This is based off the Boogeyman's song (But I'd prefer to call that sexy motherfucker Pyramid Head), which I found was quite beautiful. It's written in the way of fulfillment of the poem that the parents involved with the Order told to their children in order to cover up for the disappearing (and eventually sacrificed) children in accordance to the pact they made.

The poem can be found by looking up 'Child's Drawing' on the Silent Hill Wiki. Please do take the time to read the whole thing if you feel like it or just don't want to read the poem in the spread of the whole fic. This is from searching for 'Boogeyman' in the Silent Hill Wiki, explaining why I'd choose Pyramid Head over Boogeyman (in accompaniment to the fact that it sounds sexier to have an original name rather than some monster name that's been used to years.):

"There are several hints which imply the Bogeyman to be Pyramid Head:

There are visual similarities in the Bogeyman drawings alluding to Silent Hill 2

Mayan Escalante, senior artist of Homecoming, refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [4]

Coding in the game's files refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head [5]

The BradyGames Homecoming strategy guide refers to him as Pyramid Head [6]

The Bogeyman figurine on Konami's merchandise was labeled "Red Pyramid Thing [7]

Various interviews with developers [8][9]

Ultimately, Tomm Hulett has said that whether or not the two are the same is up to, "[Each] player's interpretation."

Further on, there is the possibility of Pyramid Head's origins: "Pyramid Head may be based on a painting Alessa saw in the Grand Hotel just before she was burned alive by the cultists. [10] Another theory to Pyramid Head's origins is that he may be Alessa's incarnation of her "father" - a man unknown to her, wearing a mask that conceals his identity, an authoritative figure punishing those in Silent Hill that had punished her in the past." Which, i think is quite heroic, if not somewhat charming, don't you think? Kesesese~..

Also, sorry it is slightly inaccurate by the fact that not all the children just suddenly disappear at once-although I might try to fix that before this is posted up with some whatever-the-fuck, reasoning. In the game, I am well aware that a child is only sacrificed once every 50 years or something.

Chance is my OC. And there will be some rather delicious PHXChance action. Because it takes one hell of a monster to tame a wild young man.

Please also take the time to read the Founding Families History, since the events happening in this fix will be based off the Sheperd's, Barlett's, Holoway's, and Fitch's family method of sacrifice.

There is an interesting sight labelled the Silent Hill Office of Tourism, and the sight seems pretty legit and its fun to go there and read what they've made up about the town, particularly:

"It is said that the whole area is sacred ground where native Americans conducted mysterious rituals. Before settlers came from Europe, Silent Hill was considered to be a holy place, and was referred to as ''The Place of the Silenced Spirits''.

Some say however it's based of Centrailia, Pennsylvania. However I have been told that there IS a real 'Silent Hill' town in California, made popular by the game series and movie 'Silent Hill'

Okay. I think…it's everything that's happening right now. I know I said I didn't know when I was going to post next, but…I think…being in this depressed, troubled state is really why I keep writing. It's one of the few comforts I can give to myself, being so fa from home, unable to be there when my grandmother finally passes.

I miss her.

And this is all I can do to distract myself.

Aherm; enough of the moody-moody. I write for fun and to keep going in life. I know a lot of you might be confused at the new angle the story is taking. But worry not! This chapter will clarify and darken everything once more. And it's the LAST chapter for this series of 'Chance' so if you'd like to see whether there be a sequel or not~...


The boy shivered at the recall of the blood-spattered walls and gore-infested tiles. This…this wasn't supposed to happen. How…how did they not make it in time? How long had this been going on? He shook his head, covering his ears against the screams of the nurses in the hall and the patients that were too slow to make it. Back pressed against a wall that would soon also begin decaying, rotting, festering. He shuddered.

"Sei!" Cindy cried, shaking her partner's shoulders. "Sei! Sei!"

No, no, no! Not now…not now of all times. But the relapse of the boy's memories was far too strong for him to resist as the girl looked up to find more of those…things…those…monsters-if that word was even strong enough to describe their horrid appearance, emerged from nowhere and yet everywhere.

"Sei!" Cindy screamed, slapping him across the cheek.

Seishiro gasped, breathing hard, chest heaving and collapsing, he blinked, looking up at her, cheek reddening. "….huh….a-…uh…s-sorry…"

"We have to get out." Cindy said. "There's nothing we can do if we're killed here."

Seishiro bit his bottom lip and swallowed, raising himself from the floor quickly. She was right. There was nothing he could do if he was in this useless state. As the pair ran down the hall which was slowly waving back and forth in their vision, a strange, loud, boasting siren screeching through the air, they covered their ears and gritted their teeth through the unpleasant sound.

"Just like the arcade…" Seishiro said bitterly.

"Seishi…" Cindy said as the sound let up.

