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Ok, so I guess for a little while I shall exhaust my current interest with XME, yes I know the show is over but I did mostly YGO stories so enjoy, and don't hate me for the pairings I use, this one is another straight one, with a couple that appears to be very well unused, can you guess which one, Jean Grey and Wolverine go figure well enjoy.

Warnings: adult themes, things that make no sense, alternated info for entertainment purpose, language, drinking and well that's about it.

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Oh and this takes place after the last season aired, actually just about all my XME stories will be in that time period.


Normal POV

Jean sat in Prof. X's office she was being given lessons on controlling her powers from Mystique's friend Agatha, she was making really good progress Prof. X had called her hoping she could make progress past what his mind could no longer reach. He didn't want to risk losing such a dear friend, Scott smiles softly and walks down the hall, he and Jean had decided to remain friends but it was hopeless, he just wasn't for her. He didn't mind so much that she wasn't that interested, he had gotten use to her not wanting him, though he did know of someone who did. He smiled seeing Rogue sitting on the window seat in the living room. She smiled, they weren't going out but they didn't seem too bothered by that, and took things one day at a time.

Jean relaxed as Agatha finished, she thanked the older mutant and looked out the window just as they climbed in the car, she smiled, she had kind of figured that would happen. When Agatha left Jean went to go change for swimming, she put on a revealing black swim suit, then sat on the side of the pool. She looked up when Logan came out, he smiled.

"Hey Red, how is your training going?"

"Uh, good, really good."

"Good, I just saw Cyclopes and Rogue, you ok with that?"

"I'm fine, it didn't work so well with me and Scott he's been more of a brother to me than a romantic interest."

He nodded, she thought she saw the hint of a smile at that, he turned to leave, then she stopped him.

"Oh Logan."

"Yeah Red?"

"You promised you'd take me on a bike ride when you had the time."

He didn't say anything at first then smiled.


He waved and walked back in the house, she smiled, she jumped and fell in the pool when Kurt appeared out of nowhere with Pietro, as unlikely as it seemed they made fast friends and seemed to like to race eachother. Pietro looked at the bubbles.

"Uh oh, who'd you push in?"

Jean flew up glaring at both of them, they looked at her nervously, she used her powers lifted them up and tossed them in the pool then stormed inside, passing Kitty and Lance on the way in. They looked at each other then peered outside seeing the other two trapped in the net. Kitty started laughing and snapping pictures.

"Hey, it's not funny, quick get me out before my inducer goes hayvire."

Lance smirked and pulled them loose, Kitty helped them out.

"You guys need to be more careful, what if it wasn't out by the pool and you messed up in traffic you know the ever so friendly people of Bayville would love to run one of us over."

Kurt nodded.

"Yeah yeah we know." Pietro mumbled shaking out his too tight suit that was obviously not made for water.

Later that night

Jean was in her room reading when she heard a knock, she opened the door and smiled at Prof. X, he had recently been able to walk again after Hank and Colossus started working together in the infirmary, Colossus knew a lot about more advanced medicine that could restore nerve endings as long as they weren't too damaged, Prof. X was lucky.

"Jean how was your session? I never got a chance to talk to you."

She let him in and they sat on the little couch she had recently put in.

"it was great, Agatha was pretending to be some of the people in town to get me angry, she's a great actress, now my powers aren't surging so much."

"That's excellent, it works for the best to join together."

"Yeah, don't you think the others should be staying here though, some people can get so hostile, I mean mutants may be built to last but in that old house the Brotherhood live in all it takes is a well placed Molotov cocktail."

"Yes your right, I think Mystique is getting through to them, they aren't going to be able to keep watch forever, maybe Kitty can sway Lance."

Jean nodded and smiled, he tried to act tough but he would do anything for Kitty.

"What about Wanda, is Agatha going to be working with her again?"

"No it seems she is maintaining growth with me, probably because I've known her father so long."

Jean smiled, Prof. X moved to leave and she stopped him.

"So one more thing."

He smiled.

"Wondering if I'm making headway with Ororo? Perhaps you will find out." He winked and walked down the hall.

