Luke walked over to the kitchen to get some food. As he walked in he saw Zak and Sarah talking at the table.

'Oh thank god there not making out.' He thought to himself. When he reached into the cabinet he saw there was no food in it. Then he heard some glass fall and some moving and when he turned around he saw Zak and Sarah making out on the table.

"Oh come on! We eat on that!" Luke exclaimed as he stomped out into the living room. Things got boring since Scott and Ramona left, and with Zak and Sarah going at it like dogs every 5 seconds he never got to hang out with anyone.

Then, like a sign from god, Luke got a txt. As he pulled out his phone, he saw it was from his old friend Kayleigh.

Kayleigh: Hey! Ive missed u! Im comin down there and wanted to know if I can crash at your place. Mine kinda… doesn't exist anymore :D

Luke screamed to the kitchen, "Can my friend come stay with us?" After that, he just heard a loud moan come from Sarah. "I'm taking that as a yes!" He then texted back to his friend.

Luke: Ya of course! We have a room you can stay in. Two people used to bein the room so its pretty big.

Kayleigh: ALGEBRAIC! Ok where do uz live

Luke: :D ive rubbed off on you lol 115 island avenue

Kayleigh: ok see you soon!

As Luke put his phone away, Zak and Sarah came walking together lips locked to the stairs. They knocked things over on their way.

"WAIT!" Luke screamed to get their attention. "I'm sure you didn't hear me with your… activity but my friend Kayleigh is gonna crash here in Scott's room. So please refrain a little from your kissing please." Luke said as he sat onto the couch.

Zak came over and said, "So is this a friend or a friend? Wink wink." He said nudging his shoulder.

"No were just friends." Luke said face palming.

"Well you should still look for someone though. It's been a while since you broke up with she who should not be named." He said the she who should not be named part in monotone.

"No I'm perfectly fi-fi-fiiiiiiine." Luke cried. Sarah came over and sat next to him.

"Oh its ok baby you're too good for her." She comforted. Zak then came over and gave him an awkward hug and Sarah kissed his cheek. They then went upstairs while Luke watched TV. As he was watching TV he heard a knock at the door. He walked up to it and saw Kayleigh with some bags.

"Luke!" she said in joy while holding up her arms for a hug. Luke then gave her an awkward hug. "Same old Luke." She said with a laugh.

"Ya, people never really change I suppose."

"So where are your roommates?" As if in reply, they heard the bed start moving up and down with a squeak. Kayleigh then started to blush and Luke just face palmed.

As she awkwardly climbed the steps, Luke stopped her. "You better not go up there. It's quieter down here." Soo they went to the couch and turned on the TV and watched awkwardly as they heard moans and screams.

"Why does the floorboard have to have no soundproofed?" Luke said in annoyance. As they were watching TV, Kayleigh jumped up in surprise.

"Dammit I forgot Kristoff!" she yelled and ran out the door.

"Who?" Luke asked no one in confusion. Then, Kayleigh walked in with a guy dressed in black, had on eyeliner, and was holding hands with Kayleigh. "Uh Heeeey." Luke said awkwardly.

"Luke this is my bf Sam Kristoff Tracy." She said hugging him.

"Sup." He said to him.

"Here follow me to your room." Luke said walking upstairs. They followed him up, and when they passed Zak and Sarah's room Zak came out in his underpants sweating.

"Hey Lu-" he stopped as he saw Kayleigh and Kristoff and covered his body and went back into the room. Luke just shook his head and walked into the room.

"As you can see, its nic- OH OH!" Luke said running over to the table. "My ocarina!" he yelled in joy as he started to play Zelda's lullaby. Luke then realized they were still there so he just put it behind his back. "Enjoy the room." He said quickly and ran out the room giggling like a school girl.

"Wow I forgot how he's still a child at hea-" she said but was stopped at a kiss from Kristoff. They then started to kiss and laid onto the bed, their tongues fighting for dominance. They then shut the door, in preparation to break in their new bed.

Luke was eating some chips as everyone was talking on the way down.

"Hey everyone." Luke said with a mouthful of chips.

"Luke, me and Kristoff are going to the Crypt, wanna come?" Kayleigh asked Luke taking a chip.

"Eh, I don't know I'm not really a go out kind of guy." Luke replied depressingly.

"Oh come on Luke! I got one of my friends to come too. She's shy just like you so it was hard. I think you'll really like her." Kayleigh said.

"Eh ok I'll go." Luke said reluctantly. Kayleigh grabbed him dragged him out the door.

