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It was not the first time this happened to him, and he was certain it would not be the last. As a matter of fact, it happened so much, so often, that he could not even begin to guess how many times it had been.

'Why did this happen to him..?' kiku thought as he laid on the bed, covered with semen and filled with it too. 'Ah...' his helpful mind supplied him with an answer. 'Because I am a betrayer and I deserve it.' A few tears slipped from his eyes.

He could hardly move, completely numb and exhausted, but hypersensitive and aware. He was leaking from his hole, the large amount of cum inside of him creating a steady trickle out and a bulge in his lower abdomen. He could feel it trickling down his legs and joining a small pool where his legs joined. His own member was leaking still, unable to tell that it was no longer being milked, and it hurt as he was practically ran dry. The sticky semen on his body was slowly drying and becoming crusty on his unmoving body. The sheets were damp with sweat and other juices, sticking to his skin uncomfortably, and he was still in the position that Kuro had left him in.

You would have thought he was shared between people, but his master would never allow that. No it was his master and only his work that reduced him into this state. Inwardly, he felt anger and betrayal, but at what and who, he was too exhausted to focus on.

His whole body ached from the sheer amount of physical exertion that he was put through. His throat hurt from screaming.

But no matter how it hurt, he could not disprove the fact that when Kuro did this, he liked it. He loved it even. He could never get enough. It was a mind numbing drug. The way he was touched and the way he was fucked. Hard, intense, overwhelming, It was just so good. So much but not enough, he was always hanging, but he loved the rush and the heady feeling it gave. He was constantly pushed to the edge and dangled there, screaming and begging for more. Sometimes he was pushed over the edge, to the point he could no longer even think, completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pleasure and need.

It was painful. When he was hit or constrained until he felt that he was just going to burst. When he was tied up or twisted into unnatural positions. When he was spanked hard or whipped. But it was what he deserved for getting so much pleasure from Kuro. He was the master after all, and though he hated him, he loved what he did. His feelings were wrong.. Whether the wrongness was from calling him master, or if it was from the fact that he was not supposed to hate him, he did not know, but he deserved the pain, and it felt so good when he was being punished for doing something bad. He could relax more knowing that he was punished for doing something wrong then if he did wrong and got away from it. It was another kind of drug, he supposed. And he craved it so much. Punishment for being the filthy slut that he was.

A toy and a slave, he hated what he was but he loved it so much he could never even think of running away from the master. But it made him feel all the more worthless because he felt that way. Was that the way a proud Japanese man held himself? Used as a fuck toy and loving it? He was ashamed and humiliated.

He was ashamed at how many times this had happened. How many times this happened, and how many times he had, while doing his usual chores, stopped to think about this and how much he wanted it. Ashamed at how much he had neglected his duties so that he would be punished again. To continue to make errors he had long learnt by heart.

He was so, very humiliated. Especially when the master had finished his last blow and proceeded to just stare and stare and stare at his cum covered unmoving body as he struggled to breath and return to his senses away from the suffocating haze of pleasure. Sometimes the master would also move his body around like a puppet 'to get the best view'. Most of the time it would be some variation of having his legs spread wide and open, fully displaying his leaking, dripping privates. Sometimes there was more.

Once, the master positioned him to have his ass in the air, his weight supported by his front that was pressed down on the bed and his legs, his hands positioned between the space on the bed between his knees. But that sight of him leaking onto his hands wasn't enough for the master. He used his fingers to open the hole, and was greeted with a waterfall. The cum all gushed out, wetting the fingers and his own hands. His mouth that had yet to stop making those odd soft wailing sounds made them even louder at the sensation of the cum pouring out of him like that.. The gushing became a stream that became a trickle.

Was that it? No. Tongue started to lick away the trickle. From the tip of his cock, to his balls, to his hole. His obedient cock squirted more semen immediately, just as how it was trained to do. It hurt. The long slow licks continued, pushing kiku slowly back into his haze, despite his desperate attempts to stay even the slightest bit coherent. He lost the battle completely as the master soon pressed his lips against his entrance and sucked.

He was drowning once again.

When he came back to his senses, he was still in the same position, the semen emptied from him, and the coating of cum all over his body had completely dried and crusted over.

The master was still there and staring with his usual intensity.

Shame, humiliation, pleasure and a craving tore deep into Kiku as he laid there on the bed, exhausted, fucked completely senseless and numbly detached. He hated it. He loved it. He wanted more.

He could never leave this web that was spun around him. What made it so scary? He wasn't sure he ever wanted to.

Okay~ Once again, I will note to all of you that what happens here, would not ever be able to happen in real life. Why? Because men's bodies do not work that way. They cannot exert themselves to such a sexual capacity to completely cover another and fill them up. I say this is only possible because it is Kuro, and he is Nation and not entirely human. So please, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

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