This is based off the Boogeyman's song (But I'd prefer to call that sexy motherfucker Pyramid Head), which I found was quite beautiful. It's written in the way of fulfillment of the poem that the parents involved with the Order told to their children in order to cover up for the disappearing (and eventually sacrificed) children in accordance to the pact they made.

The poem can be found by looking up 'Child's Drawing' on the Silent Hill Wiki. Please do take the time to read the whole thing if you feel like it or just don't want to read the poem in the spread of the whole fic. This is from searching for 'Boogeyman' in the Silent Hill Wiki, explaining why I'd choose Pyramid Head over Boogeyman (in accompaniment to the fact that it sounds sexier to have an original name rather than some monster name that's been used to years.):

"There are several hints which imply the Bogeyman to be Pyramid Head:

There are visual similarities in the Bogeyman drawings alluding to Silent Hill 2

Mayan Escalante, senior artist of Homecoming, refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [4]

Coding in the game's files refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [5]

The BradyGames Homecoming strategy guide refers to him as Pyramid Head [6]

The Bogeyman figurine on Konami's merchandise was labeled "Red Pyramid Thing [7]

Various interviews with developers [8][9]

Ultimately, Tomm Hulett has said that whether or not the two are the same is up to, "[Each] player's interpretation."

Further on, there is the possibility of Pyramid Head's origins: "Pyramid Head may be based on a painting Alessa saw in the Grand Hotel just before she was burned alive by the cultists. [10] Another theory to Pyramid Head's origins is that he may be Alessa's incarnation of her "father" - a man unknown to her, wearing a mask that conceals his identity, an authoritative figure punishing those in Silent Hill that had punished her in the past." Which, i think is quite heroic, if not somewhat charming, don't you think? Kesesese~..

Also, sorry it is slightly inaccurate by the fact that not all the children just suddenly disappear at once-although I might try to fix that before this is posted up with some whatever-the-fuck, reasoning. In the game, I am well aware that a child is only sacrificed once every 50 years or something.

Chance is my OC. And there will be some rather delicious PHXChance action. Because it takes one hell of a monster to tame a wild young man.

Please also take the time to read the Founding Families History, since the events happening in this fix will be based off the Sheperd's, Barlett's, Holoway's, and Fitch's family method of sacrifice.

There is an interesting sight labelled the Silent Hill Office of Tourism, and the sight seems pretty legit and its fun to go there and read what they've made up about the town, particularly:

"It is said that the whole area is sacred ground where native Americans conducted mysterious rituals. Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was considered to be a holy place, and was referred to as ''The Place of the Silenced Spirits''.

Some say however it's based of Centrailia, Pennsylvania. However I have been told that there IS a real 'Silent Hill' town in California, made popular by the game series and movie 'Silent Hill'

Hey all~! Thanks so much for the reviews, and do keep them coming. I want to know if you're happy with the story, if you think there are some parts that need improvement, any spelling mistakes (sorry, I haven't really had the capacity to figure out how the beta reader thing works here yet), and if you want to see anything happen. It's really what keeps me writing. As much as I love the plot when I'm writing this, and it is part of my own sick fantasy (Oh come on, as if you didn't know you'd have to be at LEAST a little sick to be a Silent Hill fan :P) I like to see everyone reading this story surprised, satisfied, shocked, and basically swayed with the plot. So if you don't tell me, I won't know how good or bad of a job I'm doing~!

Anyways. Enough with my attention-whoring. On with the fic~!

William trembled in the confines of his cage, waiting, waiting and waiting still. What was going to happen to him? Was he going to be eaten? Why? All he did was follow them when they took Sally away…he wanted to know. Why? Why had all the adults lied?!

They…they hung her. Killed her. That meant it was because of them all his friends were disappearing.

But the monster was proof that there was, indeed a Boogeyman. The poor boy thought, not understanding the true reason for the helmeted creature's sudden appearance. The lies of his parents had melded together to form a sick,twisted reality in the mind of the very bundle now being brought in by said executioner.

William looked up from his spot, eyeing the blood-stained bundle made up of what looked like bed-sheets that was slung over the demon's shoulder. He scooted back, further into the wall at the far end of his confinement, staring in fear. Another monster?

Pyramid Head lifted the bundle from his shoulder, placing it on the ground as gently as the monster knew how, not without a slight thud however, and the splitting of some of the bones left on the floor upon landing.

William's eyes widened as the blankets fell open to reveal a face with messy, blood-stained hair, eyes closed.


Pyramid Head turned back to the furnace's now moderately burning flames, throwing in a few pieces of meat from the gore-covered floor, an intestine from here and a stomach from there, hell, there was even a stray eyeball in the chunks. The organs exploded in the fire, causing a putrid smell to emit from the black smoke that followed, filling the room. Pyramid Head heaved a great sigh, seeming to take in the scent.

