This is based off the Boogeyman's song (But I'd prefer to call that sexy motherfucker Pyramid Head), which I found was quite beautiful. It's written in the way of fulfillment of the poem that the parents involved with the Order told to their children in order to cover up for the disappearing (and eventually sacrificed) children in accordance to the pact they made.

The poem can be found by looking up 'Child's Drawing' on the Silent Hill Wiki. Please do take the time to read the whole thing if you feel like it or just don't want to read the poem in the spread of the whole fic. This is from searching for 'Boogeyman' in the Silent Hill Wiki, explaining why I'd choose Pyramid Head over Boogeyman (in accompaniment to the fact that it sounds sexier to have an original name rather than some monster name that's been used to years.):

"There are several hints which imply the Bogeyman to be Pyramid Head:

There are visual similarities in the Bogeyman drawings alluding to Silent Hill 2

Mayan Escalante, senior artist of Homecoming, refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [4]

Coding in the game's files refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [5]

The BradyGames Homecoming strategy guide refers to him as Pyramid Head [6]

The Bogeyman figurine on Konami's merchandise was labeled "Red Pyramid Thing [7]

Various interviews with developers [8][9]

Ultimately, Tomm Hulett has said that whether or not the two are the same is up to, "[Each] player's interpretation."

Further on, there is the possibility of Pyramid Head's origins: "Pyramid Head may be based on a painting Alessa saw in the Grand Hotel just before she was burned alive by the cultists. [10] Another theory to Pyramid Head's origins is that he may be Alessa's incarnation of her "father" - a man unknown to her, wearing a mask that conceals his identity, an authoritative figure punishing those in Silent Hill that had punished her in the past." Which, i think is quite heroic, if not somewhat charming, don't you think? Kesesese~..

Also, sorry it is slightly inaccurate by the fact that not all the children just suddenly disappear at once-although I might try to fix that before this is posted up with some whatever-the-fuck, reasoning. In the game, I am well aware that a child is only sacrificed once every 50 years or something.

Chance is my OC. And there will be some rather delicious PHXChance action. Because it takes one hell of a monster to tame a wild young man.

Please also take the time to read the Founding Families History, since the events happening in this fix will be based off the Sheperd's, Barlett's, Holoway's, and Fitch's family method of sacrifice.

There is an interesting sight labelled the Silent Hill Office of Tourism, and the sight seems pretty legit and its fun to go there and read what they've made up about the town, particularly:

"It is said that the whole area is sacred ground where native Americans conducted mysterious rituals. Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was considered to be a holy place, and was referred to as ''The Place of the Silenced Spirits''.

Some say however it's based of Centrailia, Pennsylvania. However I have been told that there IS a real 'Silent Hill' town in California, made popular by the game series and movie 'Silent Hill'

Hey all~! Yes, it's me again! Sorry about not having internets up until now, but here's a little snack for you all! Enjoy~!

Valtiel's long arms hung low to the ground as he hunched, ready, face directed at The Butcher, who growled and widened his stance and lurching forward just enough to reply to the challenge he was presented with.

Chance took the opportunity to get to his feet and stagger backwards until the small of his back collided with heavy studded rubber. He gasped and looked up, the top of his head pressing against the same texture. The Bogeyman almost at once put a finger to the boy's lips, the appendage remaining there for a couple of seconds before slowly it was withdrawn.

Valtiel's interruption was meant as just a small warning to ward off The Butcher's bloodthirsty tendencies, although like his father he was violent and perfect in his slaughter and rage, he lacked the calculating and calm, sadistic patience the same aforementioned monster possessed. These, were characteristics instead bestowed onto his sibling, The Bogeyman.

Chance swallowed hard, knowing very well the situation he was in. Despite the fact that The Butcher's full rage was directed towards Valtiel, and The Bogeyman didn't seem to be interested in torturing him more than necessary, it didn't change the fact that he was with three incredibly dangerous demons in one small kitchen.

The boy gave a slight start when The Butcher finally lunged at the architect with his Great Cleaver, anger overtaking common sense, which, the creature didn't have much of to begin with. Valtiel simply jumped his way back up to the ceiling, and despite looking more lithe, he was pretty much almost the same size as the two sibling monsters. He used this to his advantage as he dropped back down from the ceiling onto The Butcher, the weight of his being making the latter stumble slightly.

Big he was, but as graceful as Pyramid Head he was not, and The Butcher knocked over some of his own cutlery sets in the misstep. This of course, only engirded him more. And like a catalyst, the rage, being his ally also sharpened his senses, his mind, making him more lethal. More insane. More dangerous.

He threw the Great Cleaver at Valtiel, whom, barely thanks to his quick reflexes didn't lose an arm. The Butcher cried out low, like the bellow of a lion, cracking his neck in order to loosen the rest of his body for combat. It had been a long time since he had a good work-out.