The world around them was of burning ashes, seeping through grated floors that burned with a black hellish fire. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but eternal darkness, all the way down. Cindy felt her stomach drop at the sight of the place, and Seishiro grabbed her wrist as they ran, shooting her a reassuring glance.

"Don't look down." He said. "You'll never be able to see the light again if you do."

The girl nodded, not questioning why he knew, how he knew. He just…did. And right now, they could only rely on each other to leave. If, they could leave. But they had to believe. They had to believe in earnest they could.

"UKH-!" Seishiro gagged as he felt a tight constriction around his throat.

Where had that come form?! There was no way it was there, the hall was empty as they were just running. Cindy yelped as Seishiro was yanked off his feat in the hands of non other than The Butcher. Thick hands felt like they had layers of gloves over then, the grip like steel, almost crushing his windpipe. He kicked futilely, despite his height, his legs reached short of the monster's chest.

"Let him go!" she cried, before remembering a very crucial fact to their existence. "Sei, get away! You can get away!"

Belief. That was the power they operated on. The belief of existences, the belief of beyond what the Real World could offer. Silent Hill was not the only thing that could tap into this source of life. How far it would save them though…they could not be sure at this point.

For now though, it was enough. Seishiro's eyes flashed wide with sudden realization of his own strength and he raised his arm, making a swift chopping motion at the beast's wrist. The Butcher roared in rage as his grip slipped from the boy's throat and Seishiro landed on his feet, glare and smirk present.

"Heh." he grinned, moving his body just enough to the right to avoid the Great Cleaver and grabbing Cindy's wrist once more, he threw her down, allowing her to slide just right between the legs of the giant creature, right under the apron, if not brushing it as she went.

"Yiiii!" she squealed, feeling the caked blood and some fresh, wipe across her face as the apron grazed it.

Seishiro made a jump as The Butcher swung his cleaver down, stepping on the hand that held the handle, using it as leverage and summersaulting over the head of the creature, landing next to the girl who was now lightly crying as she wiped a hand across her dirtied face. "You're really not cut out for horror games."

"This isn't a game!" she sobbed, disgusted at the smell the apron had left on her person.

There was no time for any more sentiments or teasing though, The Butcher had turned swiftly, enraged. He hated it, hated it, hated it! Hated such persistence, the wiles, the refined avoidance of his ferocious attacks. Irritated. Angry.

"Not anymore it isn't." the one last smart remark fluttered their escape as Seishiro pulled Cindy onto her feet and they continued down the hall.

Though he was large, The Butcher was fast. Large strides, derived from his 'father' allowed him to move at a comfortable pace as the two sprinted for their lives. Seishiro heard Cindy's breath starting to come short as they ran, if he hadn't continued tugging, she would have fallen behind already-her body wasn't accustomed to such exertion.

"Cin-…" he said, looking back at her, but he stopped, pulling her aside as a giant cinderblock nearly rammed her pretty little body into a mess. "GHKH-!"


Seishiro felt himself collide against the wall, his chest…no, the whole of his torso flaring up in intense agony. He tasted bile and copper as he slid down to his feet, lurching forward and vomiting. At the sight of her comrade, Cindy felt a sudden spurn throughout her body. Now, she was PISSED.

The Bogeyman filled up almost the whole of the narrow hallway, slowly, the creature raised the 'hammer' it held-a mere steel bar embedded in the thick, blood-covered cinderblock. He looked Seishiro up and down as the boy winced, eyes trying to keep themselves over despite the nausea he felt from the direct hit. He calculatingly reached for the human, but groaned-head flipping back as a bullet ricocheted off his gas mask.

Cindy held the smoking gun, glaring at the beast before turning back to face the approaching Butcher, firing a few shots into the monster's chest, slowing it down after the sixth shot. "Hmph." she huffed, flipping her skirt up just enough to tuck the gun away into a holster she kept high at her thigh. "Come on."

Seishiro coughed at the flash of silk panties he couldn't help seeing from his slumped angle on the floor. "Wear shorts, next time."

Cindy's face turned red and she slapped him again, getting the boy onto his feet-the sting at his cheek waking him from his nausea-induced daze. "Pervert!"


"HNGH-…! Uh!" Chance choked and arched, clinging onto the end of the hospital bed, knees spread as the impossible fitting of their bodies commenced once more.

Pyramid Head grasped the boy's hair, but soon let go, raking his nails down the smaller back that was bent over before him, growling low.

"Haa…ash…" Chance shuddered, feeling all too full for his own good. "N-…oo.."

You are lying.

Chance blushed, feeling shame fill his very soul at his undignified position. "Haa…please don't…"


The boy swallowed, tears falling, each drop a mourning sign. A tear for his mother. A tear for his friends. A tear for his father. A tear for his brothers. A tear for his innocence. A tear for his violation. A tear for his very freedom.

