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Chapter 7 – They are searching

"Are we there yet?" Blake asked for the one millionth time, dragging his feet along the asphalt Darius turned around angrily "NO! And I swear if you ask one more time about that I will rip your throat out!" Darius had no idea what he got himself into then he chose to drag the young male along but right now he was regretting it to the fullest. Blake was really putting his patient to the test.

They were a really in the city now, the skyscrapers tops were illuminated by the late evening sun. Darius could tell that they weren't gonna make it back to the curfew, but that wasn't a new thing for him. It was more Blake he was worried about, he wasn't sure of how much experience he had. It was clear, that he only just became an adult and hadn't learn much while being a youngling. The way he nervously looked around at anything and he clasped his hands together, to stop himself from touching things. But the angel had seemed quiet fond of this male, she was scared yes, But there were something more. He might be of good use, since the human wasn't so scared of him. A angry grunt left him, he wished the human would stop acting like a scared cat around him, yes, he almost got her raped, but everyone makes mistakes! He looked back, seeing Blake looking at windows, he had stopped at a shop that sold women underwear.


Darius starred at him for a few moments, before mentally slapping himself for bringing the yellow poleekwa along "BLAKE! Come on!" he yelled, ripping the younger male back to reality. "Darius why does human wear those things" he pointed back at the store "some of it looks really uncomfortable" he asked innocently. "Umm?" was Darius ingenious answer "..come on we gotta hurry" he grabbed his arm and dragged him down an alleyway, a rather large group of poleekwas stood at the end, looking like they waited for someone. Blake's eyes roamed over the ones in front, they were all wearing gang marks, the exact same as Darius. "Just stay quiet and let me do the talking, I figured it would be easier to cover more ground if we were.. a few more" he whispered with a chuckle.

As the pair came closer Darius let go of Blake and greeted a brown poleekwa. Blake stayed behind Darius, his now only lifeline. Gang members have always made him nervous. The one they greeted seemed to lead the group and he was defiantly dominant, it could be smelled in the air. He looked just like Darius. He must have sensed his anxiety, for Blake suddenly felt his gaze on him. Looking over his gold-like plates, Blake looked down, not wanting to meet his eyes. Darius wanted to help the young poleekwa but if he did, Blake would only be seen as weak and easy to control, they didn't need that right now.

"We are looking for a human, and we need help finding her" Darius started trying to take some of the attention away from the uncomfortable male. "I'm listening" said the brown one but didn't take his eyes off Blake "she is a friend but she afraid of us, we believe she has rented a room close to the airport and we need to stop her from leaving, but without scaring her further" the brown poleekwa looked surprised at the smaller poleekwa. "Why? Darius why in the world would you want to find this human? They are nothing but trouble" he roared into Darius's face. Blake flinched and hid more behind the black one. Darius on the other hand didn't move a muscle, he clenched a fist before his heart "I can't explain it.. she's just-" "an angel!" Blake interrupted, speaking for the first time. Darius looked at him for a second,"Yeah.. She is" he finished. He heard someone chuckle softly in the back but ignored them. Darius meet the brown ones piercing black eyes "what do you say Kyle?" he asked.

Moments went by with those two starring at each other trying to find something in the others eyes, Kyle was the one to sigh and give in "fine, if it means so much to you, I will not deny you it." the black poleekwa let out a sigh of relief "thank you, I owe you one" Kyle laughed "oh yes you do, but the young one comes with me" he said sternly pointing at Blake, Darius's smile disappeared as he said "oh no he doesn't he follows me, right Blake?" Blake couldn't do anything but nod which seemed to upset the older poleekwa "as you wish then" he said and walked off.

"You are not gonna stay?" Darius asked "no, the others will help you, I have better things to do". Darius stood there watching him leave, "ass" he muttered before starting to give commands and descriptions of Delilah.

Delilah's POV

People were rushing pass each other, in their attempt to come home faster. Delilah walked calmly, aimlessly among them, she had decided half an hour ago to go for a walk. She needed to calm down, nothing was gonna happen to her, the whole world is not out to get her, or that's what she kept telling herself. There were only humans on this street, non-humans was not allowed. Delilah felt more safe here, those creatures were nothing but trouble. It would be best if they all just disappeared...

She stopped in her trays as soon as she realized what she was thinking. Did she mean that? She wasn't sure if she did. She brought a hand to her head and continued down the street. Blake sure wasn't like some of the others she had meet, he was nice and kind, maybe even a little shy. Then there were the big red one, he seemed fairly friendly as well, as long as you didn't step on his toes. But that light green one, he seriously gave her a bad feeling.. and then there were Darius.

