A/N This will be the hardest one for me to write.


No one ever though that he would do this. He had a daughter who was barely a year old. A great job and some very loyal friends who had stuck by him during the darkest time in his life. They believed that they could pull him out of his severe depression following the plane crash that had cost him the love of his life. But they couldn't. No one could. Mark knew that she was waiting for him and the only way that he would be able to be with her again is if he died too.

He made all the preparations. He bought a gun, made sure that his will was updated so that Sofia would get everything that he owned after he died. He made sure that he was off on a day that Callie and Arizona were also off so that they could take care of Sofia. He made sure to lock the door to his apartment so that no one could come in and cause him to lose his nerve.

Mark never thought he'd get to this point. He was holding his newly bought gun to his temple and his hand was shaking so badly. Mark never thought that things would get so dark that he would want to kill himself. His finger was on the trigger.

He was having second thoughts about this. He loved Sofia and the thought of leaving her fatherless was almost enough to make him change his mind. He had heard that usually when people killed themselves there was a sense of peace about them. Mark didn't feel that sense of peace. He knew that if Sofia wasn't there he probably would. All he knew was that he needed to be with Lexie. This was the only way to do that.

He had convinced himself that Sofia was better off not having a depressed father in her life. He knew that Callie and Arizona would raise her to be a remarkable young woman. Sofia didn't need him as long as she had her moms.

He knew that if he kept thinking about this he would chicken out. He pulled the trigger of his gun and his last thought was of Lexie and how they would finally be together again. They couldn't get their crap together here on earth but maybe they could when he finally got to her, wherever she was. Lexie was truly the love of his life and a big part of him had died the moment that she had left this world.

Several hours later, Callie unlocked the door to Mark's apartment and instantly something felt wrong. She had a feeling that something was horribly wrong. It wasn't until she walked around to the couch that she was hit with images that would plague her sleep for decades afterward. Blood everywhere and Mark's eyes were empty of life but yet they still stared at her. A bullet wound to his temple. God Callie couldn't believe that she had missed the warning signs. She couldn't believe that he had done this. Callie never even considered the possibility that he was depressed enough to do this. She felt for a pulse even though she knew that was pointless. He was already gone. Her best friend and the father of her daughter was gone.

Decades later, all she would remember is her own screams. Screams that Arizona would come running to, thankfully without the baby. Arizona pulled Callie into her arms and she cradled Callie's head, forcing Callie to look away from the horrifying sight. Arizona was in shock that this happened, she couldn't look at him another second. She held Callie as Callie's screams turned to sobs.

"He's with Lexie now." Arizona whispered against Callie's hair. She was desperately trying to offer some sort of comfort to her wife.

Knowing that was probably true comforted Callie. Her heart was ripped apart but Mark was finally with the woman he had loved with his whole heart and that was a comfort to her.