He gasped as the beast ground it's hips into his own, not pulling out, causing the cock inside of him to dig in painfully, temptingly. "Ah-haa! Aaah…"

Tell me the truth.

"Mhh…" Chance sobbed, hanging his head low, position all too mockingly mimicking the exact one he was in the first time his purity was stolen from him on that damned, cold, slaughter table. "Mnh…m-m…more…"

Tell me what you desire.

"More…" Chance cried silently. "More…give me…my punishment…!"

And he received it. The very body of the one thing he would ever truly have invaded his. Over, and over, and over again. The sick scent of rotting flesh violating the softer, living, human filled the air. Chance cried, willingly forcing himself back onto the penis that pounded at his insides.

Slap. Slap. Slap. Smack.

"Huu-OH!" the smaller body shuddered as one of the boy's most sensitive parts was struck "A-again…please…please!"

He felt himself stretch and lick his lips masochistically. So good…so painful…yes…yes! Right there…there it was. Oh god…

There was no god here. As far as Chance was concerned…Pyramid Head was his god. His reason for existing…the only real thing left. And this thought drove him insane for the beast. Insane for his body. Insane for his cruelty. Insane for his torture.

"A-aah-AAH! HAA-!" Chance's body began to tremble, and he knew he was close. "MNGH-…"

And the strangest thing happened. For some reason…he knew it. He knew…that old name. The real name of this frightening nightmare of a man-like monster. It was a sad name. A beautiful name.

"MN-HAH!" Chance arched into the body hunched over his own. "J-JAMES!"

Pyramid Head froze, jerking violently for a fraction of a second before, signs of heavy breathing showed. Chance grew dizzy from the sensations, and was caught by surprise when the monster grabbed the metal bar Chance had been holding onto, and drove even harder into the smaller form.

Chance's eyes widened as he felt himself rip painfully. "UWAHH! AH-!"



That was who he was.


That was his name.


This was his own punishment.

"AAH-! I CAN'T!"

And it was also his sick, twisted pleasure.


The tight muscles around his cock caused Pyramid Head to peak, and strangely enough…it felt…good. The pleasure was not intense, and it was accompanied by a sick burning of his own acidic essence, followed by the semi-re-hardening of his cock. But…

Chance's eyes rolled back into his head as is stomach felt like it would burst from the cum being pumped into it. "U-uuu…huh…"

The boy collapsed onto the bed, ass in the air. Pyramid Head gazed down at the lithe body before him, hunger suddenly intensifying. The tinge of pleasure…a sick reward for his actions, his victory in enticing this very boy. He needed more. More!

"Khh-uhn…" Chance coughed, feeling his hips burn painfully, lazily looking up at his captor.

The executioner slicked his tongue out from beneath the shelter of his helmet that he miraculously remembered was bolted into his very skull. Not that it mattered. It paused at the boy's entrance before seeming to decide elsewhere, and wrapped itself around Chance's penis instead.

"Hngh-…?" Chance's sleepy gaze suddenly melted as he felt the sharpened, needle-like tip of the tongue, so accustomed to piercing through flesh, slip its way into the slit of his cocked. "NGH-!"

Chance shook violently, reaching down to grasp the appendage.

"Wa…what…" he stammered as his arousal returned without his control, gasping for breath. "Naa-aah…!"

He wanted to fill this boy. To consume him. Corrupt every last nook and crevice of him. To destroy him completely. And own him.

"C-can'…anymore…" Chance confessed, tearing up and shaking head head that was still pressed against the sheets. "S-stop…I'll…I'll die…"

Pyramid Head knew that feeling well. A low groan and a laugh that was almost…almost human…or maybe Chance had just simply already lost his mind, came from behind the steel. Chance sighed at the alluring sound and gave him, biting his lip and slowly letting go of the tongue to let it do as it pleased.

"Mngh-aah…" Chance groaned as he felt the thing in his cock nudge around a little, pushing in and out, in and out.

The thought of having his penis fucked by the slick appendage made Chance feel even more filthy than he ever had before and he shut his eyes. But it did nothing to help him cope with the shame that made him feel even hotter.

That's it. What a good boy Pyramid Head mused; as he tasted the inside of his meal's manhood, enjoying the sheer embarrassment it was bringing his favorite victim. He quickly pulled his tongue out, causing Chance to whimper at the loss of attention.

Pyramid Head lifted the boy off the bed and turned him over, without warning-he plunged himself into the other once more.

"YAAH-!" Chance screamed as he felt himself stretch and the black ooze that was still inside him squish and lubricate the penetration. "AUH!"

The thrusts were frantic and filled with desire, the monster chasing that one perverted goal of claiming his prisoner until there was nothing the boy could do without needing him. A selfish need. A selfish want. One of the many that kept Pyramid Head as he was…a monster.

