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"I. Am. Done." Kendall yelled, throwing the crutch with all his might, and slumped back into his wheelchair.

"Ken…" Logan reached out to calm the angry blonde but said boy just jerked away and turned the chair around.

"No. I hate this. I hate Jacob. I hate my stupid fucking leg. I hate that my arm is STILL not as strong as it was. And I hate my life." Kendall huffed.

Logan watched, with a sad expression, as Kendall wheeled himself out of the room and towards the front door.

"He just needs some air." Logan turned to the older man. Jacob, Kendall's physical trainer, just nodded.

"They all do. It's frustrating. Just give him some time okay? He isn't mad at you. Trust me." Jacob gave a small smile and walked to the other side of the room to retrieve the discarded crutch.

Logan sighed and slowly made his way to the front desk.

"He went that way." A nurse smiled softly.

Logan nodded in thanks and walked out the front door.

"I'm just sick of this chair. And not being able to fucking walk." Kendall shouted to his phone. "No! I'm not giving up, I just want Logan to stop worrying about me. I know he just wants me to be better. I'm just a burden. I suck." Kendall sighed, most likely listening to Carlos talk. "Well I suppose I should get back. Talk to you later Carlos." Kendall hung up his phone and turned around, gasping when he saw Logan standing there.

"You're n-not a burden. Not at all." Logan whispered.

"Yes I am Loges. I can't fucking walk on my own." Kendall's volume started to rise, but Logan winced, so Kendall toned it down a notch.

"Kendall…" Logan walked over to the blonde and sat down onto his lap. "I love you. You'll never become a burden. I wanna help you."

"But…" Kendall was cut off by Logan's lips on his. The blonde couldn't help but moan and wrap his arms around his boyfriend.

"Shh. Now let's go finish your session with Jacob. Okay? Then I'll take you to sonic and James can get us discounted ice cream. But only if you promise to not throw anything anymore. Jacob can only do so much at a time."

"I know. Let's go." Kendall sighed. Logan nodded and started to stand. The blonde just smirked and started to push forward.

"W-What are you d-doing?" Logan blushed as Kendall wheeled them in through the front door, a few of the nurses giggling.

"For right now, I'm only good for giving you rides, so abuse it while it lasts." Kendall stated.

"I'm not even sure I want to." Logan laughed, but stayed pressed close to the blonde the entire ride.

"Ready to work on it some more?" Jacob asked. Logan stood and moved aside to allow Kendall forward.

"Yeah. And I'm sorry." Kendall mumbled.

"It's cool man." The man smiled, extending a hand towards Kendall.

Logan stepped back and watched as Kendall worked on walking with Jacob encouraging him right along.


"Logie, do we have to?" Kendall whined.

"Yes. I wanna help build your muscles too." Logan nodded as the two jogged in the brisk fall morning.

"But I was in bed, all warm, and having a good dream." Kendall whined, as he jogged at a slightly slower pace.

"You were snoring, all the covers kicked off of you when I came up to wake you." Logan rose an eyebrow.

"Well I would've been cozy and dreaming good if my mom would just let you come sleep in bed with me." Kendall huffed, bringing his gloved hands up to cover his mouth. The LA mornings had started to become brisk.

"You know she wants us to behave. And if this is the only way, then we have to keep her trust and not break her rules." Logan stated as he stared forward.

Kendall slowed to a stop, Logan noticing quickly.

"Come on. Let's keep going." Logan encouraged.

"My leg hurts." Kendall whimpered. Logan could tell Kendall was just trying to be funny and cause Logan to make them go home so he can snuggle with the brunette. But at the same time, he worried. He didn't wanna push Kendall to hard.

"Okay Ken. Let's go on home then." Logan sighed softly and the two made their way back to the Knight house.

"How was your jog?" Jennifer asks as the two boys walk through the front door.

"Short." Logan stated with a chuckle.