The boy on the floor twitched slightly at the noise. William swallowed. He…he was alive!

Pyramid Head turned away, heading through the door, slow, monstrous steps mimicking the pace of William's heartbeat as he tried to remain calm, watching him go.

Once the executioner was out the door, William scrambled to the end of the cage, as close as he could to the other boy.

"H-hey…hey…!" he said, voice shaking and nose prickling with the feel of snot coming back as he teared up.

He was so scared. He didn't want to be alone anymore. Please…please don't be dead.


Chance's nostrils finally registered the horrid smell and his eyes snapped open, a violent fit of coughs assaulting his throat. He wheezed tiredly, staring straight ahead, not even realizing who he was looking at.

"Hey! Hey are…are you okay…?!" William sniffled, trying to reach out to him. "Please help me…!"

Chance blinked slowly, body numb, and mind swimming in the gutter. That face…that same, snotty, stupid face…he knew that face.

"B….Bi…Billy…" he breathed. "Bi…lly…?"

William blinked at the mention of his nickname. Only three people he knew ever called him that.

"Wh…who're you…?" 'Billy' asked.

Chance stared a moment longer, eyes filling up with tears as he slowly realized who it was he was talking to. Yes…it really was Billy.

"…Heh…" Chance smiled a little, weakly. "Fig..rues…you…..woul…dn't…recogni…me…shrimp…"

Billy's eyes lit up. "Ch…Chance…? You…."

Chance raised a trembling, pale hand, trying to push himself up, when the numbness in his body suddenly cleared up, just long enough for great stinging pain to strike him.

"Urgh!" he grunted, falling back down on his side. "Fuck…"

Billy made a face.

"…" Chance stilled himself, breathing hard as the numbness came back, drawing the pain off for now. "S..orry man…know….you never were the…bad kind…"

"What happened to you?" Billy asked, eyeing the hospital gown that was revealed when Chance tried to heave himself up, the blanket having fallen some. "Are…are you okay…?"

Chance cringed and looked away at the question. "…you….don't…want'a know…"

"Can you move…?" Billy asked. "I…I want to go home…"

Chance went silent, gaze returning to his long-lost childhood friend. "…we are home…this…"

"Silent Hill…" Billy said. "This isn't home. It's a bad dream. It's a very very bad dream. All because I've been a bad boy…"

Chance blinked, understanding full well what he mean. He was stuck here as a sinner too. "What'd…you do…?"

"I…mom and dad told me not to…but…remember…remember when we all wanted to go to the lake together, you, me and Sally? And Sally never came?"

Chance's body felt cold all of a sudden, at the mention of the girl's name, seeing images of her mangled body coming to life as it tried to attack him, only to be split in half by the Great Knife. "Y…yeah…"

"I saw Sally later on our way home. Mom and Dad said she was taken away by the Bogeyman remember?!" Billy's voice escalated. "But I saw her, and she was with her parents and Mom and Dad and your Mom and Dad were there too…! I followed them and…they….they…"

"Hey…" Chance heaved, breathing hard. "Don't…don't say…it…if you ca-can't…"

Billy whimpered. "She's gone…they did it. The Bogeyman didn't…she didn't do anything wrong."

Chance shifted, trying to crawl or ease his way closer to the cage. "Hey…it's okay…"

He may have been his best friend when they were kids, but looking at him now, still a little kid, still so snotty and scared, made Chance feel like he needed to be the big brother this time around.

"Th-that's why…" Billy sniffled, hiccuping as he began to cry. "That's why…I-I'm here…ri-right..? C-cause…I did bad…I didn't d-do what…mom and dad…said…and I…"

Chance's eyes widened as he remembered the poem's latest verse.

Child, you must obey your parents; do everything they say...

Little ones who do otherwise, he tortures in the flames...

"No…" Chance said softly, directing his gaze at the steady flames of the furnace.

Billy looked up at him questioningly as the sounds of shuffling suddenly rose in volume in the room. Chance could feel his body screaming at him, his useless legs begging him to keep still and rest. But he couldn't. There was no way he was going to listen.

"Ghh…grrhh…burgh…" Chance groaned as he dragged himself on his forearms across the floor ridden with monster and human fragments, feeling stray teeth and remains of bone digging into his flesh.

"What are you doing?!" Billy asked.

"I won't…" Chance gasped, panting and pausing for awhile to catch his breathe before starting up again, slowly making his way towards the cage. "Let…you…"

Billy tensed up at the thought, only able to catch Chance creep closer and closer. Chance reached the lock of the cage, only to realize it was one of the few unrusted locks in Silent Hill. He sighed, slumping in front of the cage door and gritting his teeth, groaning in frustration.

