This is based off the Boogeyman's song (But I'd prefer to call that sexy motherfucker Pyramid Head), which I found was quite beautiful. It's written in the way of fulfillment of the poem that the parents involved with the Order told to their children in order to cover up for the disappearing (and eventually sacrificed) children in accordance to the pact they made.

The poem can be found by looking up 'Child's Drawing' on the Silent Hill Wiki. Please do take the time to read the whole wiki if you feel like it or just don't want to read the poem in the spread of the whole fic. This is from searching for 'Boogeyman' in the Silent Hill Wiki, explaining why I'd choose Pyramid Head over Boogeyman (in accompaniment to the fact that it sounds sexier to have an original name rather than some monster name that's been used to years.):

"There are several hints which imply the Bogeyman to be Pyramid Head:

There are visual similarities in the Bogeyman drawings alluding to Silent Hill 2

Mayan Escalante, senior artist of Homecoming, refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [4]

Coding in the game's files refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [5]

The BradyGames Homecoming strategy guide refers to him as Pyramid Head [6]

The Bogeyman figurine on Konami's merchandise was labeled "Red Pyramid Thing [7]

Various interviews with developers [8][9]

Ultimately, Tomm Hulett has said that whether or not the two are the same is up to, "[Each] player's interpretation."

Further on, there is the possibility of Pyramid Head's origins: "Pyramid Head may be based on a painting Alessa saw in the Grand Hotel just before she was burned alive by the cultists. [10] Another theory to Pyramid Head's origins is that he may be Alessa's incarnation of her "father" - a man unknown to her, wearing a mask that conceals his identity, an authoritative figure punishing those in Silent Hill that had punished her in the past." Which, i think is quite heroic, if not somewhat charming, don't you think? Kesesese~..

Also, sorry it is slightly inaccurate by the fact that not all the children just suddenly disappear at once-although I might try to fix that before this is posted up with some whatever-the-fuck, reasoning. In the game, I am well aware that a child is only sacrificed once every

Chance is my OC. And there will be some rather delicious PHXChance action. Because it takes one hell of a monster to tame a wild young man.

Please also take the time to read the Founding Families History, since the events happening in this fix will be based off the Sheperd's, Barlett's, Holoway's, and Fitch's family method of sacrifice.

There is an interesting sight labelled the Silent Hill Office of Tourism, and the sight seems pretty legit and its fun to go there and read what they've made up about the town, particularly:

"It is said that the whole area is sacred ground where native Americans conducted mysterious rituals. Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was considered to be a holy place, and was referred to as ''The Place of the Silenced Spirits''.

Some say however it's based of Centrailia, Pennsylvania. However I have been told that there IS a real 'Silent Hill' town in California, made popular by the game series and movie 'Silent Hill'

ENOUGH! Now, we begin~...

There is a chance for everything. Good and bad. All have equal probability for happening. Even the fulfillment of a parent's lies. A Child's fears. A poetic fantasy.

Those in the Order lied to their offspring. A terrible, gruesome lie. A lie to cover up for their guilt; the guilt for constant power and success at the cost of an innocent. A life that knows no regret, no loss, no grief. The sacrifice in itself was a sin. And the lie, a sin to dress the sin. Sin over sin. For which punishment awaited those who slaughtered their children in the depths of hell.

But a lie was just a lie, right? And hell would forever be where it belonged: in a realm where one goes after one dies, right?

There is that chance, however. And chance, was going to begin the realization of an ancient, much-abused lie.

The young boy scampered back across their family backyard, a wide, pleasant space, which previously would be occupied by his three friends: Steven, Sally and Billy. But today it was empty. And he was lonely.

You see three days ago, Steven stopped coming to his backyard to play, a week before that, Sally was gone, and a month before that Billy had gone missing.

So little Chance Fitch, named after the fact that his mother had run away from Silent Hill in order to have a second chance at life away from the order-only to be found again by her very angry husband however-re-entered his house via the back door, spotting his mother, chopping away at a carrot in the kitchen. Interrupting her preparations for dinner, Chance piped up, tugging at her apron.

"Where is Steven, mommy? He can't play and I'm sad." Chance said.

And in concordance to the old rule, his mother ceased her chopping. And she smiled, a sad, worn-out, tired smile. The smile of a failure. She replied, a reply, that ironically-perfectly coincided with their long-used poetic farce.

"You mustn't ask, my darling-Steven has been bad." She replied, picking up her knife and continuing to chop away at the vegetable.

The phrase didn't bother her so much that moment. But her son's next question, made her grow more concerned. And as she thought about it, the coincidence was too great.

"Billy too, and Sally?" Chance asked, recalling the disappearances of , tugging on her apron again. "Did…Did they do something wrong?"

This time, the knife stopped completely for much longer, the woman's hand trembling with fear. Confusion. But like a well-rehearsed line, she continued the old cursed hymn of all lying parents. A hymn she had never before needed to use on her son up until now. Only the timing-the moment, was far, far too perfect.

There was a chance for everything.