"Good. I can feel my muscles getting stronger every day. All thanks to Logan." Kendall smiled and kissed the brunette.

"Well good." Jennifer smiled. "I'm going out with Katie to get some things she needs for school. Behave." She stated.

"Yes ma'am." Logan smiled.

Kendall just groaned and slowly walked upstairs to his room.

"Have a good day Logan." Jennifer sigh and left with Katie.

Logan waited till the ladies were gone before running up the stairs, taking two at a time, and rushing down the hall to Kendall's room.

Logan slowly opened the door and watched as Kendall slipped off his right pant leg. The brunette instantly noticed the light pink scar that ran down the outside of his leg.

Kendall plopped down onto his bed and then noticed Logan was standing at the door.

"Well you can come in. I don't mind." Kendall chuckled and patted the bed next to him. Logan walked over and sat down at the foot of the bed, tracing the scar with his finger.

"Does it still hurt?" Logan whispered.

"It aches at times, but not much anymore." Kendall grabbed Logan by the wrist and pulled softly till Logan was scooted up next to him.

"And your arm?" Logan asked, noticing the rather large scar that ran up the back of his upper arm as well.

"Nope never." Kendall stated. "Now stop worrying. I'm okay, and I'm not going to leave you." The blonde leaned over and kissed Logan.

"Good." Logan went silent.

Kendall tightened his grip on his boyfriend and snuggled his nose into Logan's soft, unstyled, hair.

"I wanna try and talk to my mom and Robert." He randomly stated.

"You sure?" Kendall asked, lifting his head in worry.

"No. But maybe they've changed." Logan shrugged.

"I don't want to see you so broken again." Kendall whispered.

"I'll have you. And they can't send me off to my dad." Logan told him.

Kendall nodded and hugged Logan tighter. He wanted nothing more than for Logan's mom and step dad to accept him.

"Wanna go right now?" Kendall finally whispered after a few moments.

He could feel Logan take a really large deep breath then nod.

"Okay." The blonde smiled and stood, pulling his pants back on. Logan stood in silence and waited for Kendall to pull on his shoes, helping him a bit. The two grabbed jackets and linked hands before making their way across the two lawns in between the Knight and Mitchel households.

The wind was cold as they stood on the front porch, neither moving as they stared at the closed front door.

It could've been a few seconds, a few minutes, or twenty. But finally Kendall squeezed Logan's hand and the brunette rose his free hand to knock on the door.

They could hear talking and footsteps before the front door swung open.

"Hi mom." Logan managed to stated, his voice strong, as Joanna appeared.

"Horte… Hi." She mumbled.

Logan heard Robert approach.

"Who is it de… What do you want?" He asked, voice full of hate.

"C-Can I come in?" Logan asked, tightening his grip on Kendall's hand.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Joanna spoke up.

"But mom…" Logan spoke up.

"No. I just..." Joanna looked away.

"B-bu… I…" Logan sighed. "Okay." The brunette sighed. "I guess this was a waste of my time. Hoping that maybe you've changed your mind." Logan turned to leave.

"Hortense, we just can't. You've ruined how we see you." Joanna stated.

"He's ruined it? You guys ruined it!" Kendall shouted.

"Ken…" Logan's eyes went wide.

"You could've just loved him! But instead you had to shun him. Hate him. All he's ever done was try to make you guys love him. Well you know what? He doesn't need you guys. Fuck you both! You all are horrible parents!" Kendall huffed, and hurried down the steps, hand still clasped to Logan's.

Logan allowed Kendall to drag him through the yards, not slowing till they were both on the Knight's front porch.

"I. Love. You." Kendall stated, looking at the brunette in the eye. Kendall kept his hands locked on Logan's cheeks as the blonde leaned down and kissed Logan.

"I love you too." Logan whispered.

Kendall smiled softly and wrapped his arms tightly around the shorter boy.

"You gonna be okay?"

Logan lifted his head and kissed Kendall's chin.

"Yeah. You're my family. Not them."