"It's locked…" Billy said, whimpering. "Wh-What's gonna happen to me…?"

"Nothing." Chance said, fire returning to his eyes.

He may have been lost. But if Billy had a chance at getting away, he wasn't going to let that slip without a fight.

"I'm done for…" Chance said. "But…you…you can still run…"

"What about you…?" Billy asked, reaching out and clasping one of Chance's bloody hands.

Chance smiled a little, staring at the floor. "I've….already been tainted…"


"Doesn't matter…there's no way I can get away…not like this…" Chance looked up at the child's smaller face. "I need to rest up first then….maybe…when I can run…maybe…"

He said that but…the hopelessness in his real thoughts was very evident. He wasn't so sure for himself anymore. Chance spied a stray fragment of what looked like it was once a femur. The edge was pointed and splintered, but it was good enough. He grabbed it, holding it like a dagger and jamming it, not into the lock itself-he was still too smart for that-but into the rusting, aged loops of the cage.

Billy jumped at the sudden movement, watching and swallowing as Chance lifted the femur again and again, the sound of bone and metal clashing and breaking against each other above everything else, including the roaring of the fire in the room.

After a minute or two, the loops gave way, Chance reaching out quickly, the heavy lock landing on his hand, making him cringe in pain. But it was better than having the lock make a loud clanging sound on the floor. Who knew where Pyramid Head was and if he could hear them, now that he had enough sense to think about it. He just hoped that his earlier shenanigans with the bone and the loops hadn't caused too much noise.

"There…" Chance sighed, grinning tiredly. "Go….run…"

Billy scrambled out of the cage and almost at once tugged on Chance's shirt. "No…you…you have to come with me…!"

"I can't walk…I can't even stand…" Chance said in despair. "You've got your legs. You need to run while you still have them."

There was no sugarcoating it. Not in this place. He yanked Billy close and hissed in his ear with the gasp of breath he was still managing to draw.

"Run. Run and don't stop. If you need to stop, hide. Hide well. Don't let him catch you, or he might cut off your legs." He said in all seriously. "Run, and don't let any of them catch you…none of them. Understand?!"

Billy gasped and stared at his friend before nodding shakily nodding. "O-okay…okay…"

"Go. Run. RUN!" Chance urged, hearing the familiar screeching of a heavy blade being dragged across the floor. "Don't go out the door, there, the window!" he pushed the femur into the boy's hand, making the other cringe and yelp in disgust. "Use this!"

Billy did as he was told and hurried to the boarded up window. The screeching was getting closer, and with Chance yelling it was obvious they were up to something. Pyramid Head's low guttural groan could be heard. Billy used the femur as a lever, prying some of the boards off and snapping others in half, just managing to clumsily make his way out the window.

The white light of the ash-filled sky seeped in. Chance had won this round. The Otherworld retreating with the unfulfilment of the poem's latest verse.

Pyramid Head roared as he entered the room, already aware of the latest escape, feeling the redness of the walls grow into a dull brown and the sky turn from crimson to white. With slow, furious steps he made his way towards the limp body on the ground, caught red-handed, still at the open door of the cage.

Chance strained, but he turned enough to look up defiantly at the creature, as battered and bruised, and as worn and pathetic he looked, still, he glared. "How do you…like that…huh? You sick fuck…"

The executioner grabbed the by by the back of the neck, lifting him up into the air, growling menacingly.

"Guh-!" Chance flinched, legs dangling as fresh blood still trickled from between them and into the floor. "Ack-!"

He cried out again when he was roughly thrown over the thing's shoulder, his stomach throbbing in pain and back burning. "AAH! HA-!"

Pyramid Head hardened his grip on the boy's hips, pressing him further down on his shoulder, reveling in the pained grunts and yelps he managed to get from the boy.

"Ghkh-…" Chance teared up and coughed, vomiting blood and chunks of unidentifiable origin onto the floor, some managing to get onto the smock.

Pyramid Head ventured into the other corner of the room, dropping the boy not-too-gently on a dusty mattress that was laying on the floor.

"GAH-!" Chance cried as he landed on it, pain shooting up his spine.

Pyramid Head's tongue snaked out from under his helmet, slicking up the mattress and making it's way up the boy's shin. Chance gasped and inched away from it. Pyramid Head growled low, patience already gone from the boy's earlier actions in aiding his latest catch escape. The tongue swiftly wrapped itself around Chance's ankle, yanking hard as Pyramid Head bent low, hovering over the other.

"Wah-!" Chance gasped, being dragged enough to fall onto his back, the way the situation looked, he didn't like where he thought it was going. "No-! I can't-!"

The executioner held the boy down with one mighty hand, Chance's own hands rising to grab at the monster's arm. He noticed that the other's gloves had been removed recently, recognizing the stitching that held his first and middle fingers together, and ring and pinky finger together. Although whether or not that had been painful did not register, but one thing did…there was a scar of a wound that was in the middle of the beast's hand.