As they arrived to the club Luke looked around and was amazed by the scenery. Everyone was wearing black and dancing to alternative music. He felt really awkward, being that he was wearing brown shorts and had blondish hair and stuck out like a sore thumb.

They walked over to a table where a girl was sitting. She had short black hair and had makeup on and wore all black. As they sat down Luke sat down next to her and started t blush.

'Wow', he thought to himself, 'she's really cute.' Suddenly Farewell My Love came on.

"Oh I love this song! Let's go Kristoff. Why don't you two talk get to know each other." Kayleigh said as she went to dance. Luke just sat there feeling really awkward.

"Uh, um… hi." Luke said quietly. She just waved a little with a blush. "So what's your name?" Luke asked breaking the silence.

"Lyra, but people around here call me shade." She replied.

'Her voice is like an angel.' Luke said in surprise. 'Say something dumbass!'

"That's a pretty name." Luke said. His mind just face palmed. 'It's a start.' His mind said.

"So what is your name?" she said getting closer to him.


"That's a cool name. So what do you like to do?"

"Uh, video games, drawing, artistic stuff. Oh, I forgot I got you this." Luke then reached into his jacket and took out a rose.

"Oh! It's so pretty!" She said caressing it.

"Just like you." Luke said blushing. She then gave him a hug and snuggled into him. Luke started to blush, but then hugged her back. Something about it felt right.

"So you want to go back to my place?" Luke asked her. She nodded, and right before they got up Kayleigh and Kristoff came back.

"Come on guys you can't leave yet! Here have a drink." Kristoff said passing over two beers to Lyra and Luke. Luke looked unsure and Kayleigh felt like something was wrong but couldn't put her finger on it.

As Luke took a sip of his beer, she remembered instantly. Luke can't have beer without stopping.

Luke shook his head and his eyes grew wide and he chugged it down.

"Shit what did we just do?" Kayleigh yelled at Kristoff. He looked confused but when they turned around he was gone, and he was at the bar drinking up a frenzy. Kayleigh ran over to him and took the beer out of his hand.

"Luke let's go you've had enough." Kayleigh said motioning Lyra and Kristoff to come follow her.

"Hey hey hey? What's go goin on I thought we were havin *hic* fun" Luke said just pushed him out the door and started to walk home.

As they got home, Luke kicked open the door and fell face first onto the couch. Zak and Sarah saw him on the couch and Zak face palmed.

"Ok who got him drunk." He said, pinching his nose.

"It's ok man *hic* I I'm fine. Hey, have I told you how much I love you guys?" Luke replied. Lyra went over and sat next to him and gave him his coffee hoping to sober him up.

As he finished his coffee he did something that Luke has never done before. He started to make out with Lyra. At first Lyra was shocked, but she then started to go with it and they fell to the floor, still kissing.

Everyone was just staring at the scene. Zak started laughing uncontrollably and went upstairs and Kayleigh and Kristoff went into the kitchen. Kayleigh was smiling to herself.

"Am I a good matchmaker or what?" she said to Kristoff while he laughed.

Luke awoke feeling horrible. He had a massive migraine, but yet, he felt good at the same time. As he looked up, he saw Lyra laying on top of him, in her pants and a black bra. He started blushing immensely and slowly got up and went as fast as he could into the kitchen.

As he went to the sink he washed his face and realized he only had on his jacket and underwear. When he turned around he saw everyone at the table, smiling.

"So, how was it Romeo?" Sarah asked laughing.

"I-I don't know… what happened to me last night?" Luke said totally confused.

"You got drunk, came home and made out with Lyra." Kayleigh told him. Luke looked at her wide eyed and blushing like crazy.

"What happened after that?" Luke asked worried he did the… nasty nasty.

"We don't know but we heard some moaning, you player you." Kristoff laughed. Luke just started to rub his head. Lyra walked in wrapped in a blanket and went up to Luke.

"Hey." She said in her quiet voice and kissed Luke on the cheek.

"Uh, guys can you give us a minute." Luke asked awkwardly. They nodded and all went into the living room, but were peeking in behind the rim of the doorway.

"Lyra?" Luke asked as she turned around with some coffee.


"What exactly did we do, last night?"

She replied with a blush and said, "We kissed, and some other stuff."

"Did we, uh, get past third base?" he said feeling stupid.

"No we didn't have sex… we just got to second base." She said giggling and she hugged him.

"Wow, then uh… how was I?" he asked with a small laugh.