With one hard thrust, Pyramid Head released himself into the boy once more, groaning low.

"MHH-!" Chance wrapped his legs around the other's hips, recalling that name that seemed to please his master. "J-James…"

The boy's cry was a mere whisper as he came with the beast, tired body heaving from the sudden abuse after just awakening. A slow burning was in his stomach and he knew that it wasn't food.


Chance heaved, feeling his hips lift off the bed, hardening cock embedded inside his ass shift a little as he was repositioned to straddle the larger being's hips. "Haa…"

No…he couldn't…go anymore…

"Ahh…" Chance's tired thighs lifted themselves off the other, before he shut his eyes and tilted his head back, sliding back down the massive shaft. "Oooh…"

More. Pyramid Head needed more.

Neither cared how much time passed. How many times they meshed together, slapping against each other, sharing essences. Time didn't matter…all that did was the rough, painful unison of bodies. The black seed was fed into the boy's weaker form again, and again, and again, and again.

"Hngh-!" Chance whimpered, the whole of his insides from his hips, to his stomach, and up to his throat burning. "F-fuuuull…"

Pyramid Head continued to buck, ignoring the boy's complaints. There were already heavy finger-shaped bruises not he other's cheeks and hips, the tender voice that had been screaming ancient minutes ago now grew ragged and tired. How many times was this, Chance wondered…ten…thirteen…? What…what was he doing to him…?

"Please…" Chance begged. "N-no more…so…ho-hot…UNGH-…ah…HAA….!"

Pyramid Head parted the boy's thighs as wide as they could go and thrust in as hard as he could, Chance arched weakly, crying, covered in streams and streams of his own cum, body feeling more broken than ever. The cock pumped in and out of him repeatedly, growing animalistic in it's pace.

"Haa-…a-again…no way…UH-!?" Chance gasped in denial, feeling his cock twitch as it always did when he was close to orgasm. "HA-…n-no…please…Pleaaaase…James please…! AH-! HAA! I-I'M GONNA CUM…! JAMES!"

Pyramid Head stilled, buried balls deep in his partner and he groaned low and long, shooting more of his rot into the cute little abused ass. Chance shuddered, becoming faint and coughing as he felt a surge of the heat within him, the black, festering semen bubbling up from his throat and out his mouth. All the way, though and through, he was completely, and utterly filled.

The fuck after that was just for good measure, Chance's cries turning desperate and pathetic, pleading to put a stop to the pleasure that was so wrong and agonizing. As Pyramid Head gave one final thrust, Chance vomited the same icky substance his intestines had been pumped with, falling like a broken doll against the strong chest, spent and full and exhausted.

Now, there was only one other need Pyramid Head had to satisfy. For at least what seemed to be like five minutes, they stayed like that, the boy slowly regaining his senses. But it wasn't long…

Chance cried as a swift blade cut through the skin of his stomach, tracing over the scar tissue that marked an X over his navel. The sting only intensified when the punisher slicked his tasting appendage across the wound, smearing red color across skin. The sterile room now smelled strongly of copper, rotting meat, and sex.

With the thirst for fresh blood and fornication now satisfied, the sweet taste of his captured pet filling the intense craving for complete dominance and control, Pyramid Head let go of the boy and roughly tossed him back onto the hospital bed. Chance landed with a small creak of springs and an almost inaudible grunt.

The beast that now owned him drew the cum-soiled sheets over the smaller being's head, covering his bare, abused form in the tent it formed. Chance blinked at the odd show of…affection? Confused, he looked up at the creature who simply took his giant blade off the wall, tired gaze wavering.

The boy had no way to know that it was only deemed appropriate by the fates. Now that they had stripped him of his most basic rights to life, to comfort, to love…it was going to feed him those very, fickle, ridiculous desires. The mere illusion of caring stunned the boy, the cold fingertips of rot and corruption becoming…right. Feeling so…at home.

"Why…are you…" Chance whispered breathlessly as Pyramid Head turned away from him, giving one last tuck to the blanket that now sheltered his bare naked form-but he suddenly stopped caring about why and his question changed. "Where..are you...going…?"

It really didn't matter why anymore. That little taste of something…almost warm, almost affectionate was addicting. As long as it didn't stop…as long as…as long as Pyramid Head was there to give it, he didn't give a damn! Chance's heart began to race as thoughts of being left behind by the creature tormented him.

…the boy he once was would've laughed at the thought of missing the very object of his torment.

"Where are you going?" Chance asked again, louder this time, desperate, throat sore and torn from his own screaming.

Pyramid Head paused, a needle-toothed grin hidden behind his metallic mask. And he cocked his helmet to the side along with his hidden head, a single thought resonating between them.


Chance choked on what he said next, baffled by his own words. "C-come back, soon…"

The helmet lowered menacingly, satisfied, pleased. It was arrogant in it's stance, and boasting in it's victory. Pyramid Head looked at his possession one last time, before turning, and dragging the heavy blade out of the room.

