A/N Hi everyone. I love the Iron Man series and Robert D. Jr. so I decided to finally write an Iron Man fanfic. It's my first one so go easy on me. There's going to be very little Pepper in this fic. It's going to center around Tony Stark and my oc Ronnie. Hope you all love it and review.

- Prologue -

"I'm sorry," Virginia "Pepper" Potts said again, setting the list of potential replacements. After all these years of taking care of him she was leaving. She couldn't keep on taking care of him.

"Yeah, I get it," billionaire playboy, her boss Tony Stark nodded. He was trying to play it cool and not give away what he was feeling but he knew he would be lost without Pepper Potts.

"So I guess I'll see you," Potts muttered nervously.

"When does your flight leave," Tony asked.

"I'm heading to the airport straight from here," she told him, gathering up the other paperwork he would need to sign and send out tonight. She was going to California to be close to her family.

"Bye Potts…and thanks," he told her, walking her out.

"Take care of yourself Tony," Potts said, kissing his cheek.

Tony spent the rest of the morning locked in his office at Stark Tower interviewing new personal assistant prospects. He had to find someone who could not only handle the rush of Stark Enterprises but also handle his second job, Iron Man.

"Janie, could you please send the next one in," Tony called in to Potts's temporary replacement. She made been hired for a month to make the transition of Potts leaving easier on Tony and the company. The woman always thought of everything. Tony ignored the pain in his heart and stood to greet the next prospective. The door opened and in walked his future.

"Hi Mr. Stark," her voice was as sweet as she looked. Soft, long black hair and deep chocolate eyes, she was just five feet and he towered over her. "I'm Veronica Chambers."

"Sit down," Tony said, offering her the seat in front of his desk.

"It's amazing being here – talking to you. Thank you for all you've done," she smiled.

Tony stared at her, taking in her appearance and trying to read her face. "Okay you start Monday." He immediately got up and shook her hand, congratulating her.

"What," she asked confused. She couldn't have heard right.

"Yeah, that's right. You've got the job," he told walking over to a small liquor cabinet. He popped open a bottle of his favorite champagne, filling up two glass flutes.

"But don't you have any questions to ask me," Veronica asked, taking the flute of champagne he offered in her hand.

"Nope," he said smiling. "Hey," he noticed her nervousness, "relax, you're going to do fine. You were Pepper's top recommendation and I trust her choice."

"Thank you Mr. Stark," Veronica grinned. "And please call me Ronnie."

"Ronnie," her boss smiled. "Then forget Mr. Stark and just call me Tony."