"Amazing." She said then started to kiss him passionately. Zak then lost balance and caused everyone to fall into the kitchen scaring the two.

"Luke you dog." Zak said laughing.

"Well I got to go home. See you Luke." She said with a kiss and went to the living room to get dressed. When she went to the living room Luke smacked Zak.

'Damn Luke, you did well. But you could do better.' His mind told him with an evil laugh. 'STFU!' he yelled back.

Luke was sitting on the couch waiting for Lyra to come over with Zak and Kayleigh.

"I AM BORED!" Luke said putting his head back.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Zak said bored too.

"I don't know." Luke said putting his feet on Zak's legs. Zak smacked them away and moved his seat. When he sat down the doorbell rang.

"There, go get the door that's something you can do." Zak said while Kayleigh laughed. Luke groaned and opened the door.

There was a guy, dressed in black, with a hood on covering his face, but the expression Luke could see, had hatred all over it.

"Are you Luke Fusco?" he said with a deep voice.

"Yes, can I help you." He said looking behind him to see if Lyra was near. Without warning he grabbed his face and threw Luke across the yard. Zak and Kayleigh looked behind them to hear Luke scream. They ran outside and saw him and the strange man.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN?" Luke yelled as he got up. The man went over to him and punched Luke in the face, causing him to spit up some blood. He then kicked Luke in the stomach. He then picked him up, and threw him against Kayleigh's car. He felt blood trinkle down his mouth.

"No one touched Lyra but ME YOU DOUCHE BAG!" He yelled. Luke then felt something inside light. Some kind of… anger he never felt. He got up, and ran towards his opponent. When the man threw a punch, he caught it and punched back, right in his face causing him to fly back.

"Whoa! I've never seen Luke do that!" Zak yelled surprised. Luke then ran over to the perpetrator and as he got up punched him multiple times in the stomach. Luke then kicked him in the stomach and spat on him.

"Fuck you." Luke said with hatred. When he turned to look at Kayleigh and Zak, they were confused at what they saw. They saw Luke's eyes red, and full of hatred but seconds later his eyes went back to normal and he fell out of breath. They then ran over to him.

"Wha?" Luke asked confused seeing the guy huddling away. Zak helped him up totally shocked by what he saw.

"How did you do that?" Zak asked bewildered.

"I don't know, I felt something spark inside me." As he cracked his back and sat down, he saw Lyra walking down the street with a purple hoodie over her face, and her black jeans scratched and bloody.

Luke ran up to her, and she hugged him crying. "Lyra are you okay?" Luke said extremely worried. She shook her head and buried her head in his chest. They went to the house and when he rose her hood he was horrified by what he saw. Her face had bruises and blood on it.

"My ex-boyfriend Jared is back." She said crying and sat on his lap and cried into his shoulder.

"But what happened?" Luke said while comforting her.

"Well, it started off at my apartment…

-flash back-


I was putting on my black skinny jeans, and I was about to put my shirt on when I heard my front door swing open. I got scared so I went to lock my bedroom door before it swung opened too.

Jared was standing there, just looking at me with a creepy look in his eye.

"What the hell are you doing here Jared? I told you it's over you're a perverted jerk!" I yelled at him.

"The word is some punk is touching you." He said in his creepy voice. He then came over to me and pinned me on the bed.

"Get off me you pig!" I yelled but he put his hand over my mouth.

"I'm gonna show you that no one touches you but me." He said with a evil laugh and slapped me across the face multiple time. He then… ripped off my bra and started to touch me. No matter how hard I fought, he just went further and further.

He continued on and took off his pants and sexually assaulted me… I tried to break loose but he kept hitting me and hitting me! Then he… he…

-flash back over-

"I can't go any further! He's out there looking for me. I don't feel safe going out. Please Luke, can I stay here with you!" she asked in tears.

"Of course you can. Kayleigh, help Lyra clean herself up. I'm going out." Luke said with no emotion. Kayleigh just nodded and came to Lyra's side and comforted her. Luke then went to the door and started off.

Zak ran out after him. "Luke! Luke! Where are you even going?" Zak yelled as he caught up to him. Luke swung around, with that same look of hate in his eyes.

"I'm gonna find Jared and rip out his tongue and bathe him in his own blood!" Luke yelled in that same voice of hatred he used when he was fighting him.

"Look, it's too late now. You won't even be able to find him. Just come inside and be where you're supposed to. By Lyra's side."

