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This time I'm here not with a GermanyxJapan fic.. but with a Japanx[secret character] fic Kudos for those of you that can figure this out~~ The name would be revealed in chapter three. ^^

Okay, so there's not much plot in this story, but I did want to delve in to the mechanics of such a couple if they were in a good, kind of functional, and long lasting relationship. So here I am~~ ^^ I do hope you like it.

Warning, rated M for dark themes, lots of mentions of sex, obsession and kink. If you want sex, please wait for chapter three. Chapter two would deal with the other side of the relationship. Where there are more mature themes. If you no like any of this, please close this tab, or click the back button. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OF ANY DELICATE SENSIBILITIES BEING PUT TO TRAUMA :D

The bed. The floor. The counter. The table. The sofa. The onsen. The chairs. The grass.

In the bed room. In the living room. In the kitchen. In the garden. In the guest room. In the library. In the garage. In the car.

Was there any place in the house where the other had not yet had him? Not that he minded of course. He enjoyed it immensely. Though that would never escape his lips. He wondered if he should feel trapped. Stuck in a place where everything reminded him of the other. The other's scent. The other's taste. The other's skin. the other's ministration on his own pliant and willing body.. Just the thought itself made him excited. Perhaps he would be punished for it. Being excited without him. But how could he help it if everything reminded him of the other?

It's not like he could go out and simply walk around to stop thinking of him. He had tried before. When he went too far. The other found out about it. The result was painful.. and not in a good way. Usually he liked his 'punishment's. For that one, he felt that he did not. But it was fine since the other made it up to him in the most delicious and wonderful way. Besides, he knew that the other was insecure. Of what he did not really know. Could it be that the other thought that he would leave him? No. He wouldn't. He couldn't. Not when the other had already given him so much.

Perhaps the other was not sure about how faithful he was? But why would he be? In all his life, he knew the horrible pain of being left behind. Abandoned. Thrown away when your worth was gone. He knew the feeling of being used. Everybody left him. Everybody. Except him. Why would he leave the person that was always there for him throughout thick and thin? The person that had never once abandoned him? It would be foolish and ungrateful.

The other cared for him. He knew that. He just felt guilty that he may not care as much for the other as the other did for him. It was horrible. The other gave him so much.. But what had he done for the other...?

He did not work, nor did he take care of the house despite using it and always being inside there. Whenever he tried to talk to the other about working, the other would point at the pile of paperwork that he did daily and say that he was working. He was working for Nihon. He was working for Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun. And that working for that means that it was already more then enough. That he need not ever work for money to support anything because he was already supporting the whole entire country of Japan. Besides, the other would point out. Just himself working was enough for the both of them. More than enough actually, and truthfully, he could say nothing to that.

When he asked about helping out in the house, the other frowned and did not want it. The other claimed that he was 'much too delicate and pure to be doing such menial work or go around getting sore and dirty by washing and cleaning anything.' He had argued back of course. His 'soft hands' may become 'harder and perhaps even calloused' if he did do the house work, but he was a man and not a woman. He had pride and duty to do things to help around. He would not simply sit there ad be treated so lavishly without giving something back in return. He would not be spoilt and dependent. He could not simply sit there and do nothing like the women from Chuugoku-san's house from the olden days, where their feet were bound to show wealth and lavish fortune. It was to ensure that they would truly be taken care of. Or was it there to prevent them from running away? He shook his head at the thought.

The other made him happy. He would not throw that away.

Well in the end, the other conceded and had finally let him take care of the house. So now he took care of the house. He swept and polished and mopped and tended to garden. He took note of what stocks were running out in supply and asked the other to get them, and he also made the food. He did his work proudly and made sure that everything was perfect for the other when he returned home.

He knew the he other may not care about such things, but he knew that the other took his time to notice his efforts. To comment about them or praise him. Sometimes to point out something he had missed but he would know that it was missed purposefully. The other knew him too well. And he knew that 'punishments' were always enjoyed by both. No matter how painful it could become, it was always pleasureable and always had him begging for more. Well, except for that one time, but as mentioned before, it was made up for. And the harsher the punishments, the more caring and thoughtful the other was to him after it.

The other had always paid attention to him. He would try to make everything as perfect as he could for him. If he was thirsty without realising it, the other would lovingly hand him a glass of water. If he was sore, the other would try to make things comfortable as possible. The other always knew what he wanted and tried his best to fulfill it, from buying the newest manga release, to getting his favourite food, to giving him gifts that he had wanted but never could ask. The other knew him the best out of everyone. Perhaps even himself, for he would have things ready before he craved them.

Even during those 'games' and 'punishments', the other would make sure to take care of him. Everybody had their limits. He never crossed the limit. Not once. If that did not show that the other adored him and loved him and cared for him, he did not know what did.

...So the other was a little possessive. But it was worth it.

The other had done so much for him. He had stuck by always. He had made sure that he was comfortable. He made sure the other was never lonely. He gave him everything that he wanted and needed. Even doing the housework, he knew that that was not enough repayment for all the the other had done. So he tried to make it up in other ways..

He tried his best to never say 'no' to the other. Unless he really was against it,and in which the other would always comply. He tried to always know more about the other. He tried to make him happy. he hoped what he was doing was good enough, but he knew that was not the case. The other had done too much for him to ever be able to repay even a fraction of it. But he did what he could. He stayed always undeniably faithful, he tried to always please the other whenever the other wanted, and do what the other liked. He always followed the rules of what he could not do, which was basically only one rule. To never leave or run away from him. He would never do that.

His life was perfect the way it was. The other was the only company he would ever need to be happy. And he knew that the other would be pleased to know that he believed in it whole heartedly.

And that is Kiku's side to the relationship. Have you guys guessed who Kiku is with yet? The next chapter will show us more hints on who it is if you haven't guessed ^^

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