Chance was torn between getting away and…to his shock, making sure Valtiel didn't kill The Butcher in their little spat. He shook his head at the strange maternal instinct that he knew was not natural. An instinct he knew very well was from the rot invading his very being. The infection Pyramid had fed him over and over and over again. Sinfully. Forcefully.

But what was he to do? Tell them to stop? Just picturing the situation if he were to comply to this wish seemed laughable. Monsters. That's what they were and always would be. They wouldn't listen to him. he shouldn't even be caring whether or not they killed each other off or tore each other apart. And yet, there he was, flabbergasted.

"Mnghhrrhh…" The Bogeyman growled.

Chance flinched as he looked up at the strange sound, the large arm suddenly protectively coiling itself around his much, much smaller frame. It was only after he was pulled back into the shadows did he sense it, the familiar foreboding, the churning of his stomach and the need to puke. A presence so strong and mighty he could not deny…

Pyramid Head growled as he heard that echo of a scream he knew so well. He breathed in the scent, and smelled fear only growing more annoyed and angry. He was the only one allowed to instill fear in the human whose voice that belonged to. That was how it had been decided, and Pyramid Head was going to make sure it was kept that way.

The door to the butcher shop was nothing compared to his massive strength, and he wrench it open and threw it into the shop, metallic bellowing the only warning the Butcher ever got before the unarmored side of his head collided with the door.

Pyramid Head was on The Butcher before Chance had a chance to blink. The two massive bodies collided, Pyramid Head, with his helmet weighing down on The Butcher, who in retaliation, grabbed Valtiel's shin in the tumble and flung it right into Pyramid Head's helmet. It tilted, in turn digging into The Butcher's shoulder, the screeching, growling, bellowing and clanging of kitchenware was like a cacophony of chaos.

The Bogeyman stood firm, arm still curled around Chance, who felt a strange feeling yank at his chest, seeing the maelstrom of violence and pure rage.

"Stop! Wait!" He cried, trying to pry himself away from the steel grip.

The Butcher, very much angered from the pain inflicted on him, flung Valtiel into the wall. Luckily, the archangel-mockery of a beast's reflexes saved it from such a bad collision, a little twist in his frame allowing him to land on his arms and legs. He shook his head wildly, spazzing in disapproval and annoyance. the clash of monsters, out of control of both fate and chance, a spark of unpredictability that was enough to draw Chance deeper into the destiny ordained for him.

And without knowing it, he willingly accepted the existence of these four beasts as part of his reality, his life.

Pyramid Head slammed his triangular metal into the Butcher's forehead, he friction of metal on metal sparking and making a tooth-grinding screech that would drive anyone mad. Chance cringed at the sound.

"ENOUGH!" he cried.

The Butcher wielded his piece of cutlery, The Great Cleaver chopping halfway into Pyramid Head's arm, slicing through flesh and embedding itself in bone. The air was tense, and only sparked with increased excitement and fire. Pyramid Head snapped up in agony, low metallic cry still as menacing as his angered one. The Butcher huffed and yanked his Cleaver out of the arm-his mistake.

But fate needed all it's monstrous creations in one piece…that, the architect knew.

Valtiel pounced on him from behind, The Butcher losing his balance and stumbling forward, before rearing up and trying to yank Valtiel off. Valtiel ducked as a giant hand made a grab for his neck, just as several knives were suddenly launched into The Butcher's chest and shoulder.

Pyramid Head's aim was true, and all the knives made their way into the unprotected shoulder of his 'son'. It was now The Butcher's turn to cry in pain as he stumbled back. But he soon found himself pressed between the floor and Pyramid Head's great weight under the executioner's blood-stained boots. There was no mercy.

The other lowered his pyramid helmet, gazing down at his offspring and breathing in slowly, menacingly, a sound Chance realized The Bogeyman who was holding him now mimicked so well.

"GRRRGHGH….RRAAAAARRGHHH!" The Butcher thrashed wildly, claws hands digging into the boot and pricking the skin underneath.

The boot was lifted, and Pyramid Head stomped down hard, embedding the knife past the hilt into The Butcher's shoulder.


The sound was almost human in it's sad, pained nature. Chance gripped the arm around his torso, swallowing hard as he watched. The Bogeyman stiffened suddenly, more so than he usually was.

"Ah?" Chance looked up at him. "What…what's wrong…?"

Suddenly he felt the heavy cloak of darkness that seemed to have kept them hidden so well lifted. A cold chill ran down his spine, and slowly, the boy turned his head back at the scene. There stood Pyramid Head, helmet's point, directed right at them. Chance's eyes widened at this, feeling a fierce sting in what he knew was a glare, coming from the other side of that thick oxidized steel.