The one he made when he stabbed Pyramid Head with a screwdriver at a time which seemed like forever ago now.

"DONT-!" Chance choked mid-plead when the thing's slick tentacle-like appendage unravelled itself from his ankle and suddenly lapped between his bleeding cheeks. "MNGH-!"

The tongue slicked the wounded area, coating itself in the delicious, red honey. Sweet and coppery.

Pyramid Head growled low, something that sounded very pleased as he lathered his tongue in his sweet treat. The blood was warm and pleasant to taste, the executioner only ever having tasted the blood of corpses before he had been gifted the boy.

"Gh-…d-don't…!" Chance flinched, writhing against the slick tongue, body straining against the strange feeling, mixing with the already present pain, but weak body still too damaged to make any proper effort at getting away.

The pyramid-shaped helmet tilted to the side, tongue finally snaking into the torn hole and into the deepest parts of the boy's body.

"HYAA-!" Chance cried, tears prickling his eyes as wounds were re-opened and his sphincter stretched again.

The tongue retracted just shortly after entering, the demon growling at the taste of another monster inside his ordained prize. Pyramid Head growled and grabbed the boy's thighs, spreading them to nestle the helmet between, slicking his tongue back in.

"Haa-AH! STOP!" Chance yelled, pushing down with both hands at the helmet to no avail. "Fucking STOP…!"

Pyramid Head wrapped his tongue around what remained inside the boy, entangling it in his tongue, making Chance's body convulse with the feeling of his insides being churned.

"Gh-huu…!" the boy's eyes rolled back and he tensed, feeling the appendage and something…strange and slick, thick, leaving his insides.

The tongue withdrew, a thin membrane wrapped around it in coils-what had once been the artificial womb that had grown inside Chance's bowels. It disappeared under the helmet, the sick sound of slurping and munching following not long after. Chance shuddered in disgust, staring up at the muscular man-like demon on top of him.

Pyramid Head growled, tongue whipping out once more, this time covered in just the usual slimy saliva before disappearing under the helmet again.

Chance swallowed. Was it going to kill him now that it had gotten what it wanted? That he had let Billy escape…?

A snort and gush of air from beneath the shadows of the pyramid made Chance flinch. Pyramid Head uttered a low not-quite-but-close-enough-chuckle, taking the boy's left hand, pinning it above his head.

"Wh-wha-GYAAAH!" Chance screamed as he felt his hand suddenly burn, looking up to see Pyramid Head's tongue…

His eyes widened. The…it…!

"Hkk-!" Chance choked as he flinched, the tongue that had pierced through the palm of his hand writhing a little before removing itself, whipping around in the air before retreating to it's rightful place.

The boy panted, turning his head to the side and gritting his teeth, but his eyes were already dried out, no more tears would come despite the fact that he would be balling now.

Pyramid Head was satisfied, lifting his own left hand off the boy's wrist, Chance taking the opportunity to draw his hand down and hold it with his good hand, pressing on the wrist so as not to let the blood flow out too much.

Pyramid Head gripped the boy's hands with his scarred left hand, growling in warning. And Chance didn't…quite hear a voice. But…it was more of an inkling of a thought. A strange understanding between him and the monster, at that one very moment when their identical wounds touched.

Little did he know he was beginning to learn how to understand them the way they understood each other, the way Valtiel and Pyramid Head shared an equal, unheard path of communication. Primal in nature, but clear enough to express.

The fates have given you to me, and that's how it should and is going to be. You are MINE.

"Get off me…" Chance said, voice trembling with a mix of fear and anger.

Pyramid Head visibly tensed and jerked a little strangely, just like the first time Chance had encountered him before he grabbed the boy's hospital gown and yanked, pulling him under the shade of the pyramid. Chance gasped as he was met with… unspeakable darkness.

It was black. Pure, pitch black under the helmet. He couldn't even see the floor from under it if he tried to peer down.

The shadow was…horrifying. Like all the light and goodness in the world had been eaten up, digested and vomited out only to be trampled on by heavy blood-stained boots. Chance was beginning to panic, breathing in a strange, metallic smell, the smell of blood with moisture of saliva-he knew very well, it was the creature's breath. But he couldn't see a thing! Where was he?! Where was the face he thought was under there?!

"AAAH!" Sharp needles sank into Chance's shoulder, deep, scraping against bone and tearing muscle. "AAA-YAAAH!"

It wouldn't surprise him if his arm would be useless after this.

"STO-Hh?!" Chance gasped in surprise, hearing his own voice echo in the recesses of the helmet.

He could suddenly feel a very heavy breathing, like that of a beast, the rush of air hot on his face. A strange, almost low-screech of a grunt against his shoulder.

