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Codex Entry 2

Vessel types


Length: 643 meters

Breadth: 465.73 meters

Height: 197.26 meters

Ships of the Line:

USS Ra-Cailum NCC-1702-A (Prototype; fifth ship to carry the name, second to carry the 1702 registry. Commanded by Ronald Pinkerton)

USS Yamato NCC-71807-A (Second vessel to bear the name; suffix awarded by Yamato NCC-71807's discovery of Iconia in 2365, prior to her destruction. Commanded by Howard Langley)

USS Palaven NCC-74584 (First vessel to bear the name; named after lost Turian homeworld. Subtype for patrol uses. Commanded by Garrus Vakarian)

Armament: 60 torpedo turrets mounted through the hull, 12 type-IX phaser arrays and 52 type-7 phaser banks (same type as used on the Constitution and Excelsior-Classes) mounted throughout the hull

Defenses: Synthetic neutronium hull armor, kinetic barriers, (post-refit) primary and secondary deflector shields

Saucer separation capability: nonexistent; vessel is solid unit. (Note from Admiral Pinkerton: 'THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!')

The Galaxy Battleship is one of the strongest and most powerful ships in the Federation Starfleet. As the type is not designed to carry civilians, the ship cannot separate into saucer and stardrive sections. The first ship, the Ra-Cailum, took 3 months to build, as the ship was basically a modified Galaxy-Class. After the testing at Aegis VII, the crew of the Ra-Cailum refit and modified the ship into a true warship. ASDB took their modifications and melded them into a cleaner design. Thus the first true Galaxy Battleship, the Yamato-A, was born. Named for the ship that was lost after discovering Iconia, (although the Pinkertons maintain that the Yamato was named for the mighty Japanese battleship from WW2) the Yamato completed her trails and was accepted into the fleet a week later. Afterwards, construction of the Palaven began. She received her name only a few weeks later.

Purpose: As most of Starfleet is used for exploration of the galaxy, the Galaxy Battleship-Class is used for patrol and combat. The Palaven was built as a fast patrol subtype with the same armament, but less armor.

History with multiple universes: The Galaxy Battleship-Class USS Ra-Cailum has had the most experience entering alternate universes, giving the class a bad reputation in Starfleet. The saying 'If you sign onto a GB, (Galaxy Battleship) you'd better pack more then you normally should' is a prominent example. However, the only ship to enter another universe of the type is the Ra-Cailum, as no other Galaxy Battleship-Class vessel has ever been sent into another universe.


Length: 603 meters

Breadth: Over 1000 meters (actual size unknown)

Height: Approx. 150 meters (Actual size unknown)

Armament: 45 disruptor banks, 20 torpedo launchers (To quote Ensign So'tor of the Ra-Cailum: 'She's armed to the fucking teeth!')

Defenses: Deflector shields and cloaking device

Ships of the Line:

IRW Norexan (Prototype)

IRW Valdore (assigned to TF 108)

IRW Hawkeye (assigned to TF 108)

The Norexan-Class is a smaller, faster and slightly lesser armed type of Warbird used by the Romulan Star Empire. Less armed then the D'deridex-Class, but much faster and more maneuverable, the ships were built in small numbers in 2367-68, and production ramped up in 2371. Afterwards, the ship gained more disruptor banks and torpedo launchers, making the Norexan the successor to the D'deridex.

History and purpose:

As all Romulan ships all military in nature, the Norexan-Class was originally a support ship for the D'deridex-Class, but the D'deridex-Class' vulnerability in combat made the Norexan-Class more useful in combat due its' ability to actually dodge torpedoes and disruptor blasts. The type engaged in combat during the Reaper conflict, proving their worth. As of 2368, only 10 ships were built, all assigned to Task force 108 under Commander Donatra.


Length: 1714.3 meters
Breadth: Approx. 500 meters at widest point (actual size unknown)
Height: Approx. 500 meters (actual size unknown)

Omega Armament: 4 52mm Plasma Pulse Cannons, 4 Laser batteries (2 fore, 2 aft) 8 40mm Pulse Cannons

Omega II Armament: same, but in phased-plasma disruptor form.

Omega Defenses: Interceptors

Omega II Defenses: Interceptors and deflector shields

Omega Auxiliary Craft: 2 full squadrons of Fighters

Omega II Auxiliary Craft: 3 full squadrons of Fighters

The Omega-Class destroyer is one of the largest ships in the Earth Alliance fleet, but compared to Starfleet ships, it is woefully underarmed and under-defended. The five Omega II-Class ships (Agamemnon, Agrippa, Alexander, Churchill, and Roanoke) used captured Eggman technology for upgrades. The upgrades allow the use of deflector shielding and proton-based missiles. The fighter complement was increased by half, and the ships were modified to launch and recover them at higher speeds.


Length: 475.6 meters

Breadth: Approx. 300 meters (actual size unknown)

Height: Approx. 100 meters (actual size unknown)

Armament: 2 Neutron Cannons and 2 Twin Fusion Cannons

Ships of the Line:

White Star 1

Defenses: Magnetic Discharge Beams and Vorlon defense system

The White Star is a Minbari medium cruiser, more heavily armed then the Omega-Class. Unlike the Omega-Class, however, the White Star has not been upgraded with Borg or Starfleet technology. However, the ship is still deadly. The closest equivalent would be the Federation Constitution-Class.


Length: 305 meters

Breadth: 161 meters

Height: 107 meters

Armament: 18 type-7 phaser banks, 3 photon torpedo launchers

Defenses: Deflector shields

Ships of the Line:

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (2) (Copy of Kirk's ship. Commanded by Lelouch Lamperouge.)

The Constitution-Class Refit Mk 1.5 was a custom built Federation Constitution-Class starship built by the Order of the Black Knights, who were reborn members of the crews of the Ra-Cailum who died in combat with the Klingons and Romulan in 2286, 2288 and 2291.

Upgrades: The Enterprise-A used a substance called Sakuradite to supercharge the EPS gird and boost the shields and weapons systems. These upgrades were put in every Constitution-Class ship in the fleet once she returned to Earth.

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