-Chapter 1-

"You have to hurry up, Austin. Let's go." Parker whispered to the little boy. The small boy sighed and packed what little clothes he had into his Batman backpack. Parker tousled up his curly brown locks and smiled at him. He mirrored her expression, but the sadness in his crystal blues was brighter than his smile. She grabbed his backpack and threw it on top of her own.

"Do we really have to leave again?" Austin asked the teenager as they waited in the chilly lobby entrance of the bland high rise apartment building.

"I'm afraid so, buddy, but don't worry you'll be fine." Parker reassured the young boy. He squeezed her hand as their social worker pulled up to the curb outside. The pair walked outside into the brisk wind of Providence.

"Hey, Mrs.…oh…you're not Mrs. Ryan…" Parker trailed off in true disappointment. She felt her heart harden towards the stranger in the driver's seat of the silver Toyota. She hid the disappointment on her face for the small boy's sake.

"Mrs. Ryan sends her deepest regards, "The Stranger recited, as if from memory, "She said she had a family emergency to take care of."

"I'm sure she did…" Parker said coldly. The social worker ignored the teenager's attitude nodded backwards towards the trunk.

"You two can put your bags back there and then get in the car." Stranger said to them. Parker rolled her eyes and coaxed Austin into the unknown car. He strapped himself into the middle seat and waited. Parker placed Austin's bag neatly in the corner of the trunk and threw hers in the back after it.

"So where exactly are we going?" Parker asked Stranger as she got into the car next to Austin. She pulled the seatbelt over the boy's chest and buckled it. Parker tucked her own seat belt behind her back and faced forward.

"I'm taking the two of you back to housing. You'll be there for a couple weeks. Then the director will relocate you both to new locations." The older woman responded flatly. He voice had no emotion, no tone. It was as lifeless as her peppered colored hair. Parker's quick temper flared.

"You said plural…homes. You can't possibly mean that they're splitting me and Austin up!" Parker snared as the Toyota trailed out of the complex parking lot. Suddenly the car was getting hotter.

"Yes, I did. You're situations are getting out of hand, so we need to split the two of you apart so Boone is thrown off his guard." Stranger replied. Parker's hands formed into fists as her anger grew.

"Splitting us up with only make his plans go that much smoother. If you keep us together I can protect Austin. He wants to get to Austin, and you and your stupid boss are giving him a free ticket!" Parker shouted.

"Ms. Hudson, we're doing what's best for both you and Mr. Lewis." The older woman responded with her voice cracking under the harsh accusations.

"I doubt that…" Parker mumbled under her breath.

-At the BAU-

"Hey, everyone, sorry I'm late." Prentiss said rushing into an almost empty briefing room. JJ, Reid, Morgan and Garcia were the only ones present. Emily took her seat next to JJ and let her belongings drop to the floor. "Where's Hotch, or everyone else for that matter?" She asked JJ in a hushed tone.

"They're waiting for us on the jet, they've already been briefed. We were waiting for you." JJ answered with a light laugh. Emily smiled, embarrassed and motioned for Garcia to begin the briefing.

"Alright, my loves, I've got a special delivery for you. I've brought you a serial killer, Ian Boone, who has just recently escaped from a high security prison." Garcia began. "He was found guilty on twenty two counts of first degree murder four counts of rape, and sexual assault back in 2010."

"He was only in jail for two years? How did he manage to escape after such a short amount of time?" JJ questioned looking over his picture.

"He didn't escape on his own. He was basically smuggled out. The officer has already been arrested, but our killer is still out there." Garcia answered.

"So what're we being called in for?" Reid asked looking up from his old school file of police reports.

"Well, Boone has a habit of taking revenge on people that did him wrong in the past. Like some his victims were." Garcia added.

"Yea, victims three, eleven, and fifteen, were people who had connections to him." JJ noted.

"Exactly, and the people that the authorities think he's after are these two." Garcia started pointing the remote at the large TV. Two pictures of kids flashed across the screen. "This is fifteen year old Parker Hudson." She said motioning to the picture of the teenage girl. She was smiling in the picture. Her brown eyes shining with a happiness that used to be. Prentiss felt her heart skip a beat in her chest. Her lungs tightened and her breathing became sparse. The young girl's picture flashed across her ipad and she dropped it on the table. Her complexion became flushed and suddenly all eyes were on her.

"Is everything okay, Prentiss?" Morgan asked touching her arm. Prentiss nodded quickly and turned her attention back to Garcia, who was staring at her in wonder and concern.

"Okay…well Ms. Hudson here, is in the witness protection. She, along with Austin Lewis, who is only four years old, witnessed Boone's last two murders. "Garcia continued pointing to the little boy smiling in a picture with his parents.

"Who were his last two victims?" Prentiss asked, trying not to let her voice shake.

"His last two victims were Mary and Damian Prue." The couple's picture filled the TV.

"They were Parker and Austin's last care takers…" JJ trailed off.

"How did the police not know that Boone was closing in?" Prentiss questioned. There was an anger rising in her that she didn't know she had.

"They apparently didn't even know he was in the state." Garcia answered with a heavy sigh.

"That's just crazy. They know that these kids are targets. You'd think they'd have more protection." Emily ranted, obviously frustrated. Everyone stared at her, in disbelief at her sudden fury.

"That's just crazy. They know that these kids are targets. You'd think they'd have more protection." Emily ranted, obviously frustrated. Everyone stared at her, in disbelief at her sudden fury.

"I'm sure they were doing all they could." Reid prodded. Emily's stare burned into his sockets and he backed off instantly. Emily slapped the cover back onto the ipad and picked her bags back up and headed to the jet.

"Well, what's up with her?" Morgan asked slowly turning off his device.

"I've got no idea, but something tells me that she knows that girl up there..." Reid answered. They all looked up at the girl and wondered what could possibly be going on in Prentiss's head.