Pyramid Head lifted his foot off his adversary and fellow creature, his spawn, turning his attention fully towards the two in the corner. Though his bulk was massive, it was deceptive, and in the small space of a kitchen, within a single stride he had wrapped his hand around The Bogeyman's neck, lifting him off the ground, a cruel reflection of what The Bogeyman had done to Charlie just a few minutes ago.

"Waaah!" Chance cried as he was lifted into the air along with The Bogeyman, the creature's grip still loyally clinging into his body. "Wait! Stop! Enough! ENOUGH!"

Pyramid Head cocked his head to the side, though ignoring Chance, seeming to consider something. In the background, Valtiel was busy prying the embedded knife out of The Butcher's chest as the latter lie motionless. Chance didn't know whether it was because he was dead, unconscious, or just too tired to move or care at all.

Pyramid Head flung The Bogeyman, though it took quite a bit of effort, considering their similar size, throwing him right into Valtiel. The flung monster let his locked arm go, dropping Chance onto the floor before he was sent flying.

"Guh-!" Chance curled up into a ball before he coughed, trembling slightly from having landed on his knees unpleasantly.

He gasped as he felt the back of his neck grabbed and he was lifted into his feet swiftly, forced onto the slaughter table and held down, arms restricted up above his head, and the wide waist of Pyramid Head to keep his thighs apart. No matter how many times he had been like this, the flame of embarrassment still spread along his cheeks as if they were dry parched forest.

The act of inspection was so demeaning, the executioner pulling on Chance's strings like he was a puppet, drinking in his shame and shyness, his anger at his own self for being so weak. Pyramid Head said nothing as he slide his free hand down the x-slash on the other's torso.

"Hh…w-wait…it…it hur-AAAAAAAKH-!" Chance cried and tried to push himself into the metal of the slaughter table, the cold doing nothing to make him want to vanish into it less, as Pyramid Head's hands clawed into the wounds, opening them, making them wider, making them more painful.

I'm going to end this.

Chance's eyes flickered to the helmet pleadingly, understanding exactly what that meant. He trembled even harder now, staring up into the cold mask of death. And suddenly, he didn't want to die. Struck with fear, he couldn't even utter a word.

The smell. So strong. So right. Only for him. Pyramid Head drew in long, slow breaths. Savoring everything. He took a while to take it in before snapping his attention back tot he trembling form, a long tendril of a tongue slipping from under the helmet. Slick. Disgusting.

"Ghh-…" Chance turned his head away as it slicked up the blood from his openings and up to his cheek.

He knew Pyramid Head enjoyed reminding him of his weakness. It was a sick pleasure, thick in cruelty, and oozing in malice, accompanied by the driving madness that was Silent Hill.

All too suddenly, Valtiels body landed atop Chance, facing Pyramid Head, his head and arms jerking violently. Pyramid Head roared and used his arm to smack the other away, The Butcher coming from behind, revived by the archangel's healing, The Great Cleaver now making a direct course for Pyramid Head's shoulder-blade. But the executioner, more finessed, sensed such malice and turned suddenly, force from his head making the point of the helmet slam right into the cleaver, making the blunt side of the steel strike The Butcher right between his non-existent eyes.

"Ah-!" Chance shut his eyes as he saw The Bogeyman approach.

A strong, determined gripped set in on Pyramid Head's other hand, the one wrapped around Chance's wrists. Pyramid Head turned towards his prey once more. The Bogeyman and Pyramid Head locked gazes.

Chance was breathing hard, staring at Pyramid Head, then back at The Bogeyman, then back at Pyramid Head. 'Enough' came to his mind yet again, but becoming a parrot was something Chance didn't want of himself, especially if the cause was to be trapped in this godforsaken place. He was not going to wind up a pile of brainwashed mush…

…if only.

Pyramid Head growled low, and The Bogeyman slowly loosened his grip on his 'father's' hand. Almost at once Chance found himself pressed against a hard, bare, scarred, blood-stained and iron-fragrant chest. The grip of the arm around him, pressing against both his shoulders and the back of his head was near-crushing. But it was not even in Pyramid Head's vocabulary to be gentle, not much understand what it meant to be so.

The Bogeyman stared on, but after a few moments, he seemed satisfied, and lowered his gaze respectfully. The Butcher grunted and made a spitting motion, before a drop of blood with unknown origin splattered into the floor.

Silently, swiftly, Valtiel crawled his way up to the ceiling, and made a way for the door. But not before a knife narrowly missed the side of his head, making him pause and dangle himself just enough to notice Pyramid Head's outstretched arm in position of after the throw.

Chance's head was spinning. There was so much and yet so little he could say to express anything he was feeling. Confusion. Relief. Anger. Guilt.

And yet somehow, Chance knew that Pyramid Head was well aware…these two were his. Just as there was a cam before the storm, there was always a calm after the storm. Although the waves still roared violently in protest of the silence, and the sky still hung grey with no gulls flying, the worst had passed. Only painful reminders remained.