There was one other, he was assigned to torment.

Seishiro shut his eyes as he slowly began to feel the pain dull and then slip away from his body. They had found shelter…for the moment. Said hiding spot was the main lobby of the hospital, just a hallway down from the exit. Cindy had locked the exit doors closed and put a special seal over them, preventing the rot of Silent Hill spreading outside. The only problem with that was…now they were trapped inside with the infestation.

"Did you get it done?" Seishiro wheezed a little, lifting his shirt up to see the massive bruise forming over well…his entire front torso.

Cindy returned, a tube of cream in her hand. "Uh-huh. Nothing's getting out of here."

"Great." the boy said with only partial enthusiasm.

Being trapped in here with those things wasn't exactly part of the plan. Cindy squeezed a bit of the cream onto he hand, rubbing it over the bruise. Seishiro flinched slightly, feeling it sting in some places.

"Looks like the skin split open in some areas. Sorry, it'll sting in that case." she said, looking very worried.

"Fuck-!" Seishiro stifled his cry, still cursing as he felt a particular strong sting at the side of his ribs.

"Sorry." Cindy apologized, continuing to treat the injury.

"…those guys back there…" Seishiro breathed. "We have to find them in this end of the world if we don't want them to die."

"…yeah…" she replied, voice making her concern obvious.

Seishiro sighed. "Hey. Don't worry about it. We've been in stranger situations."

"Stranger. But not more dangerous." Cindy said, growing upset. "You're careless…"

"You're clueless." He smirked and scooted away from her, closer to the door that allowed them to enter behind the counter. "Shh."

It wasn't long before she heard it too. The sound was fen, and rhythmic…footprints. But they came in sets of four, like the way a horse's does.

"What is that?" Cindy whispered, flipping her skirt up, guns at the ready.

"Probably a Mannequin." Seishiro replied, peering over the swinging door a little bit. "They're not very smart, so just don't make any sudden noises."

"How many?"

"Three." Seishi picked out. "No wait…four…five…six…"

"Where are they all coming from?" Cindy asked. You know, I only have so many magazines…"

"It's Silent Hill. Who the fuck knows." Seishiro chuckled a little sourly. "Either way, I'd rather not overexert myself unnecessarily. They'll pass if we just don't catch their attention."

Easier said than done. The tension that built up over the several sounds of steps was almost unbearable. Knowing that a mere desk and it'd countertop were the only thing separating them from those…things was unnerving. They couldn't pass fast enough.

"S-Sei…" Cindy whined. "What…what do they look like?"

"Shh…" he hissed, putting a hand over her mouth. "You don't wanna know."

It felt like forever before the sound of those footsteps began to fade away as they creatures searched for more victims to torment. Seishiro held his breath for a few agonizing seconds more before removing his hand from Cindy's. She swallowed, peeking over the counter.

"Do you think those…things are looking for us?" Cindy asked, referring to the massive, towering forms that had chased them earlier.

"Probably." Seishiro said, "Seems like the town's not happy with us interfering with it's progression. In any case, the poem's already in motion again, we better find Chance and get him back to his senses."

"…" Cindy's shoulder dropped. "If we can…"

Seishiro gave her a determined look. There was no way they were leaving that kid alone in a place like this. "We have to try. He's in danger as long as he's here. Alone."

If only he knew how wrong he was.

There was no time for that however-as if there was any time for anything of convenience in this dreaded hell hole-as the scraping of heavy, rusted metal against cold grating and tiled floor soon reached their ears.

Cindy froze at the frightening noise. "What is that?"

"Shh!" Seishiro's body chilled at the sound and he hushed the girl all too eagerly.

This was the real monster they had to worry about. The original. The strongest. The fiercest. The worst of them all-Pyramid Head.

The screeching continued for a few more moments before it had come to a complete halt. It was quiet after that…too quiet. Seishiro held a finger over his lips, staring at the girl beside him with all the seriousness in the world. He shook his head to tell her it was better not to speak.

Pyramid Head stopped, tasting the air and catching a familiar, but slightly differently flavored whiff of fear. Growing accustomed to Chance's familiar scent, he realized at once that there were more humans present. The punisher wasn't one to really think too deeply, and it took him a few moments to decide to lift the Great Knife of the floor, and send it down, right at the front desk counter.

The metal sliced right through the air, cutting through the desk like a hot knife through butter.

"…!" Cindy clasped her hands over her mouth and swallowed, trembling in surprise.

Seishiro's eyes widened at his own, rusty, grey reflection in the metal right nested his shoulder, the knife separating them, too close for comfort. The ruined reflection caused something strange to click in the boy's mind, and he suddenly felt…down? Not really down just…lonely…just…not…right…

He didn't notice when the knife lifted itself off the floor and made at a very even spacing right between his eyes.