Chance froze, feeling what he thought were needles, now realizing they met with a…leathery sort of, lips(?), against his bleeding shoulder-slowly, they made their way up to his neck, just barely keeping themselves from cutting skin with the blade-like surfaces they had.

I am all you are ever going to have. This, is your punishment.

"Gh…" Chance choked his throat tightening and wanting to cry despite being completely dried out. "Uurh….hh…hic-…"

Yes…you should cry. Knowing you have nothing else but me.

"…just die…" Chance said through gritted teeth. "I'm going…h-home…Ah?!"

Chance was abruptly yanked from the both of the Pyramid, a strong, muscular hand gripping his arm. He quickly took a glance at his shoulder and was a little relieved to see that it hadn't been close to being completely chewed off. The cuts were deep though. But the relief was short-lived as he was tossed back onto the mattress, his own landing causing pain to his insides as well as his shoulder and hand.


Pyramid Head stood, taking something from the corner of the room and dropping it in front of the mattress. A clang of metal made Chance look up to see the cans he had collected earlier and had dropped, still bundled up in his jacket, which was slightly opened now and the cans had spilled onto the floor.

Chance stared at the cans for a little bit before glancing up at the beast.

You ARE home.

It'd been awhile now. There wasn't much to do since then. He couldn't run, he couldn't hide, he couldn't do anything but wait for the pain, deep inside his body to subside. Useless.

Chance stared up at the ceiling contemplatively, thinking about…everything.

Had he won against fate? Was it over? Why wasn't anything happening? Why wasn't that beast going away? How long had it been since he woke up in the diner with Kurtis…and the others…

Oh god…it'd been forever since he'd thought about his 'brothers'…the gang…how were they doing? Where where they? Where they alright? Had they been dragged into this nightmarish hell as well?

He wanted to see them.

The sound of the door wrenching open and shut made Chance's eyes flicker from the ceiling and to the direction of the noise. He didn't even bother looking, curling into a ball and facing away from the door. The monster could do it's business without him. He didn't want to know. Interestingly enough, he spied the disembodied skull that lay carelessly on the floor near the mattress he was on. He eyed the empty sockets, wondering how long that person had been there. Wondering if it was a humans' skull at all. Wondering…

"Gh-!" Chance gasped as his arm was gripped painfully and he was forcefully turned onto his stomach. "Ah-!"

Pyramid Head gazed down at the boy, a strong arm outstretched with that hand that held Chance's arm in a grip so vice. He only held Chance's arm for a second, before letting go, satisfied his prize wasn't dead yet. Chance tugged himself away, gathering himself into the corner of the mattress and glaring back at the creature.

"If you're going to kill me, just hurry up…" Chance said bitterly. "It's been four days since the sky's changed, and you're not going to get any help from me."

Chance wasn't stupid. He knew, memorizing the patterns of the events and the way things had changed around them…when the siren sounded and the sky went red was when he had to worry. It'd been happening less and less now.

"It's been days…give up." Chance said, though there was no expression in his voice, just the some, meaningless words. "I'm clearly not fit enough as a play-thing anymore. You got what you fucking wanted you sick piece of shit. Now just kill me."

Perhaps he was telling himself it was time he gave in.

Slowly, the recesses of fate that had brought this world through existence through the boy's being were slowly crawling up his spine, entwining him, corrupting him, sinking into his very soul and violating it's purity, much like his body had already been soiled.

Pyramid Head jerked his helmet up, as if seeming to sense something before, slowly turning back to look at the boy. Not even a moment later, he had turned his back to him and was already heading out the door. This puzzled Chance, but as long as he wasn't being bothered, he could care less now.

"Guess I'll just waste away then…" Chance grumbled, sitting up slightly, frowning when he felt his intestines slosh around inside him slightly.

It wouldn't surprise him if some of them were damaged or displaced now that he thought about it. Chance breathed in deep, feeling his bowels slide against each other a little loosely, not obviously, but enough for him to feel it, as he bent over and reached for a can on the floor. Blinking as he held it, he looked up, wondering where his flickblade went.

"Fuck…" Chance grimaced as he remembered the night Pyramid Head had taken him, the flickblade having been in his pants pocket.

Chance sighed again, getting ahold of himself and standing slowly, his tired legs feeling strange, having been unused for a few days. But he was glad they hadn't become completely useless. A little exercise would be good right about now, just to keep going.

He chuckled at the entertaining idea that maybe, maybe if he got better…he could just run away, like Billy did. Silently as he made his way to the heavy doors, he had hoped Billy had gotten home.

How wrong he was.

