Chapter 2: Love Or Like? Which is it?

They still stare at each other for a moment. Then Miss Kazami said, "Okay class is about start everyone please settles down," while she took her book out from her bag. Ruhi snapped out from staring at Toma and looked down to her desk embarrassed. Toma as well after he sat down. Suddenly, Akemi threw a paper plane at the back of Ruhi's head.

"Ow… what?'' she groan silently and looked behind her facing Akemi with a disturbed expression.

"What's wrong Ruhi?" Satsuki asked in a whisper beside Ruhi since they sat side by side and Akemi is just behind Satsuki. Akemi just stares at Ruhi.

"Well… I'm not pretty sure…" She sighed as she looked down embarrassed twiddling her fingers.

"We talk later after class?" Satsuki suggested.

"Sure... I guess… "Ruhi felt really not in the mood to explain something uncertain if her feeling is it really love or just feeling a like to see him or just a fan kind of thing people do on television with celebrities.

When clock strikes noon, the bell rang signifies it is lunch time. The cafeteria is always a battlefield during this time. As usual, Satsuki, Ruhi and Akemi dashed to the cafeteria and bought lots of food then picnic on the roof.

"So Ruhi what's up with you recently?" Satsuki was curious and worried as she was getting a bite from the chocolate rice bun she was having.

"Well… to tell you the truth ... I'm not very sure..." Ruhi looked down blushing.

"You are blushing, Ruhi… "Akemi responded coldly as always.

"Ruhi... are you... "Satsuki was making a wild guess.

"I... What?" Ruhi slowly turned to face Satsuki slowly.

"You liked Lee don't you?" Akemi stared coldly into my eyes.

"Uhm... I don't know…" Ruhi blushes even deeper red.

"It's love…" Satsuki added.

"How can you differentiate 'love' and 'like'?" Ruhi sighed and stared up at the sky.

"Like is when someone just feels happy being around you that's it more like us. Well, to put it simple… 'like' is like feeling good inside with someone else's presents…." Akemi answered.

"Love however… more to personal emotions towards someone. You can feel that it is love when your heartbeats faster than normal when you see someone. It started when two eyes stared into each other and touch each other's hearts. A romantic feeling devours you and him. Then, the feeling grows stronger making both of you want each other. It's like meeting another part of your missing pieces of your life puzzle. When, both of you together it is like your world is completed… ahh it's so romantic… "Satsuki got lost in her fantasy while explaining to Ruhi what love is.

"Wow…. "Ruhi was amazed with Satsuki's explanation about what love is. Suddenly, Ruhi felt something calling her. She stood up and walked towards the end of the rooftop and looked down to the tennis court area. There was someone standing there looking up. It was Toma looking at me straight in the eyes again with his sad eyes and slightly blushing. This made Ruhi blushes too when starring back at him.

"Looks like Ruhi fell in love for the first time..." Akemi stood beside Ruhi on the left and looked down at Toma staring at Ruhi.

"I believe so too… They are head over heels for each other…" Satsuki pats Ruhi shoulder.

"You guys… "Ruhi blushes even redder.

They headed back to class for the next session of school. In class, Toma approaches Ruhi's desk. Ruhi was shocked and blushed looking at Toma. Toma was blushing too and said, "Hi, I'm Toma Lee from Beijing, China. Please to meet you," while he offer a hand shake. Ruhi stood up quickly and shakes his hand, "I'm Ruhi Mikage. It's nice to meet you too." Akemi and Satsuki smiled watching them. Ruhi and Toma started to talk little by little. They felt comfortable talking with each other. Ruhi never felt this kind of happiness before talking to a guy. Ruhi wished they could stay like that forever.

After the afternoon classes had ended, it's curriculum activities time. Ruhi, Akemi and Satsuki took different clubs activities. Ruhi plays basketball. Akemi plays soccer and Satsuki playing a violin in the music club. No one knows their secret yet. Ruhi, Akemi and Satsuki are in a band called the Sugar Babes together with Keiko Himura from All-Girls prep school. They practiced together during the weekend mostly unless they have concert coming up. People don't know they are the rock band member since they know to hide their identities through make-ups wigs and many more.

After curriculum activities are over, everyone headed home. "Hey Ruhi don't forget tonight. We'll meet at the playground opposite Jiyu Bank building at 9pm..." Satsuki reminded. "Okay..." Ruhi replied after they headed to different direction home. As Ruhi skates back home, she stared up in the sky smiling with tears rollling down her cheeks, "Oh grandma I wished you could see me right now… My heart is accelerating with this new feeling I have. Oh Toma I think I'm slowly falling for you…I think I love you".