Kendall couldn't help but smile. This boy that he had only met 6 months ago, was becoming the love of his life. The one he couldn't live without.

Logan gripped Kendall's hand and pulled the blonde into the house.

"How did I ever deserve all the love I get?" Kendall whispered, nuzzling his face into Logan's hair.

"Because you cared about me." Logan hugged him tighter.

Logan paused as his phone went off.


"Hey man! Wanna hang out?" Carlos' loud voice rang through the speaker.

"Sure." Logan smiled.

"Is Kendall up for it?" James asked.

"I'm fine!" Kendall laughed.

Logan rose an eyebrow and placed the phone against his chest.

"You sure? You told me your leg was hurting earlier…" Logan went silent as Kendall smirked. "You really just didn't wanna go for a jog. You butt." He laughed.

"Meet us at the park in 10!" Carlos yelled loud enough that he was heard even through the muffled phone.

Logan hung up the phone. Logan grabbed his gloves, before making their way to the local park.

Kendall didn't like it, but Logan refused to let Kendall ride the motorcycle while he was still healing. And even after, Logan wasn't sure he ever wanted to see the blonde on the bike anymore.

"It's pretty romantic out." Logan mumbled as he wrapped his gloved hand around Kendall's.

"Why is it so cold out? It's LA. LA is supposed to be warm." Kendall whined, and tightened his grip.

"I dunno. It's just a random cold front coming down." Logan told him, leaning his head on the blonde's shoulder.

"Those are some mighty scientific words." Kendall chuckled as he leaned over and kissed Logan's hooded head. "I hate the cold." Kendall sighed.

Logan just shook his head.

As they approached the park, it was vacant, since it was a chilly day. The only noise was the laughter of James and Carlos as they played on the equipment.

"Hey! I didn't know we were here to babysit!" Kendall yelled.

"Kendall!" Carlos rushed over to the blonde. "How's the leg? Getting better?"

"Slowly but surely." Kendall smiled, hugging his friend.

"Come on! Let's play!" James yelled.

Logan grinned and grabbed Kendall's hand before running over to the swings.

"I'm gonna play over here." Kendall told him, pointing to the large metal play set.

"Aw. Okay." Logan smiled and sat on a swing, pumping his legs back a forth. "Be careful. Don't strain yourself."

"I won't." Kendall chuckled.

They three played together as Logan swung.

Logan rolled his eyes at his young-at-heart friends as Kendall chased Carlos up the jungle gym.

Kendall swung around a poll, and suddenly the blonde was on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

"Kendall!" Logan skidded his feet on the ground and quickly jumped off the swing and was at the blondes side in 3 seconds.

"I'm alright. I'm okay. Arm just went weak for a second." Kendall sat up, rubbing his arm, wincing slightly. "I might need to take a break. The cold is making the bone ache."

"You okay dude?" James walked over.

"I'm good." Kendall stood, glancing over to Logan, who was still a bit shaken. "Babe. I'm alright. Promise."

"Just take it easy. Please." Logan stated. "Come swing with me?"

"Sure." Kendall smiled and sat on the swing next to Logan.

A few minutes passed, the two swinging back and forth, sometimes in sync, other times in opposites.

"Can we be like this forever?" Kendall asked.

"Of course. As long as you're here with me." Logan smiled.

The two stopped moving their legs and slowed to a halt. Logan watching their two friends run around and play, Kendall watching Logan.

He could tell that the brunette was finally happy. Not stressed by his parents. Not trying to be someone he wasn't.

"This is for you." Kendall reached in his pocket and then held out a closed fist.

"What?" Logan asked, holding out his hand under Kendall's. The blonde turned and opened his hand, letting something fall into the other. Logan looked closely.

It was a small little ring.

"It's not official. But I'm pretty sure you'll never say no." Kendall stated proudly.

"You're right." Logan smiled softly, removing his left glove and sliding it on his finger. "I can't ever say no to you."

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