A scar.

A wound.

The smell of fresh blood.

Slowly, The Butcher and The Bogeyman strode towards the slaughter table. With Pyramid Head holding his rightful place, they formed a tingle around the boy, staring him down. Chance shivered when he realized this, wanting once more to slink into the darkness.

He didn't need the light…

It only exposed more. It showed weakness. It showed shame. It wasn't…for him…

The boy didn't realize his own state as shadowed thoughts lingered in his mind. Darkened eyes that were a grayish-black at the sclera, and bright metallic silver at his corneas. He shut his eyes to the dim light of the kitchen, turning away just as each beast slowly but surely reached out a massive hand to him. Then everything changed.

"Who are you?" Chance asked.

The young woman, elegant and yet menacing, hair all black, blowing in her face from the dark winds. Cross-legged she sat on a giant skeletonic hand. She smiled, glowing golden eyes with greyish-red sclera widening. A victorious aura about her. Alessa stood at her side, smiling. Happy.

But the elegant woman wasn't really a woman. Not anymore, either way. From her perch she let a dainty, pale hand with black nails outstretch itself towards the boy. Those pert grey lips parted as she replied.


Chance found himself standing in a dark chamber. There was rusting blood all over the walls. Bones laid strewn on the floor, and it smelled of both death, rot and feces. Undeniably, one of Pyramid Head's prisoner rooms Chance had discovered over the long weeks he had been living in the Labyrinth.

Then, he felt it. That foreboding presence. Strong and powerful. Flawless in his judgement.

Do you hate me?

"…" Chance swallowed, looking at his own filthy feet, nails grown long and chipped. "…fuck off."

Why do you hate me?

The boy stiffened. "You took everything away from me!"

Did I really?

Chance spun around, fury gripping at his veins. "I SAID FUCK OFF-!"

Was it really me, who stole your life away from you, boy?

Pyramid Head, towering over the smaller being, tilted his helmet slightly upward, before raising an arm to point behind Chance. In turn, Chance only glared, but curiosity is a powerful thing, and Chance turned back, eyes following the arch of the arm to where it finally pointed with a finger, to the darkest corner of the room. There, huddled in the corner, cowering, blinded by fear as Chance was cloaked and hidden by darkness…was his father.

Suddenly, everything made sense.

Chance's body trembled in rage as he realized who's fault this all was. Who really was to blame for all he had been through. Who prevented him from acting upon his own, right judgement! This fool! This idiot! This murderer of his beloved mother. A father who didn't love his son! A father who understood NOTHING! THIS..THIS WAS ALL HIS FAULT!

"YOU!" There was no hesitation in his stride, full of rage.

Hayden Fitch looked up from his knees, the long days of being stuck in darkness, cursing, wishing nothing more than the light suddenly all jolting back into his memory. Suddenly over. Suddenly meaningless.

"Ch-chance…? Son…?" Mr. Fitch's lips parted in a deranged smile, begin hands desperately trying to grasp something, anything of his offspring. "Son…! SON!"

Chance backed away in disgust. "…your son…?"

"Ahahah! Ahahaahaha!" The man cackled, overjoyed and yet mad. "Help me! Help me leave! Let's leave!"

"Leave…?" Chance whispered. "Why…?"

"We can leave!" Mr. Fitch screamed. "We can leave and and start over! There's life out there, son!"

"Life…? What…" Chance's eyes widened, and his sclera darkened into the murky grey, silver shining bright with malice. "WHAT LIFE?!"

His hand dove into his pants pocket, fingers closing around his trusty flickblade.

He couldn't live the life he wanted. He didn't get to choose to whom he as born to and where he would live. There wasn't even a single chance given to him. Chance? Hah! What a pathetic excuse of a name…lies. All of them just…sick and twisted lies.

Chance lifted the knife and plunged it deep into his father's eye socket, a satisfying pop and scream filling the air of the chamber. Chance's dull eyes didn't even waver. He lifted the knife again.










"Hckh-! Blurhgh-!"



With every echo of the word that could only just barely describe a mere fraction of the feeling that was resonating throughout his entire being, he stabbed, and stabbed, and stabbed.

"Die…!" he screamed, stabbing again and again. "Die…! Die…! DIE…! DIE…! DIEEE…!"

A scream that sounded like the cry of a wild animal.


Splat. Splat. Splat. Splat. Splat.

Soon, blood coated the floor, along with brain matter and the soupy fluid of what used to be an eyeball. Chance panted, staring at the gaping hole of a socket in his father's face. Chance panted, not knowing that his gritted teeth looked more like a pair of fangs. His shoulders trembled, but he did not cry. He smiled a little, chuckling softly.

Fate smiled from her far-away paradise. "Now…you're ready."

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