Chance stumbled onto the killing floor, at least, that's what he had decided to call it. On the table lay a fresh corpse, covered in tell-tale black ooze and flayed open like a carved carcass. Pyramid Head had been having his fill lately. Chance had learned that during his imprisonment as well, when the sky turned red, that's when the monster left to do his…whatever the fuck he was doing…

He picked up his torn pants, glad to have found them, even if they were covered in the blood and guts that eventually got on everything including himself, the longer you stayed in Silent Hill. The boy cringed as he reached into the pocket, holding her breath. He paused for a moment, and only released his breath in relief when he found the flickblade still there. Wrapping his fingers around it was such…a comforting feeling. A piece of home. Sanity, still there. His hopes began to rise. Not like having it would give him better chances in getting out of this insane place alive, but…it was nice.

He heard the door clank open, then the long creaaaaaak of it's weight being pushed open. Chance froze, clutching the flickblade to his chest tightly, knuckles turning almost as white as when they had gripped that dreaded flesh rope. The strides were long and powerful, the smock dragging against the bones and organs or pieces of what were left of said bodyparts, before soon Chance could feel the strange cold warmth that lay upon his bare back.

Shit. Just when he had convinced the creature he could no longer stand, let alone walk.

Chance's breathing escalated before he could control what he was doing, and before he knew it, he was breathing hard. Pyramid Head gazed at the shaking form before him, now made small, now made lithe, now made weak, now made soft, beaten down by the hell that was his own imagination, hijacked by Silent Hill and made real. A pathetic, pitiful, beautiful sight.

The mighty beast just stared down at his caught prey, his payment for service tot he fates and his shoulders almost shook with the most perverse joy. Sadistic. Corrupt. The demon reached out and grasped the boy by the hair, rough, unrelenting.

"URGH-!" Chance cried, with a hand around his flickblade, practiced instinct took over and his thumb shot out, causing the blade to fly out of it's resting place.

He swung wildly, managing to slice through his own hair. Luck was on his side to the fact that it had grown too long for his liking, and he didn't harm himself. He fell, Pyramid Head letting go of the now tensionless strands, letting them fall to the floor. Chance turned, staggering back, tired thighs still worse for wear, but he held the knife firm.

There was no exchange of gazes, just pure movement as Pyramid Head strode forward and used his strength to push the boy down against the metal slaughter table, a table Chance just had too unpleasant memories about to ever forget.

"Gh-!" he struck with the knife, the blade sinking into the dead flesh of his attacker.

Pyramid Head however still pushed the other down on the table, both hands going beside the boy's head. Chance was sprawled, back against the cold hard steel, the blade in his hand sunk to it's hilt into the monster's torso. His breath still hard, the only sound other than the turning of the fan.

Chance glares up at the helmet that was far too close to his face for his liking. A strange silence hung in the air. And for awhile, Chance thought he had gone deaf. It wouldn't have helped in the slightest either way. For some reason, Chance understood Pyramid Head's thoughts. He knew from simply feeling the vibe of the monster hunched over his entire being.

Yes, be angry. Hate me. Loathe me. Drive all of your suffering as punishment into those who deserve it. Just like I. Hurt as you have been hurt.

"Shut up…" Chance was surprised at his own meek whisper.

We're the same. Because I am a nightmare to each and every person, I am also yours. We are the same.

"SHUT UP!" Chance said, pulling the knife out and stabbing again, higher this time, closer to the heart, though he doubted the beast had one, and even if he did, he wouldn't die from something so simple.

That's right…just like that. You are just like me, you are mine. And you will stay with me, forever. This, is your punishment.

Chance felt cold entering his being, a strange that gloom set over him. Something dark and malevolent, powerful and dreadful. True despair. And now, chance and fate for once, met in an uncanny, disgusting union. The very same feeling that overtook all of Pyramid Head's victims before their just deaths.

Chance yelped as Pyramid Head moved to push his knees up and apart, exposing his most private places to the hidden eyes under the helmet, if there were any, for the fourth…fifth…time?

A gasp of breath parted from the boy's open lips as he felt his insides stretched with a familiar, fullness, sphincter opening wide, body becoming psychotically masochistic, betraying Chance's mind and even gripping it, forcibly working to twist it into something he would never want it to be.

His body arched and tears fell from his eyes as the pain fed an unholy pleasure that he did not want to be accustomed with, but the fates that warped his very existence willed him to feel. His hand that still gripped the blade trembling with Pyramid Head's next powerful thrust, pushing his massive penis into the boy's tender body even further than it was buried in. The friction driving home to Chance's nerves, and he cried out in agony and yet a slight, sick pleasure was there.

"Aaa-hh…!" Chance's weak throat wrenched out the pitiful cry, as Pyramid Head retracted his hips, before driving himself right into the boy once more, Chance's abdomen building slightly from the flesh being forced to accommodate his size.

