Order from Mischief.

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Captain Steve Rogers groaned and rolled over as he started to wake up. He glared at the clock which read four o'clock in the morning, two hours since Thor had returned to Asgard due to an important message from Odin. Running a hand through his tousled hair, he blinked lazily and his mind started to wander.

It had been just under a week since Natasha, Tony and Loki had pulled the latest set of pranks on everyone, but Steve felt as though justice had not quite been delivered.

Director Fury had decided that today was to be the day that they were to land the Helicarrier at the new S.H.I.E.L.D base of operations, to allow everyone a breath of fresh air and to hopefully knock a bit of sense into everyone by training in the new facilities that were supposedly built at this new base.

But as Steve let his mind wander over the pranks that the tricksters had pulled, his mind became sharper, and a little voice at the back of his mind started to grow louder, making him fully awake and alert as he began to think about the possibilities of justice...

An agent came into Nick Fury's office hurriedly, bearing a glass of water. His face was obscured by a black face warmer, and he didn't say anything as he offered the Director the glass.

Nick Fury thanked them as he accepted the glass of water, not sparing the agent so much as a glance as he hurried out again. Fury started to take a sip of the water, but he spluttered as he felt something press up against his lips and begin to squirm furiously attempting to get into his mouth. Slamming the glass onto his desk, he wiped his lips in disgust and brought the glass up to his eye so that he could examine the problem.

He stared at the glass un-amused as he watched the thing swim around the glass, somewhat distressed but smug at the same time, if that was at all possible.

"Why the fuck is there a newt in my drink?" Nick asked. "And where the hell would you find a newt on this Helicarrier anyway?" He wondered.

In the labs, Bruce pulled a worried face and looked over to Tony, adjusting his glasses as he did so, checking the small fish tank once more just to make sure and confirm what he'd seen.

Or rather, couldn't see.

"Tony? Have you taken Pablo from his tank again?" He questioned anxiously.

Loki grumbled as he stepped into the shower, noticing that all of his hair products had been taken. "Natasha, I swear that if this is payback for me trying to dye your hair black, I am not amused." He muttered in annoyance.

Then he spied one lone bottle of shampoo that was very small and had been hidden away in the corner of the shower. "Aha. Seems you missed one you mewling quim." He smirked triumphantly, reaching for it and squirting some into his hand.

Massaging it into his head, he then frowned in confusion as he began to smell a very odd minty smell. Just to check, he raised his hand to his nose and sniffed at it tentatively. He tried to massage the shampoo into his head again, and noticed that the smell got stronger, and that it wasn't mixing with his hair very well.

Then he realised what had happened.


Upon hearing Loki's cry of anger when passing by the Asgardian's door, the genius, billionaire playboy, philanthropist raised an eyebrow and stopped in his walk towards the cafeteria. Instead, he approached the door and knocked on it lightly, only to find that the door was already slightly open.

Unable to conceal his curiosity, Tony opened the door swiftly and stepped inside Loki's room. "Lok-WHAT THE!"

His questioning call was cut off as a cold bucket of water splashed down the front of him, drenching his clothes and him so that he was stood there looking like an indignant penguin with his newly combed hair having suddenly slipped into a rather soggy state.


At that, Loki poked his head around the bathroom door. Seeing the state in which his friend was currently in, he began to laugh hysterically. "Ahahahah! LOKI'D!" He crowed.

"Shut up you sonofabitch." Tony mumbled irritably. Then he noticed a streak of white in Loki's usually jet black hair. "What the hell happened to your hair?"

Loki's face immediately soured. "Someone put toothpaste in the shampoo bottle, and I think they mixed it with a little bit of glue, because it is taking ages to try and wash out." He growled menacingly, glaring at his friend as Tony started to snort with laughter.

"Hahahaha, joke's on you now." He grinned.

A shampoo bottle flew at Tony's head.

Natasha and Clint stared at each other as they headed out of the warmth of the Helicarrier and onto the flight deck, both of them heading for their separate planes as they began to mentally get themselves into pilot mode, preparing for their race to New York and back within the hour.

Uncovering the planes one after the other, Clint's eyes filled with anger as he glared at Natasha. "What is this fuckery?" He asked, pointing at his plane. Turning to look at the plane, Natasha started to crack a smile, giggling despite herself.

"Looks like Christmas came early for you Barton."

"Not funny Romanov. That won't come off until we land, seeing as they've been frozen on there."

On the windscreen of Clint's plane, small cotton balls that had been dipped in water had been placed all over the windscreen, and due to the extreme cold of outside air high up in the clouds in which the Helicarrier was flying, they had been frozen to the windscreen and as such were unable to be removed until the temperature climbed above freezing and thawed them out.

Still snorting with laughter, Natasha climbed into her own plane and sat down in the pilot seat, strapping herself in and starting up all the engine. Annoyingly, the front window needed to be slightly defrosted. Heaving a sigh, she flipped a little switch on the panel in front of her to activate the defroster vents.

