For Cal-Wills. Oh and by the way, JoMoFan-Spot did put me up to this…partially at least. :P

Punk groaned as he collapsed onto the bed he shared with his boyfriend. His back was a ball of pain, and he had no idea how he was going to be ready to compete on Sunday. Even worse his boyfriend wasn't home and he couldn't move easily. Groaning, he tucked his boyfriend's pillow under his head and snuggled into it, his arms clinging to it in futile attempt to get some comfort. Sniffing quietly he buried his face into the pillow, hoping against hope to actually get some sleep surrounded by his boyfriends scent.

The next morning Punk woke up to calloused hands on his back, rubbing gently at the knots in his spine. He groaned and arched back into the feel, recognising his boyfriend's touch.

"You ok there babe?" Jeff asked with a soft smirk, pressing a little harder and gaining a small moan out of the raven haired man.

"More," Punk begged softly. "Harder." Jeff smirked and pressed harder, leaning some of his body weight onto his hands. Punk groaned and pressed back into the hands even more, loving how his boyfriend was taking care of him.

"Bad day at work Punkers?" Jeff asked, grunting as he attacked a particularly stubborn knot. Punk nodded and groaned before he flopped back against the pillows in pleasure and relaxation. Jeff grinned before he stretched out along Punk's back, interlacing their fingers and began to place small biting kisses down the back of the younger mans neck. Phil moaned and squeezed Jeff's hand lightly.

"Jeffy," he groaned softly. Jeff reached out to retrieve the lube from the nightstand before he slid down his boyfriend's body, taking Punk's pants and underwear with him and revelling in the soft needy whimper that fell from his lips.

"Shh baby," he soothed, slicking his fingers up and pressing one to Punk's pucker. The raven haired man let out a whine, which turned into a low moan when Jeff finally pressed his index finger inside him.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," he babbled as Jeff swiftly added a second finger and began to stretch the younger man.

"Patience Phillip," Jeff assured him, sliding a third finger in just to make sure that he wasn't going to hurt the younger man too badly. Punk whimpered and propped his ass up further, trying to entice his boyfriend into fucking it. Jeff groaned and gave up, pulling his fingers out and slicking his cock up before he pressed into Punk's more than willing body. They groaned in unison as Jeff bottomed out before he paused for just a moment to let Punk adjust to the feel before the younger man shifted just slightly on the bed, telling Jeff it was ok to move.

The southerner started out slowly, before he started to move faster and roll his hips on every in thrust. He knew when he caught Punk's prostate because the younger man let out a half scream, and started thrusting his hips back to meet Jeff's thrusts.

"Harder," Punk cried out, and Jeff complied. Without even needing a touch to his cock, Punk exploded all over the bed. Jeff managed another two thrusts before Punk's muscles drew him over the edge and he let out a primal roar as he came deep inside his boyfriend. Punk collapsed on the bed, not caring that he was in the cooling puddle of his own cum, and Jeff collapsed onto Punk, mumbling that he was going to move in a minute.

"Stay," Punk mumbled sleepily, interlacing his fingers with Jeff's outstretched hand. The elder man nodded gently against the back of Punks neck and got comfortable, listening to the deep breaths that told him Punk had finally fallen asleep. If he knew his baby the man had maybe gotten a couple of hours each night since they had parted ways for their respective work commitments. Jeff let out a little yawn of his own. Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt him either.