"Sei!" Cindy screamed in warning before she dove out of her diving spot, shooting at their follower.

Pyramid Head's trajectory remained uninterrupted, but the scream was enough to pull Seishiro back into his own mind long enough to roll out of the way of the blade. Upon the sixth shot, Pyramid Head felt sudden pain, and staggered back slightly. But only just slightly, before he had straightened up and hunched over, enraged. The demon swung the Great Knife with a sudden ease, strength derived from his rage, his anger, directed right at the two of them, swinging it over the helmet a couple times to gather momentum ended with a mighty downward swing towards the girl still shooting at him.

"Move!" Seishiro warned, tackling her and they both fell just short of the end of the blade-Seishiro being lucky he had drawn his knees together, else he'd have lost a foot altogether at the ankle.

"Ow…" Cindy groaned, getting up enough to see Pyramid Head step until he was just above the both of them.

Chance shivered slightly at the cold in the room. He had been waiting for maybe five minutes already. Now, despite the fact that in reality, five minutes wasn't long to wait, he felt as if he had been sitting there long enough. Where was Pyramid Head?

The curiosity and uneasiness slowly nipped at him, and he could take it no longer. Just as a leg swung itself over the side of the bed, followed by another, so that he could then get off, a large hand, mimicking that of the very beast he was now yearning for suddenly forced him back down on the sheets, pressing against his small chest.

"AH!" Chance gasped in surprise and sudden rush of fear.

The Bogeyman stood over his former host and the gateway, the blessing that had let them invade this new playground of sorts. Chance calmed down somewhat, after recognizing who the large hand belonged to, and he stared up at his offspring, breaths slowly growing softer.

They shared a moment of silence, before The Bogeyman pressed his clenched fingers directly into the cut his father had made in Chance's stomach.

"UWA-!" Chance cringed, gritting his teeth and shuddering into the pain. "O-ohh…nn…"

It felt…sweet…

"Haa-…" Chance panted, swallowing from the now dying sensation.

Curiously, The Bogeyman pressed his hand into the wound once more, much so that a fresh puddle of blood came bubbling out from between the separated layers of skin and flesh.

"NGH-!" Chance cried again, pained expression drawing The Bogeyman's curious gaze even more. "Mhh-…"

Chance grabbed the giant wrist of the monster prodding at him, trying not to give into his body's cultivated reaction to pain. Unfortunately for him, The Bogeyman was not accustomed to the musky smell of arousal, and almost at once noticed Chance's manhood raise at attention, more and more with every prod and poke at his wound.

"S-sto…" Chance whined, gripping The Bogeyman's wrist tighter. "Stop…don't…that's not..haa-…!"

Chance stiffened as his crotch was cupped and squeezed, choking, trying not to buck into the hand. This was wrong in every possible way. Despite the fact that this was indeed, a monster, knowing that he had housed this very same being in his own body and brought him into existence through a mock-birth was enough to embarrass Chance at this strange exchange.

The Bogeyman meanwhile was captivated by those tender thighs, trembling in resistance to his ministrations, and he curiously squeezed again.

"AH-!" Chance gasped, squirming under the touch and trying to ease away from it. "D-don't…you can't…!"

Roughly the hand began rubbing the heated flesh in his grip, much more calculated and controlled than his counterpart could have managed.

"NH-…!" Chance's stomach tightened and he shook his head, whimpering.

The Bogeyman paused at the sound, suddenly deciding that the soft whimper was too much not to make him want to hear more. Faster. Rougher.

Chance's hands shot to the rubber coat that was draped lazily over the murderer's shoulders, grasping it tightly, the strange friction of having his sensitive flesh rub against the foreign texture of the glove sending him over the edge.

"HAA-uuu…uhhn….!" Chance arched, covering his face with a hand, blushing blood red as his body stiffened for a few breathless moments, then slowly began to relax as he came down from his high. "Hmnn…uu…"

It was oh so wrong.

A milky white covered the rubber glove-The Bogeyman glancing at it for a few drawn out seconds before letting it's thickness ooze off the palm of his hand and onto the sheets. Chance's breathing still lingered in the air and the boy's toes twitched at the sight of his own spunk drip slowly down the other's covered forearm.

A low growl drew both of their attentions to the doorway, where a massive hulking figure, right around the same size as his brethren stood, filling up the whole space. The Butcher snarled as he made his way over to the bed, trusty Cleaver at his side as he did so. He had responded to his 'mother's' cries, thinking the boy in danger, only to be annoyed in finding his counterpart there.

The Bogeyman snorted as he turned to face his brother, and low rumbles of warning were exchanged between them. Chance looked on, becoming puzzled when a strange silence came between them in the mess of grunts, groans and growls. Then he realized that they must have been communicating wordlessly with each other.