She stopped for a while and looked down, she didn't know what to think of him, at first she had been terrified of him, he was cruel and pure evil, but now she was not sure if he really was like that. "ARHH make up your mind woman" her own mind shouted at her "do you like them or not!?" she grabbed her hair tightly and shouted with all her might "I DON'T KNOW GOD DAMN IT!" in an instant she let go and looked at the people around her, who all had turned around at her sudden outburst. She could feel how her cheeks began heating up "okay that's embarrassing" her mind told her, like she couldn't figure it out herself. She looked down at the ground and suddenly began walking at a very fast pace. She turned a corner and started to run, she ran down many streets, long, short, thick and thin. And at last she ran out of air. Bending over she struggled to get in new oxygen. That was then she heard it. A cry for help, right down the street, a crowd of people were gathered surrounding something. In a moment she was down there pushing her way through the angry crowd. A little gray prawn, laid on the ground in the middle of the circle, two men towered above it, while kicking and hurting it in every way they could. The little one let go of a scream every time they hit his already sore body, it cried out, but nobody around seemed to do anything about it. That's the it hit her, they are angry at the younling.

She sprung forward "leave him alone" she shouted angrily, drawing the attention of the two men, she knelt beside the child slightly taking him into her arms, "he had enough!" she said and looked up at them with such an intensity that one of them stepped backwards. The crowd, slowly quieted down, snapping out of the trance that made them suppress the weak. The other man didn't let himself get intimidated by her and stepped closer "what is this? A freaking prawn lover!" he shouted, and started walking around in the circle, encouraging people to keep their support up, his partner responded to the others confident and stepped looming towards her. "You all know how we treat prawn lovers in this neighborhood right people?" the first one said "YEAH!" they all shouted, "even the pretty ones" he said faking being upset about it. The color from Delilah's face drained in what seemed like a split of a second. "So tell us babe, do you really wanna do this?" he asked with a chuckle.

Though she was scared she swallowed her fear and hardened her expression "If your asking me to leave, then go fuck yourself and don't call me babe" she said confident. She wasn't backing down, so they could continue beating up a defenseless kid. She laid the kid in against her stomach, in a attempt to shield him. The hits began raining down on her, someone kicked her in the back, making her fall over, she didn't care. All ste tried to was to keep the little one safe, blocking him from every punch and kick. As the people began to open their eyes to what was happening before them, some began to protest. The men that led the crowd, started to argue with them, and in that second where everyone was debating whether it was right or wrong, Delilah saw a path clearing.

She tightened her grip on the little one "don't worry I will get you out of here" she assured the prawn. The brunette picked herself off the ground and ran strait into the people that blocked her escape, throwing some to the ground. She didn't care at the moment, no matter how stupid she just had been, she didn't care, she for one did the right thing.'

Stranger's POV

"Did you just see that?" one of the two poleekwas that were hiding on the roof above the crowd, asked in pure disbelief "I saw it, but I don't know whether to believe it or not" the other clicked back. Their gang marks looked even more red in the late evening sun. "I think we just found her" one said, "we actually found someone!" the other clicked happily. They looked at each other "what do we do now?" the other asked, the first one looked at him with a 'duhh' expression "one of us keep track of her while the other report back, of course!" he smacked his partner in the head "start using that brain of yours!"

Delilah's POV

Before she knew it she was on her way to enter a bus, she had no idea why she took a bus ride at a time like this but she had already paid. The chauffeur didn't say anything about her bringing a prawn, which surprised the brunette. She took a seat in the back, close to the window. The bus was about half full, she knew that she must have looked like god knows what, but nobody sparred her as much as a glance. The bus began to move and she just watched as the world outside flew by. "There, we are safe now" she spoke softly to the youngling, who finally opened it's eyes, Delilah was shocked at how green they were. "Are you alright" she asked the alien in her lap, while examining it. It began to click and Delilah looked defeated at her "sorry kiddo but I don't understand you" Delilah chuckled a bit. The prawn looked into her eyes before nestling in her lap, falling asleep almost instantly. "Poor kid" her mind commented and she could do nothing but agree.

Delilah watched as the trees flew by, people running home to join their families for dinner and such. She watched the stray dogs digging in the trashcans for food, looking up now and then to prevent danger from sneaking in on them. She watched the sky turn red, then purple, then dark blue. Her eyes closed for a few minutes at times. A deep sigh left her, as she finally felt the bus come to a stop. She opened her silvery eyes again and wary she looked around, there were no one but the chauffeur left, she hadn't even noticed. "Sorry ma'am, it's the end of the road, and take the kid with you" he said and motioned for her to leave. She took the youngling into her arms, it was too tired to wake up and then she obeyed without further hesitation.

It was dark now and only a little piece of the sun illuminated the sky. "Where are we now?" she asked herself as her brain started to function again. She was exhausted and her body was sore from the beating she took before. "How come I keep getting myself into things like this" she complained. But as the words left her mouth she looked down on the prawn sleeping in her arms "oh right, that's why" she whispered as a sincere smile crossed her lips. She began to walk, in the direction that she remembered district 9 being in. it was defiantly too late to make it for the curfew, but still the youngling might be able to get home then. "Ooooohh so now we care?" her mind asked her, the smile only grew as she answered "yeah, we do".

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