As much as Chance hated to admit it, the fleeting thought of his body getting used to the monster's intruding meat was undeniable. He cringed, disgusted with himself. He retracted the blade, and in one feeble attempt, aimed it at where Pyramid Head's heart-area and stabbed yet again.

This time, the monster froze and shuddered in pain, a low metallic groan of agony sounded from under the helmet. Chance gasped, staring in surprise, before Pyramid Head gripped the table by it's sides, his massive arms reaching the edges easily, and used it as leverage to drive his hips into the boy's ass even harder.

It was a miserable exchange.

Thrust. Stab. Thrust. Stab. Thrust. Stab. Thrust. Stab.

"Ghah…ahh…" Chance's eyes flickered as he finally let go of the blade, legs trembling and hips aching.

With a low growl, Pyramid Head angled himself and struck the boy's sensitive prostate. All at once, Chance's body reacted to the familiar burst of stimulation, and he arched, nipple brushing against hard abs as he screamed, eyes going wide.

"N-NOOO!" he cried, feeling the pain turn into masochistic euphoria.

The thrusts grew faster, more erratic, not quite desperate but excited, as the monster forced himself into Chance's tightness again, and again, and again, and again.

"Ah-! AH! Haa-AAH! AH! HAA!" Chance's yelps grew higher and higher in pitch, soaring as his senses were assaulted like the first time he had ever been taken in his life, by the same wretched executioner.

And suddenly, the beast removed himself from the boy, cock sliding out with a little 'pop'.

Chance lay there, trembling, twitching, eyes going dull. Slowly, his sense of self was dying. The boy he was was dying. Dying. Dying. Dying. And yet, a little spark of his rationality, his sanity remained, eyes never leaving the flickblade that was his last strand of hopeful memories of a sane past, embedded in the monster's chest.

His body cried, begged his mind for more. More pleasure, more of the painful filling of his inner self. It hungered in the most foreign, scary way, and he couldn't control it.

"Why…" Chance wheezed. "What are…you doing to me…?"

What was happening to him. The memories of his first rape were clear. He hated it. Loathed himself for falling into pleasure, but all the way, he was unwilling. Now…he wasn't so sure.

You are mine.

Chance's eyes widened in shock as he heard the unvoiced sentence. Slowly, he began to understand. And this finally pushed him over the edge. And he cried.

"No!" He said, sobbing and using his good hand, balling it into a fist and striking at the monster's chest, right next to the knife. "No!"

Slowly…he was beginning to accept that fact, and the sadness from this realization is what made him finally give in to the urge to cry. Slowly…he was wanting it. And he hated that. Somehow…Pyramid Head was making him want it. Slowly…he was killing 'him'. Who he was. Who he wanted to be. And truly, making him his. He remembered his own words, those he had said to Billy before he let the boy escape. The fact that he could hear himself say them made himself snake lower into despair. 'I'm…already tainted...'

"I won't give in…" Chance cried, shutting his eyes, a weird feeling coming from his asshole, quivering, twitching, hungering for the flesh it had grown so used to. "I won't…G-MPH?!"

Pyramid Head's tongue had made it's way from it's place beneath the helmet and sharply struck, pushing itself into the boy's mouth. Chance gagged, the taste of blood and what was alike to vomit filling his mouth. He could feel the tears make their way from his eyes, down his cheeks to edge of his lips and onto the tongue now thrusting it's way in and out of his throat.

Then Pyramid Head's fingers entered his battered ass. "MPHH-! HMMPHH!"

Chance's eyes rolled up almost completely as the tips of the long, thick fingers rubbed against his prostate, teasing him. Enticing his body as much as his mind screamed in suffering. Pyramid Head removed his tongue, letting the boy cough and rasp for breath just enough, before forcing it back in again. Slowly, Chance's eyes grew darker. Deader.

You are mine.

The fingers were removed, and the feeling of emptiness crept up Chance's spine. He whimpered when the tongue too, retracted itself, his own slicking out to give it one last lick as it left his mouth, blank eyes filled with warped lust staring at nothing.

"Ah-…" he breathed, neck lifting his head to chase after the retreating appendage with his own mouth. "Haa…aa….ahhh…"

A weak hand, with a wound mimicking Pyramid Head's own almost perfectly lifted to caress the tongue that teasingly hung there, suspended, like a snake outstretched from a branch. Chance whimpered, panting hard, own raging hard-on becoming unbearable.

"I…I-I…" he struggled, a little spark of his original self threatening to return to his eyes. "..nhah…"

Pyramid Head chuckled low. It was always more fun when his prey was hard to kill. He slicked his smooth, clammy tongue stiffening to edge into a kind of sharp point, drawing a thin line of red down the boy's chest, cutting through a sensitive nipple.

"Ha-..!" Chance threw his head back at the painful ecstasy the action stirred.