His blood ran cold when the two beasts simultaneously turned their attention to him.

Before he knew what was happening, Chance's wrists were pinned down above his head and he could feel the rough, rusty metal press into his bleeding stomach. The Butcher had pried his metal protection off his own face slightly, causing some of the skin to be removed, fuzed with the helmet, and a slick purple tongue was lathering itself into the red that was his blood.

"NGH-!" Chance cringed in pain, The Bogeyman facing him upside down as The Butcher had his treat. "Wai-wait! GH-U-"

"UKH-!" Seishiro coughed as he was slammed against the ceiling by one of the flat sides of the Great Knife.

Cindy aimed for the thickest part of the helmet and fired. "Sei!"

A loud clang sounded and echoed throughout the entire inside of the helmet, the resonating noise causing Pyramid Head to slam his Great Knife into the ground and roar violently.

"Wah-!" The roar resounded even more than the gunshot, and the ground shook, making Cindy stumble back as Seishiro fell back down to the ground. "Se-hh-?!"

The splitting of flesh came as more of a shock than the actual pain that accompanied it. The splattering of fresh blood on her face froze her right in place, feet bolted to the ground. It had happened too fast…

No. No way. This…this couldn't happen…

"SEI!" Cindy screamed.

"Ghk-…" Seishiro coughed, both hands holding the blade, just short of going right through him completely, but his grip was faltering, his body giving into the pain. "Kh-uh-…Ci…n…ru…run…"

You are your brother's keeper, remember it always…

The task after that was easy enough. The new victim's limp body fell to the floor without much tampering on Pyramid Head's part, the girl with him screaming as it did so. Dulling eyes slowly looked up at her and a faint smile crossed his going-cold lips. Now, the town was doing nothing more than having fun with their miserable lives.

In her distraction, CIndy didn't see the blunt end of the knife heading right for her head.

Or else, the Bogeyman will chain you underneath the waves…

Pyramid Head carried both limp bodies with him down, down, down into the darkness. Most would think that the girl would have been his latest victim for torment. But the town had other plans. Following his orders, the darkness lead Pyramid Head back. Back to where they resided. Back to that dreaded little town.

"Mhh-…" As Cindy's vision returned to her, she saw the massive red bloodstain and the cut into Seishiro's chest, and panic overtook her. "Sei! Sei!"

The clanging of chains alerted her to the fact her wrists were chained together, and that they were attached to a very heavy, very solid cinderblock. Where…where were they? Sand…? Not really..sand…like sand mixed with gravel, rimmed around what appeared to be the shores of a large body of water…a lake maybe? Her eyes wandered the area, and to her horror she realized she was right. If it hadn't been for Seishiro's constant babbling about this particular horror game franchise, she wouldn't have known that 'Toluca Lake' was definitely not a good place to be.

But where was the beast that had brought them here?

"Sei…" Cindy sobbed, inching closer to the boy. "Sei…Seishi…wake up…"

Seishiro did not stir. Not even in the slightest. And she began to fear the worst.

"Sei!" she said hysterically. "Sei, you can't die! I know you won't! Sei! Wake up! Sei!"

It was so dark now. So very dark. Seishiro couldn't hear a thing under all that darkness. So…frightening. So familiar…but so unwanted.

"Sei…" Cindy sobbed fully, but she choked on her cries in surprise when her chains were tugged, and looked back to see the towering figure, holding the cinderblock like it was but a textbook in a single hand, a little lower than the point of his helmet.

Her eyes widened when she realized her fate. With a quick splash and a few screams, soon muffled by the sound of bubbles, she disappeared beneath the waves.

However, she wasn't the only one to vanish. As the executioner turned back to his second victim, Seishiro's body was gone. The only thing that remained, was the pool of blood, that was now the only proof that the boy's body ever lay there.

"Mhh-…uhn…" A fresh tear stained the already dirtied sheets as he felt the thick finger rub teasingly against his tightened sphincter. "N-nnn…no….don't…"

The wild, blue-eyed boy had become not much more than a lewd, miserable play-toy. No more. Not these fumbling, clueless touches. He needed…he wanted more. He needed that intense cruelty. The sadistic torturous pleasure that was so humiliating it was poison.

And the town heard his warped plea that was no longer really his own but it's will to be his.

The Butcher was suddenly pulled off Chance's body, finger that was already starting to make it's way into his little asshole suddenly yanked out, causing the boy to cry.


Pyramid Head slammed The Butcher into the wall with all the force he could muster, breath coming in angered rasps. The cruel creature had made sure to grab at the metal-protected half of his son's face, squeezing and forcing the softer, exposed flesh of his right into the wall, making it crack fracture like fragile glass against the pressure.

A low groan and a roar came as The Butcher struggled against the punisher's grip. But there was nothing even his brother, The Bogeyman could do to get in the way. After all, the punisher's judgement was always just and true.

