District 9 and it's characters does not belong to me, though my fan characters and this story does.

This story takes place a few years before the movie, but will also cover the movie as I go along. Johannesburg does neither belong to me (never guess that right ;) ) but Bellator is mine. And Bellator means warrior if anyone would like to know, and yea it's symbolic.

If anything in this story seems confusing or is not well enough explained don't hesitate to say so..

other than that, I will let you read and I hope you enjoy my story.

Who me?


The evening sun shined beautifully, over the golden corn field. The Brunette sat on her parents veranda, starring out at the blazing gold storm of corn, wavering in the wind, for the last time. She wouldn't be coming back here for a long time, and she just wanted to enjoy the setting sun. The swamp green cap, shielded her eyes. She held a warm fresh cup of tea, in her left hand and let the suns warm rays, simmer on her body. Her feet were bare, as was all of her body, beside the black bra and an old pair of shorts. She was so quiet, not a sound could be heard from her, beside the still and stable breathing. She wasn't asleep, but was so relaxed that she could be mistaken for it.

Her father came out to check on her, she didn't move. This might be the last time he sees her for a long time, sure she promised that she would call, but it's just not the same. His little girl had finally grown up now, 19 years and she was a lady now, ready to leave. He sighed and went back inside. A slow smile crept on to her little freckled face. "that's right daddy, I'm going" she sniggered in silence. Tomorrow her plane to South Africa left. She had gotten transferred to Johannesburg because of her studies. She had tried to find another location, and it was really hard. She had almost gotten a place in North America. But noooo, she got the one in South Africa, with the prawns. She hated those disgusting creatures.

She had eavesdropped on some of her friends one day, they had said that the prawns don't like humans and it's for no real reason, they just don't. They had said that they dislike us so much, that if they see a human they will slowly and painfully carve you heart out and eat it, as to after you are dead they would eat the rest of you.

She trembled in her chair just by the very thought. But as always she never got her way, and got transferred to there, so she had a plan B. AVOID ALL ALIENS. Simply if she saw any she would just turn around and walk the other way. "Shouldn't be to hard" she thought to herself and sighed, she let the time pass and soon the tea was gone and so was the sun, pulling a black carpet over the sky.

Yep, she was sure gonna miss this.