Slowly, the tongue toyed with the boy's nubs, pointed needle-think tip dipping into the teats, causing a little blood to emerge, retracting and twisting them individually until Chance couldn't take it anymore. The boy gripped the larger forms shoulders, groaning in desperation, no longer able to form words. But Pyramid Head was cruel, and he teased some more, tongue gliding down to the boy's navel, perching it with it's sharp tip enough to probably even stab into internal organs and his diaphragm. Chance yelled in a terror hat for some reason still couldn't warrant control over his own body. He wanted it to stop, he wanted more, he wanted it to end, he wanted it to go on forever, he wanted to die, he wanted to live, he wanted to be free, he wanted to be chained forever.

"Stop…" Chance panted, and Pyramid Head paused.

This was the deciding moment.

"Please…stop…" Chance begged, tears falling freely. "Stop….s-stop teasing…me…"

With that the beast straightened himself some, lifting the boy off the table enough to settle his massive bulk on it, sitting, the boy suspended, large hands at his small hips, above the thing's cock. Chance panted, knees finding support on the metal as the hands were let go, now kneeling directly over the hot, hard organ himself. A red blush of shame covered his cheeks. He was now in the one position he never wanted to be in, and sadly…he felt like…he liked it…

"Hh…hah…hah…" Chance breathed hard, looking down, the hard chest, wide and imposing almost pressing against his own, now weakened one.

Down below, he could see his own erection, standing proud and boastingly despite the great shame he felt because of it. And past it, he could see the purple, and in comparison enormous cockhead of the monster that had captured him, tempted him, and drew him in.

And to his own surprise, Chance found himself eagerly lowering his own pert ass onto the massive penis, without any force from the hands that removed themselves from his hips. He panted hard, finding difficulty just getting the head into himself and his eyes flickered pleadingly to the darkness under the helmet. A plead to stop. A plead to continue. A plead for sanity. A plead for madness. Pyramid Head's hands returned to the boy's hips and pushed him down completely, until he was fully sheathed inside.

"AAAHH!" Chance's head fell back and he gasped, body trembling as he continued to stare into the helmet fruitlessly searching for a face though he knew already there was only darkness…

Chance's hips snapped back up reflexively as reaction to the intruding pain of being pushed into beyond his limit, before his corrupt lust drew them back down, and back up, and down, up and down, fucking himself on the beast's phallus. Willingly. Unwillingly. He could feel the tip of it just below his ribcage, pushing all of his insides into places they belonged not. A feeling so..painful…wonderful…agonizing…pleasurable.

Pyramid Head groaned and panted slightly, never being strained for anything else but his sweet, rotten sex. Chance heard every grunt, every breath, encouraged. He could feel the penis inside him throbbing, his partner's hips twitching in attempt to refrain from thrusting. Chance noted it and moaned softly, leaning forward and resting his hands on the other's chest. The new position allowed the hot flesh inside him to strike his prostate every buck downwards.

"Ah…ahh…haa…ngghhh~…!" his voice trembled, "O-ohhh….! AH-…!"

Chance's thighs, already tired, were straining to keep moving, motoring his body up and down against Pyramid Head's. Without warning, Pyramid Head lurched forward, hands on the boy's hips, Chance's arms shooting out to wrap themselves around the other's neck instinctively. The position causing his thighs painfully, to spread even wider.

"WAH-!" he gasped, feeling the cock prod at his prostate relentlessly, pressing, abusing. "Haa-AH!"

Pyramid Head thrusted in and out, while Chance's legs wrapped themselves around the other's wide hips, bucking down to ride his thrusts. Chance's body twitched and shuddered violently with every thrust, cries turning pitched and passionate. The most unholy union of bodies.

"Ahh-! Haa-! AH! HA! AAH! I'M-!" and he knew the word, a natural installment into his primal memories, drawn up by the punisher. "I'M..AAH…C-CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!"

Chance arched back, pressing into Pyramid Head's body, the origins of life spurting from his own penis, his intestines tightening at an insane rate. He fell limp, cum still spilling from between his legs, dripping between his thighs and down onto the cock that was still driving itself into him, lubricating the tightening hole as it mixed with the transparent fluid already slicking the friction between them. But the tightness of the constricting ring of muscle, along with the sight of the boy's letting go and overflowing between both their own thighs pulled Pyramid Head himself over the edge. For a second, he was in saving nirvana.

The boy's eyes closed and he mewled, feeling the hot, acidic liquid fill his fucked-raw insides, spreading uncontrollably through his hips and up to his abdomen and lower chest, finally making it's way to leaking out his ass as Pyramid Head pulled out. Chance panted hard, then slowly, then shallowly and finally, he saw nothing but black.

Pyramid Head finally, truly claimed Chance.

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