She laughed and went downstairs to the kitchen and Evan was in there leaning against the counter, he was now spending the weekends here to spend time with his aunt, through the week you couldn't reach him unless you went in the sewers to find him. He smiled.

"Hey Jean."

"Hi Evan, how are the Morlocks?"

"Great, I think, they still aren't too fond of the above world but I finally got them to try chips."

"What's the verdict? Lays or Cheetos?"

"Definitely Cheetos."

She smiled, he went off to play video games with Kurt before he left to go see Amanda, he hadn't been so accepting of him at first but decided that a little blue fur was less a bother than having their teenage daughter hate them. She made a sandwich and looked up as Logan finally came in, she wondered where he went for so long, but didn't try asking the man was so private.

"Hey Red, not worrying about fitting into your swimsuit anymore?"

She smacked his arm.

"I haven't had to worry, Mr. work em till they sweat blood."

He laughed and grabbed a bottle of water, she blushed as he bent over she shook her head, of all the things for her to look at her eyes settle on his ass. Although it did look good in those jeans of his, she sighed and went back to her snack ignoring the forbidden thoughts. Jean moved out of the kitchen back to her room, she was not having dirty thoughts she was just tired from practicing her control. She sighed and flew up to her room, she plopped on her bed and looked at the ceiling.

"It's like Scott all over again…don't know how to handle my emotions so act like an idiot wonderful."

Logan walked out of the kitchen and raised an eyebrow toward the stairs, had he really picked up on arousal from jean, nope that was impossible, if anything he was her adopted father at best, although not like he would turn down the attractive red head, she'd look real good on his bike. He hit his forehead he had forgotten to lock up his bike and Tabitha had already tried once to steal it and go joy riding, thankfully she had been too loud with her thoughts and Prof. X and Ororo had been waiting for her when she left her room.

He walked outside and locked it up, he heard some voices and walked out of the garage he saw Kitty and her boyfriend making out in a not so innocent way.

"Hey Half-pint take your sexing in doors, and there better not be any keys in keyholes with a wrapper."

They both burst out laughing and ran inside, he rolled his eyes, and went up to his room.

The Next Morning

Jean walked out of her room and saw Todd leaning against the banister he looked pissed, she made sure to make her presence known a good couple feet away from spitting distance.

"What's wrong Todd?"

He looked up.


He hopped away she looked down the stairs and smirked, she knew what was wrong Bobby had taken an interest in Wanda and was showing off, Wanda seemed to be giving much better signals with him. She sighed and went downstairs, Bobby turned.

"Hey Jean, Wanda and I are going to the lake I'm going to see how fast I can freeze it and perform a life threatening move before it thaws."

"Bobby, it's the middle of June, you'd have to be as fast as Pietro to do anything."

"Hey your right."

He turned to Wanda.

"Wanna practice CPR just in case?"

She laughed and they waved good bye and walked out the front door, she wasn't so worried mostly because Wanda could use her powers and lift him out before he needed CPR. She jumped as Logan came up behind her, she turned and smiled he stared at her.

"Didn't get enough sleep?"

"Uh, no I'm fine."

"So why so jumpy?"

She shrugged.

I don't know maybe I started seeing you as more than a teacher and am beside myself with all these couples around.

She thought to herself but kept a smile.

"Well it's Friday, ready?"

"What already…I think I'm losing it."

"If you aren't an…."

She stopped him.

"No I'm good, let me grab a bottle of water."

"I got you covered."

He said holding up two bottles, she smiled at how someone so gruff and rough around the edges could be so thoughtful. She followed him out grabbing a jacket, he handed her a helmet and they sped off. Inside Prof. X and Ororo were watching them out the window.

"Could it be an old friend is actually showing interest in someone?" She asked.

"I appears that way, after all I've never seen anyone on the back of his bike for fun."

She smiled.

Logan wasn't overly reckless but he was fast and carefully zipped in-between traffic she projected her thoughts since she couldn't hear herself over the roar of the engine.

'Hey Logan where are we going?'

'You'll see.'