Immediately, a hail of rainbows leapt up from the vents and coated the windscreen with tiny striped of coloured confetti, sticking themselves to the screen and freezing there, much like the cotton balls had done to Clint's plane.

Natasha stared at her windscreen in disbelief, and she unbuckled herself from her seat and leapt out of the plane, glaring at the windscreen from the outside. "This is unbelievable!" She screeched, turning to Barton so that she could bitch at him.

However, the most she could do was start laughing, as he had managed to get coated in some of the confetti that had sprung up from the vents of her plane, making him look like had been a victim of a pinata opening above him.

"Shut up 'Tasha." Clint sighed loudly.

From where he was sat at his desk, Coulson had paperwork neatly stacked around the edges of his desk, being very specific about leaving enough room in which he could finish the rest of his work. Frowning, he realised that he'd left one of the papers in the filing cabinet next door.

He stood up and opened the filing cabinet on the other side of the room, delving into stacks of papers that were in there. However, as the phone on his desk started to ring, he stopped and quickly grabbed the paper that he needed before hurrying over to the phone and answering it. "Agent Coulson." He said formally, waiting for a response.

An unusual beep answered him, telling him that he had been hung up on. He blinked in confusion and returned the phone to its holder, sitting down and starting to work on the paper that he had fished out from the filing cabinet. Not two minutes later, the phone rang again. Thinking that the person who had hung up must have done so by accident, he smiled a little and picked the phone up once more.

"Hello? This is Agent Coulson." He answered, keeping a very polite tone.

His smile faltered as she phone beeped at him once more to signal that he had once again been hung up on. Momentarily biting the inside of his bottom lip in thought, he slowly put the phone back and waited for approximately two minutes, in which nothing happened.

Mentally shrugging to himself, he stood and went to put the papers that he had completed back into the filing cabinet. No sooner had he opened it, when the phone started to ring again. His head turned sharply to look at it, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. He debated answering it, but gave in and picked it up. This time, before he could even say anything into it, the beep rang out almost from the speaker as though challenging him.

Annoyed, he slammed the phone back into place and growled a little before regaining his composure and straightening his suit so as to remind himself that he was a professional. Standing up, he glared at the phone impassively before heading over to grab an empty file in which to file. He returned to his seat at a slight run, staring at the phone as if daring it to ring.

Which it didn't.

With a sigh, he rolled his eyes behind their closed lids and swiftly got up and walked out of the office, deciding that he needed a nice strong coffee to keep him sane.

The second he had walked out of the door, the phone started ringing. Turning on his heel, he sprinted back to the desk and dived for the table, sending his neatly stacked papers flying everywhere as he fumbled around and managed to grab the phone as he fell to the floor somewhat gracefully by rolling off of it. Holding it to his ear, he managed a somewhat winded yet angry yell of 'WHO IS THIS? !'.

The phone's last moments before it hit the wall and became smashed plastic was the tiny irritating never-ending 'beeeeeep' that emanated from it to signal that Coulson had, once again, been hung up on.

Later that afternoon, they landed.

The only unfortunate thing, was that it was raining. Everyone donned coats, ready to run out into the rain and hurry into the shelter of the new training building. As the Captain passed by Bruce, he gave him a warm smile and as a friendly gesture, handed him an umbrella.

"It'll keep most of the rain off." He shrugged as Banner accepted it gratefully.

As a unit, they all disembarked the Helicarrier, and the moment the touched the ground, Banner opened up the umbrella. Instead of keeping him dry, a shower of a different kind hailed from the umbrella, covering him with a rainbow of confetti and sticking to him and anyone else that was caught in the blast of confetti.

"ROGERS!" Banner shouted over the noise of the rain. "YOU DID THIS DIDN'T YOU!"

Grinning, Steve ducked in through the door of the building, waiting for the others to catch up as they too filed in behind him and stood in the large empty reception area.

As soon as the door closed, Banner - who was still covered in rainbows - rounded on Steve. "Why did you fill my umbrella with confetti?" He asked, sounding a little mystified.

Stark raised an eyebrow as he and the other Avengers joined in on the conversation. "Capsicle? No Bruce, somehow I don't think the 'good ol' Captain' would do something so mean to you Brucie-kins."

"That's not true." Natasha suddenly spoke up. "I can read his face, look his lips are twitching. He's trying not to smile."

"I think we've found our culprit." Coulson said, shaking his head disapprovingly at his idol.

"You are such a hypocrite Rogers!" Tony yelled, pointing at him accusingly before folding his arms over his chest and pouting.

"Look, we'll call it even. Ok? No more pranks." Steve sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair.

"Not even a little one?" Natasha questioned, raising a delicate eyebrow.

"Not even a little one." The Captain confirmed.

Loki glared at him a little. "That's not entirely fair."

"I'm over seventy years old." Steve snorted. "I'm allowed."

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