Her lips parted, singing the continuation of the dreadful song in a desperate, slightly strained whisper.

"I'm afraid it's true, child-all your friends are gone." She said, making up an equally gruesome tune to help her lie along.

That had been years ago. After much conflict between her and her husband, Mr. Fitch had finally done the unthinkable-he had ended his wife's life. A kitchen knife to the heart-only fitting, for the family that had sworn their child to mutilation via blade.

Mr. Hayden Fitch, estranged brother of Martin Fitch, was then cast out of the town for fear that he would be punished by the Order-an effort on Martin's part to secretly save his brother, despite the hostile front it took to distort his true intentions.

Chance grew up in a small settlement outside of Centralia, on the outskirts of Pennsylvania. He in turn, hated his father, knowing it was very well his fault his mother disappeared.

And that was how Chance learned. There were no such things as monsters, who stole away people you loved and cared about. It was just other people. Other people who were selfish; who committed brutal acts of violence-other people made monster, and sometimes; were the monsters.

His father was a monster. A monster he didn't' respect, and therefore would never obey. Chance didn't obey anyone. He did what he wanted. At age 15 he was already quite the heavy smoker, and he even went out drinking with the seniors on a a regular basis.

His father had grown senile and paranoid-looking around corners every now and then, making panting, panicky noises when something in the house fell or a door opened. Sometimes, even sounds of the television frightened him. After awhile, he stopped watching TV altogether.

One day, the Order would find them-Hayden thought hysterically. One day he would be punished for what he did. For breaking the oath by stealing his son away, for killing his wife, for endangering the whole prosperity of Shepherds Glen.

By age eighteen, Hayden had died-a car accident resulting from the sudden onslaught of hysteria, when he thought he mistook a pedestrian to be Margaret Holloway and tried to run the poor woman over, for fear of being the next to disappear.

Chance was alone now. Not that he was dependent of his father at all-he had his own job at a bar, which he obtained through some connections with some highschool seniors while he was still in middle-school, and he even rented out his own apartment in time, just to stay away from his disgrace of a father.

Unfortunately, knowing he was completely alone in the world, was something he didn't know how to cope with. As Chance sat on his bed in his small apartment, he shut his eyes with a sigh, putting out the cig he had been puffing, but halfway through just neglected.

He flopped backwards, down onto his bed, staring at the ceiling in a blank daze. The shutting of his eyes only led to a black version of the same blank stare, only this time, he could let his thoughts wander. He thought about a lot of things: about his rent deadline, about his old buddies, the old bike gang he had been 'adopted' into for a couple of years all because one of the older boys took a liking to his guts.

He smirked at the memory, grabbing a metal broom in an attempt to fend off some of the bikers when they decided to rob a store he frequented and consequently befriended the old lady who ran it. Of course, he had been held down and taunted, but the way he had managed to severely wound two did not go unnoticed. Kurtis. That's right. Kurtis was like an older brother to him at that time…he picked him up from school and they went around, stealing, beating up people who owed anyone from the group money. Lots of things.

Then he thought about school, about how he always passed his grades just enough to get to the next year; about how his dad yelled overtime his report card came home. How he would yell about how his mother wouldn't be proud of him if she knew…

Chance sat up at that thought. That bastard of a man killed his mother. He had no right to talk about her at all! The young man threw the pillow that he had been resting his head upon against the wall, against which it collided with a loud but lush sound, making the same noise as it fell to the floor.

"…mom…" he whispered, his tone sad in an almost-sob as he turned, sitting on the side of his bed, resting his head on his hands.

He hadn't thought about his old home in a long, long time. Through the years, a lot of things happened…and he just never did. But he remembered; his mind now wandering through all the people he had lost-his disowned father included. His mother hadn't been the first one either…yes…Billy…

…Billy was the first. And then Sally was gone…not long after that…and finally, Steven and his own mother.

However, unlike his mother, he never did know how Billy, Sally and Steven had died. Now, of course, he didn't know whether or not they were dead…but experience with his father showed-after all these years too, would they really still be alive.

…there was a chance for everything.

In his thoughts, he recounted what his mother had said before. Before all those fights broke out and the…incident resulting in her untimely demise.

He knew the words so well, reciting them in his head. ""Where is Steven, mommy? He can't play and I'm sad."…"You mustn't ask, my darling-Steven has been bad."…"Billy too, and Sally? Did they do something wrong?"…"I'm afraid it's true child-all your friends are gone"…"

Chance however didn't know-that wasn't the end of the poem. As far as he was concerned however, just like his father was responsible for his mother's depart from his life; he was assured that his friend's parents were the ones responsible for their disappearances.

If only he knew how close he was to the truth.

A/N: Sorry to cut it there. Next time, we'll have Chance discovering the rest of the poem and onwards from there. Don't worry, relatively, the chapters are short, this one just seems a bit long thanks to the lengthy intro at the top. This entry will be in all my chapters posts, just so you remember just what info I'm basing this off of.

And in the next chapter, we'll finally have an appearance of our favorite monster, Pyramid Head! So stay in touch~!