Chapter 5: Defining the Transition

Previously: ""You're smiling. That's good, you must be feeling better"

"Thank you, it still hurts though".

Sisko decide to pay a visit to Major Kira to get his point across that Lieutenant Nat'sura wasn't going any where. He also wanted her to tell her government the same thing, in some faint hope that such an incident would not repeat itself. He reached the Major's quarters.


The Commander entered, as he suspected they were very Spartan like, lacking décor and personal items. The main area only had some sort of flame holding alter, most likely for Bajoran prayer. The Major was standing on the other side facing him, wearing a robe. She had been praying and he had interrupted her.

"Did you hear?" he did not need to specify as to what.

"I did, she probably deserved it. What of it?" Sisko stared at her, hard. Kira knew what he was thinking, 'oh really'.

"She was probably offensive in some Cardassian fashion. They're so self centred, thinking only of their alleged superiority"

There was another silent pause. From this point the conversation would have to be very carefully delivered.

"Tell me Major." the Commander began "In most cultures that I have experience in, including your own, ordering a drink in a public bar does not constitute as an offence, nor does it deserve a violent response, so do tell me if there is something that I have perhaps, misunderstood."

Major Kira stood with an almost victory attitude with a delighted grin spreading across her face.

"Who says that's what really happened. I mean, you can't honestly take her word for it, can you?" This did not help the Commanders temper.

"Major Kira" he said as calmly as possible "Regardless of the Lieutenant's race a group of Bajoran nationals attacked a Starfleet officer. Even though Quark's word isn't entirely reliable, his statement along with those of other witnesses supports hers" the Commander by now was starting to loose his temper "So don't you dare call sides based solely on the fact that you hate her race!"

"I make no secret of it, Commander" Sisko realised that this was just about futile.

"I want you to talk to your government about this, so that this incident doesn't happen again. Lieutenant Nat'sura is a Starfleet officer who was attacked by Bajoran nationals. She did nothing to deserve it. She has never been a part of what happened to you're people. From what I know she's spent most of her life on Vulcan. What has she done?"

"Her people did plenty" the Major was standing her ground on this. The Commander repeated the question.

"What has she done?" there was silence.

The emphasis of the question has been recognised by the Major. She stared at the floor for a few moments before returning to the Commander.

"I don't know enough about her to tell you. But when I do, mark my words she will not remain here." The Commander was unsure if he should be relieved or not. Kira continued in a deceptively calm and relaxed tone "She will falter in her guise, somewhere, somehow, someday. And when she does, I will be there to use it to get rid of her. I did tell you that she would never be welcome here so why should I bother my government with this at all."

"If that day ever comes what do you expect her to be?"

"Exactly what she is"

"And that would be?"

"The enemy. And as you might say the wolf in the fold, or in this case in sheep's clothes. This we can all see."

The Commander understood. The Major was going to find a reason any resin to do with the occupation, the Cardassians or anything that would suggest that Nat'sura wasn't who she said she was. The next few days would be very tense, especially when Lieutenant Nat'sura soon to be Lieutenant Commander Nat'sura would report for duty in ops. He bid the Major a good day and left. He wasn't sure where he was going but he knew that some sort of vigilance would be needed for the days ahead.

Doctor Bashir had determined that Anaya was fit to return to her quarters, along with instructions to return if something was wrong. He also extended an invited to her for together lunch the following day which she gladly accepted.

She was still in some pain when she arrived, the only thing she wanted to do, was to calm herself. Living on Vulcan she had been taught many things, self control, meditation techniques and other mental disciplines. Anaya recalled the things her grandmother has said to her, to remain herself and not to immerse herself too far into this alien culture, although she had always watched when Anaya practiced the techniques.

Anaya took a small table from the other side of the room and moved it to one of the windows; she then looked for a cloth in her luggage and draped it over the table. On the table she arranged some candles and a dish of sand. She changed out of her uniform into something casual and dressed also in her student robe from Vulcan before she went to Starfleet academy.

"Computer lights" The lights went out and she proceeded to light the candles. One for calm, two for logic, three for clarity. This wasn't part of traditional meditation but was something she had made up for herself, it helped. Four for her grandmother, five for her parents, six for her mother seven for her father and the last for herself. She placed her hands together and chanted quietly.

In the calm, her fears and pain fell away as she focused on the flame. She felt nothing for a moment, if only for a moment more. She wanted clarity on whether or not it was the right choice to stay on the station. It had barely been a year since the occupation of Bajor had ended an even now they were still picking up the pieces of what was left, many still with anger fear and hostility in their hearts, although they could hardly be blamed. Yet there were very few Bajorans who could know or remember the Bajor before the Cardassians arrived 60 years ago.