She smirked, so she was going to get a glimpse into the life of Logan today was going to be fun.

They stopped far away from Bayville's city limits in front of a little bed and breakfast, it looked almost like a grandmother's home brick building with flowers all around, a tree with a tire swing. He knocked on the door, and an elderly woman answered she didn't respond for a second then smiled. She was wearing a long blue dress with small ruffles around, and her white hair was in curlers, like she forgot she had them in.

"Ah Logan, so nice to see you…who's behind you?"

"May this is Jean, she's a friend from the institute."

May lifted up her glasses her pupils were almost white, and Jean could tell she was blind.

"long red hair, green eyes, rosy skin, and thin but healthy figure, well you are a fox my dear, good job Logan."

Jean laughed and Logan blushed.

"She ain't my girlfriend May."

She ignored him.

"Nice to meet you Ma'am."

"And polite, just call me May dear, and don't worry you can put the moves on him he's stubborn but sweet."

Logan made a noise and went in the house Jean laughed and followed May inside, it was a really nice place with a few guests, they were issued Logan's usual room, he went and sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

"Funny never thought the all mighty Logan would get comfortable in floral print."

He tossed a pillow at her and smirked.

"May seems really nice, but how did she know what I looked like, isn't she blind."

"She's a mutant she can see DNA."

Jean nodded and sat on the couch next to him.

"How cool is that, so you guys been friends long?"

"Meh, sort of, she found me unconscious one night and took me in then made a fuss over me needing a wife who could feed me so I wouldn't be so skinny, been friends for a while."

She smiled.

"So you sit here most the day?"

"Not quite, this is normal Friday time, you'll see what I do in a bit."

She nodded, when it started getting dark he took her outside she noticed his bike was locked up, they went out back and there was a horse stable he went inside and she saw him come out with a beautiful black horse with brown spots and a white tail.

"Meet Night, he was the oddball of his mother's two colts."

She walked over and petted his nose.

"So pretty, but…"

She didn't have time to answer when he lifted her up and hopped on behind her, he yahhed and Night neighed and rushed up further from the city, she laughed as the horse sped like an animal version of Logan's bike. She looked back at Logan and saw how in tune with the horse he was, his eyes were focused on the road ahead, it was great to see so much actual happiness in a man that mostly gave smirks to everyone. She looked a head and her smile faded, they were coming to a large gap where the bridge collapsed.

"Uh Logan…you might want…."

But it was too late he pressed the horse's neck and Night galloped as fast as he could and jumped, Jean closed her eyes and screamed, only to have Logan grab her.

"Red relax."


She hopped off the horse and looked to see they had easily made the jump, no harm done, she turned toward him as the wind blew slightly around her, Logan noticed how beautiful she looked in the moonlight like that, her hair making a halo around her sort of.

"That was amazing, I thought we were gone for."

He laughed leaning against Night who seemed pleased with himself.

"Well when I said he was odd I didn't just mean his coloring, he can run faster than a lot of horses around here, meaning he can pick up the momentum to make jumps like that."

She smiled and walked over to them, he looked at her sternly.

"Next time don't close your eyes, Night here is real prideful about his jumps isn't that right boy?"

She laughed as the horse neighed and rubbed his nose against Logan's cheek, Jean smiled at the sight, they ran some more laps around the small forest before Logan had Night make his way back over the gap, as promised Jean kept her eyes open. She flew all the time but not like that, Night galloped back and Logan tied him up in the stable and they walked back in, Logan and Jean said good bye to May after she made them eat a whole bunch that is, and then who murmured something about a nice young wife Jean would make. Laughing they waved and walked back out to his bike, it was pretty late but Jean hadn't felt so alive and awake all at once in a long time.

Logan made his way back to the mansion driving in that same zig-zag pattern, she hopped off his bike when they came to a stop.

"That was great Logan, thanks for bringing me along."

"Don't worry about it Red."

Jean wasn't sure why but it felt like a date that had just ended, so she reached over and planted a deep kiss on his lips, before he had time to react she flew in the house, leaving Logan to ponder, that he had in fact smelt arousal from her.

End Chapter

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