Deciding The Butcher had learned his lesson, Pyramid Head tossed him aside carelessly, marching over to The Bogeyman next, who had already let go of Chance's wrists and was slowly backing away stoically, hands at his sides. Much too excitedly, Chance launched himself forward to wrap his arms around the strong, toned, blood-soaked stomach, holding tight.

Chance wanted to say that he thought he was never going to come back for him, but a part of his old stubbornness remained and he held it in.

Instead he said, "You killed again…" as he traced over the fresh blood on the other's smock and bare, mighty chest.

If there was a chance for everything…there was a chance that it really was futile. There was a chance that nightmares really were real. There was a chance that, after everything, the only thing one has left if the corrupt, sadistic side of life. And there was a chance that…even if that were so, one really doesn't have a choice…but to smile that evil cheshire smile, to laugh that hopeless deranged laugh and to cling onto insanity to stay alive.

Chance leaned his head against the strong taught chest and sighed in resignation. Maybe…it wasn't so bad. Yes…he didn't need the light. There was nothing for him there…there was nothing for him in this sick, twisted world. This was his reality. His nightmare. As long as it was his, nothing else mattered. There was nothing else for him.

He smiled, a crazy, tired, happy smile as he looked up at the darkness under the pyramid, finally…accepting. "And while the good children live…the bad ones cannot escape their fate…"

Somewhere, far, far away…Seishiro stumbled through thick woods, holding his stomach in pain. He came upon a house that seemed too old to look the way it did, and was drawn to it. Within it, he found signs of a struggle, the pantry wide open and cans of ooh and snacks spilled onto the floor…the wooden boards having been pierced and broken through…a dead creature that looked like a giant cockroach not far from the massive hole. He found a knife, and took it, cutting his shirt open and using it to bind his wound.

"For once you hear his screeching wail…it's already too late…" Chance whispered tenderly, tracing the scars on Pyramid Head's chest.

Cindy let go of her last breath as she felt the pressure of the water around her squeeze her lungs beyond their limit, as she reached the bottom, a sudden lightness lifted her from the pain and the panic, the painful popping of her ears. She breathed, coughing and vomiting foul, tainted lake water onto the clean floor of the portal room.

Chance shut his eyes…and even though they weren't those horribly tainted silver against the maddening black sclera…and even though he was in his right mind…even though the redness of the room faded into a dull, otherworld grey…he didn't care. For once in his life…he felt right at home.

The medical team carried the limp body out of the hospital room, left in a mess. Nobody really knew what had taken place, but one of the so-called bikers that had presumably been visiting their 'younger brother' had damaged the respirator that was funneled into the patient's system. Without the needed air, the boy on the hospital bed slowly suffocated to death, never waking up. The passing was quiet. He had no family members, so there was no arrangements for a funeral.

What was curious about the whole ordeal was that there were two unidentified visitors-a male and female- that had been in the room when the fight had broken out between the bikers and they began to brutally attack and kill each other off. There was no evidence that the two had left the room, yet there was no sign that had ever participated in the fight that resulted in the patient's death, and were nowhere to be found.

The patient was identified as Chance Fitch, and his body was bathed and bagged, ready to be sent to the morgue. However the doctors who did the final follow-up autopsy on the body found signs of rupturing of his internal organs, stretching and abuse of his sphincter, and a black substance present in large amounts in his intestines. When tested, the samples simply vanished into thin air upon being looked under the microscope. The substance was found to be very acidic in nature, and it is a wonder why the patient's body did not suffer from it's effects. It was deduced that he had been a victim of sexual abuse. Though they speculated that the lead biker of the gang that constantly came to visit the patient was the cause or perhaps any other one of the members, no DNA tests confirmed this.

What the DNA test did find was that there were traces of semen belonging to a Mr. James Sunderland, that went missing on his vacation with his wife Mary Sunderland, to the town of Centrai-Silent Hill…findings show…that…patient…body…disappeared on the way to…morgue…no signs of-Chance shut his eyes, and the seal to the hospital entrance was broken. He smiled, feeling the cold hands of the executioner, his tormentor, his punisher, his god, cup his face possessively.

Fate smiled and giggled, watching as the town corrupted the reality and twisted facts and fiction together. What was real? What was dream? What was nightmare? Is there a difference between nightmare and dream? Does it matter?

Pyramid Head sunk his hidden needle-like teeth, hard into Chance's neck, enough to sever the jugular, spraying blood all over himself, the boy, and the sheets. Some even getting onto The Bogeyman who stood vigilant nearby, some pooling near Th Butcher who had made it back onto his feet and was now glaring in jealousy.


There was one, final stanza left to the poem. It wasn't over…

Seishiro glared out the broken window and frowned stubbornly, "…not just yet."

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