What If Crookedstar and Bluestar had become mates instead

Chapter One:

Crookedpaw yawned and stretched tonight would be his first gathering and he couldn't wait to meet the other three clans. Crookedpaw was so lost in thought that he barely heard his leader call for the cats going to the gathering and he ran over to his brother Oakheart, "I can't wait to meet the other clans," he whispered to his brother following his clan out of camp.

"Yeah, you'll enjoy it the gathering is great," Oakheart whispered as the skirted thunderclan territory and arrived at the gathering.

Crookedpaw watched his brother go off to talk to some cats from another clan and walked around trying to find a place to sit. Suddenly his paws slipped on the ice and he found himself crashing into a blue-gray she-cat almost knocking her off her paws.

"Hey watch i..." The she-cat began to hiss as she spun around, but stopped short in surprise when she caught sight of his face.

"Hey my names, Crookedpaw," Crookedpaw meowed thinking that the she-cat was really beautiful, but when she didn't say anything he continued talking. "I guess my warrior name will be Crookedjaw, unless my tail goes the other way and Hailstar will have to rethink," he meowed wondering if I thunderclan cats were rude. "I knew people would stare," he muttered

"I'm sorry, you just surprised me thats all," the she-cat meowed

"I guess I'll just have to get you to it until people get use to me," Crookedpaw muttered. "By the way whats your name?" he asked her

"My names Bluepaw," she told him

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