her hands were empty.

" My name is Archie, by the way." He said.

" I don't remember asking." Adriana said. Archie smiled when he reached her side.

" You didn't." He said.

" Oh that's because I don't care." She said.

" Well now you know, in case you change your mind later." He said.

" I won't have." Adriana said. He grabbed her arm to stop her.

" Will you.." Adriana ripped her arm away from him then pushed him at his shoulders while she swept her leg behind him so fast and hard that she actually knocked Archie down. He fell straight down to his back with a look of shock on his face. Adriana straddled his lap, grabbed a fist full of his shirt and leaned down so she was close to his face.

" Do. Not. Ever. Touch. Me. Again." She hissed slowly. " I will fucking cut you, do you understand? There is a a reason I stay in the kitchen. I do not play well with others. Got it?" Archie nodded with his eyes wide.

" Yeah, I got it." He said slowly.

She pushed him again then stood up and walked away. Archie braced his hands on the ground as he pushed himself up. He shook his head as he watched her walk away. There was no way he was going to leave her alone. That girl had a fire in her eyes that excited him. She was the perfect mix of danger and sex appeal. Archie grinned then laid down flat on his back. He let his hands come to rest against his chest. She knocked him straight on his ass then straddled him. Had he not been so stunned he'd have been hard right away. As it was, the second the shock was gone, he was hard as stone.

Yeah, she might cut him but he was going to have fun while she did it. He had never given up on things every easily before and he wasn't going to start with her.