High Dive 2/2

As they walked up the path to the house hand in hand, Danny slowed down a bit and stole a brief, sideways glance at the outdoor shower. Steve chuckled and tugged him on.

"Soon. Not today, but soon."

"Yeah… okay. The pictures from that fantasy, they just keep hangin' around, ya know? Maybe when we finally get in there, my damn brain'll quit ambushin' me…"

Steve turned and began walking backwards, never releasing his grip on Danny's fingers.

"Probably at the worst times, hmmm?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. We're in the middle of that stakeout Thursday, I'm supposed to be focused on the street an' the apartment house… but all I can think about is the sun in your hair an' the water drippin' down your chest. I pitched a tent a dozen people coulda camped out in. With room to spare."

"It was just the two of us that night. If you'd said somethin'…"

"… you would've taken care of me and maybe messed up six weeks of work 'cause neither one of us was payin' attention to what we were really there for. That's not gonna fly. Rule numero uno: Always duty before booty." Danny countered as they moved into the house.

Steve laughed brightly and slung his free arm around Danny's neck, pulling him close.

"I love that… but I can't believe you said it."

"Me either. Your evil influence poppin' up again."

"Evil, huh? You're the one who can wreck me just by sayin' my name. Do it, Danno. Soft, right next to my ear… you know, that way you do."

Danny stretched his neck up and murmured the requested word plus a few more. Steve felt his entire body start to shake and gripped his partner a little tighter.

"I love you, Steven… and I will never willingly walk away."

"Hell... if you don't mean that, Danny, for God's sake it back… take it back right now, you hear me?" Steve choked out, suddenly terrified. His mind thundered that it was much too soon for such an intensely meaningful promise, that it would never hold up under pressure, but his heart desperately needed to believe. Danny's response, for the moment at least, silenced Steve's doubts.

"I don't mean it… I don't say it."

"Yeah. I know that… I do."

Reluctant to pull back from their fierce embrace, both men stumbled to the couch together and dropped heavily onto the cushions. Danny sighed and nuzzled Steve's jawline.

"If you don't kiss me in the next ten seconds…"

"You say that like I *don't* wanna swallow you whole… and keep you there forever…"

Startled at the slightly shocking images Steve's words had produced in his brain, Danny pulled back and gaped at his partner for a moment. "What? Danno?

"Sorry, I know you didn't mean it that way, it just…"

"Oh." Steve responded, blushing furiously and shooting Danny a rueful grin. "Yeah… no, I mean… we will someday, when we're both ready…"

"It's okay. I get it and I'm totally on board for someday, just so you know. Today, can I at least… can I look? I know I touched it before, at the beach…"

"… but you didn't dare sneak a peek. Don't get mad, but… I did. Kind of. Didn't see much, though. If it's okay…"

"I'd have to stand up." Danny replied, just managing to avoid the words turning into a whine.

"And?" his partner asked, kissing slowly down Danny's neck to his shoulder, nudging the t-shirt aside so he could still access skin.

"I don't wanna get that far away from you right now…" the blonde whispered into Steve's ear, as if admitting out loud to even a trace of neediness would shatter him or the moment or both.

"S'okay, love. I won't go away either. I'm right here an' I'm stayin' as long as you'll have me." Steve affirmed with a hitch in his voice as he loosened the drawstring on his shorts and gently drew his cock out from beneath the fabric. "Look down, babe. Look all you want, yeah? It's all yours…"

Danny shuddered and pulled in a fast sharp breath.

"God… you're amazing. Hang on. I think…"

Extending the elastic waistband of his own trunks, Danny eased his own rigid flesh out into open air. "What now?"

"Mmmm. Just go with me on this, please…"

"Anything… whatever you say."

Steve wrapped both arms around Danny's neck and took the other with him as he gradually stretched out on his back. Danny got the idea instantly, buried his face in Steve's shoulder and began to rub and grind.

"Yeah… so perfect, Danno… so incredible… man, how do you know…"

"Don't. Told ya I have a lot of fantasies… so many my head hurts sometimes. This one turned out so much better… than I ever pictured it when I was alone. Didn't know you'd be so warm against me… or that you'd feel so damn good. Oh! Oh crap, Steve…"

"Steven. Say it, babe… I'll get there right now if you say it…"

"You too. God, you too…"

"You're mine, Daniel Williams. I belong to Daniel… Daniel belongs to me…"


Moments later, the pair lay utterly still in each other's embrace, rapid shallow breaths painting each man's pink, lightly sweaty face.

"Hey… you… you okay up there, Danno?"

"Beyond words…"

"Pardon me… if I find that a little hard to believe."

"Now? Now you choose… to insult me? Your timing and your… sense of humor both need… serious work, pal."

"You're just making my point. You know that, right?"

Steve's head lifted abruptly and he directed his gaze toward the door. Danny recognized the sign for 'possible intruder approaching' and tried to scramble away, but Steve held him tighter.

"Hey guys? You here? I checked Danny's place first but it was a bust…" Kono called as she strolled in. Steve grinned and locked his and Danny's gazes together.

"No shame, you hear me? I'm not gonna hide from the people who care about us. Okay?"


"Love you."

"Deep as the ocean," Danny replied spontaneously. Steve beamed pure delight at his partner and kissed his nose. When the anticipated gasp of surprise filled the room a moment later, he casually pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and covered the two of them.

"Hey, Kono. Forget how to knock?" he asked, smirking and raising his eyebrows.

"Oh… ohhh, wow. I… I mean, I just wanted… I wondered if you guys were…"

"I really hope you're about to say hungry." Danny teased mildly.

"Yeah… right. I'll just… wait outside."

"Good idea." Steve concurred. The second they heard the door open once again, both men burst into howls of laughter.