Luke's eyes returned to normal, and he looked down. "You're right." He agreed and walked back to the house with Zak.

As they returned to the house Kayleigh and Kristoff were making out in the kitchen and Sarah was sitting with Lyra waiting for the boys to get back. Sarah got up and went into the kitchen with Zak to get some coffee. This was going to be a long night.

Luke went over to Lyra and sat next her and held her hand. She looked up at him and locked eyes with him. She saw compassion, love, and someone who cared. She leaned in and kissed him.

When they stopped she asked him, "Luke, am I a stupid whore?" she said teary eyed.

"Lyra, you are not and will never be a whore. Don't let anyone tell you different. You are a wonderful girl who deserves better than Jared." Luke said with compassion. They have only been going out for two weeks, but she was madly in love with him, as him her.

"Luke… I love you." She said and kissed him.

"I love you too." He replied and he kissed her back. They grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around themselves while Lyra sat on his lap and they watched TV.

"Wow, they are so perfect." Kayleigh said to her roommates as they all drank coffee.

"Ya, so what should we do?" Sarah asked everyone. She was the owner of the house, but she didn't know what to do. "I mean there are already 5 of us, so what are we gonna do about this Lyra situation?"

"She should stay; she needs to be with Luke. I mean, she was RAPED for god's sake." Zak assured her. Everyone agreed, and Zak went up to the oven to check on the dinner they were making.

"So, how's your room you two?" Sarah asked while sipping her coffee.

"It's wonderful!" Kayleigh replied. "Everything is perfect. All our stuff has a perfect spot."

"The bed isn't too bad either." Kristoff said with a chuckle and kissed Kayleigh.

"Kayleigh, can you get Luke and Lyra? Dinner's done." Zak said wiping his apron. Kayleigh nodded and went to the living room.

"Luke? Lyra? Dinner's do-" Kayleigh just stopped him her tracks and stared to hold in a laugh.

The two of them were making out under a blanket with Lyra's shirt on the ground, and Luke taking off his jacket. She decided to mess with them and she snuck over to behind the couch.

"SOO HOW"S AGOIN?" She screamed as she popped up.

"AHH!" They both screamed as they fell to the floor. They started to blush and Lyra quickly covered herself.

Kayleigh laughed as she walked in the kitchen to sit down.

When they came back in their hair was messed up and Lyra's makeup was messed up. They started to blush as everyone started to chuckle.

After dinner everyone but Luke and Lyra went upstairs. Or so they thought. Everyone was snooping at the top of the stairs and watching to see what happened. Luke was on the couch lying down with Lyra lying on top of him.

"Were so terrible." Kristoff laugh whispered. Lyra just snuggled into Luke as they watched TV. They secretly knew they were up there so they didn't do anything (Even though they wanted to). Finally everyone went back to their rooms leaving them alone.

A little later, they heard the two room's beds being… active. They both started to blush, and Lyra leaned in to kiss him. They started to go farther, until they were half dressed and making out under a blanket.

Everyone upstairs was watching TV at this point, and they heard some noises coming from downstairs. Zak went into the hallway with Sarah and saw Kayleigh and Kristoff there too. They all started laughing to themselves as they heard the couch moving.

"Get it in brother!" Zak mouthed laughing. They heard panting and couldn't help letting out a couple of giggles. Shortly after that they heard moaning, and then they heard Lyra pant, "I love you Luke!" And Luke returned, "I love you too!"

Zak then fell to the floor trying to keep in his laughter. They then heard Lyra loudly moan along with Luke. And then it was silent. They peeked from the stair cases to see them under a blanket sleeping, with their clothes on the floor.

They all ran into Kayleigh's and Kristoff's room and started to laugh uncontrollably.

"What do you know? Luke's a man now!" Zak said doing a little fist pump. Everyone went to their rooms, ready to congratulate the couple in the morning.

The next morning, everyone went down the stairs together, and saw Luke and Lyra in the kitchen with some coffee.

They sat down with them, silent. Zak couldn't help it, and he said to Luke, "Nice finish there Luke." He said with a chuckle.

"What?" he said confused.

"You know, 'AAAAAAHH!'." Kristoff said mimicking Lyra.

They both started to blush greatly and just looked away while everyone laughed.

"So Luke how does it feel to have no virginity? Huh? Huh?" Zak said with a smirk. Luke just went back to the living room blushing immensely with Lyra.

"Ah, that's my bro. Does something great, and then blushes when talked about." Zak said sitting back down with some coffee.