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Three Normal POV

Logan sat on the bed and looked highly confused, Jean looked at him.

"Logan he called you a monster, what did you do?"

"I have no idea, I didn't know I had a son."

He dressed and called May, she looked at him.

"What, what did I do now? I swear the cookies are where you left them."

"May look at my DNA, do I have a kid?"

She pushed up her glasses and looked at him.

"Well you might it does seem like there was a disturbance in your chain somewhere, why?"

"Someone just called and told Jean I was a monster."

"A lovable one though."

He gave her a look.

"I'm just kidding, Logan did you have a fling with someone who wouldn't have told you that they were pregnant?"

"I…I have no idea, most my memory has been a blur since the weapon x program."

"Hmm, Jean, you're a telepath can you access locked memories?"

"Well sort of, I've gotten better at it."

"Logan sit down and let her take a look."

"What's the point if I can't remember?"

"Strong telepaths can see what you can't sometimes they are strong enough to find out even what you never did and can latch on to another person's memory if they can see the face of that person, for a short time, and If you have a son it concerns her too, he may just be her step son one day."


Jean blushed as he sat down she closed her eyes and pressed her fingers against her temple, she was like that for a few seconds before he groaned, signaling that she was in, she was quiet. She grunted softly as she waded through his memories, they were literally blackened. She blinked and they passed out.

(I don't know the whole story so some of the things you read might not be what you see in the actual comics, and the content is a little graphic toward the last paragraph so just don't be too surprised.)

It was time for a war but peace had been found in certain places, in Japan a young couple were sitting around a table having dinner. Jean walked over to them of course it was the past, they couldn't see her she stared at the man, his hair was longer and in a ponytail but when he laughed she saw it, it was a younger Logan, and next to him was a beautiful Japanese woman she saw the woman grab his hand and there was a simple gold band on her finger. She was his wife, and saw there was a slight bump on her stomach like she was pregnant.

"So Itsu dear, what did you want to tell me?"

"It's a surprise, I'll tell you in a minute."

His Japanese was flawless, Jean remembered Agatha telling her that is she ever tried to do this she would be able to understand any language being in the mind of the person she was helping, simply because they understand it. Jean saw how happy they looked, and looked up when a knock came to the door. Logan stood up and walked over to the door, he saw a man there, one he didn't know.

"Soilder, we have gotten your records and have a little mission for you it will only take a couple hours."

Logan was about to say no when Itsu stopped him.

"Go on, when you come back I can tell you in a couple hours."

He nodded and kissed her cheek, Jean knew it was a memory but still felt a little jealous seeing the affection, Logan left, there was a waiver and she was with him, when the mysterious man whoever he was knocked Logan unconscious. Jean watched him be put in some type of machine.


"I'm coming I'm coming, so this is the man?"

"James Howlett, goes by Logan, he had some trouble and had to run under a different name, can you place the memory blocks."

"Yes they are ready, a nice strong dose, what shall I have him remember?"

"That we are at war, that his name is Logan, and he is all alone in this world."

"You got it."

He injected Logan with some type of serum, about 80 times and set him loose, when he woke up Logan saluted the professor Jean tried to focus to see what happened, the scene wavered and she was back at his house she saw a man stabbing his wife repeatedly, Jean gasped as another man cut open her stomach and removed the fetus.

"Well what do you know? She was pregnant."

He stood and left after taking some pictures and placed the fetus was quickly growing probably because of Logan's mutant abilities in a basket on the doorstep outside a rich looking house. The scene wavered and she saw the man standing in front of a teen who was covered in blood and had the same claws as Logan who had some features like his mother but his cheek bones and nose belonged to Logan.

"Akihiro do you know who I am?"


"I am Romulus, I came to protect you."

"What going to say you're my real father, I know Akihira and Natsumi weren't my real parents."

"No, I saw your real father kill your real mother with the same claws you bear now that killed your foster mother."

Jean's eyes widened as he handed him the pictures.

"What…why would he do that?"

The teen looked more mortified than angry.

"He didn't want you, but I do and I can train you to get him back."


"Because it would amuse me."

Jean wanted to wring his neck but kept in control of her powers.

"Fine…what about Natsumi's and Akihira's dead bodies?"

"I'll take care of it….."

"Fine….But call me Daken."

"Bastard dog?"

"Fitting isn't it? Everyone use to call me that anyways."

"Alright Daken it is….."

Jean groaned losing control she backed out before she was back to normal and fell off the bed.

(There you go.)

"Jean…Jean….come on Jean wake up."

She groaned and opened her eyes she was on the floor, but leaning against him he looked at her, May bent over concerned.

"Are you alright child?"


She looked at Logan, and started crying, she shook her head.


He stared at her.

"What did you see?"

She shook her head and looked at him.

"You married…a woman in Japan, named Itsu, she was just about to tell you she was pregnant when a man named Romulus came to the door, but you didn't know him, he knocked you unconscious and some professor kept injecting you with something, that made you forget everything expect that your name was Logan, and that there was a war…..and that you were all alone in the world."

She sat up and rubbed her temple.

"He hired someone to kill your wife and he took the fetus from her stomach, it seemed to finish growing for some reason…probably because of your healing powers that wont let you die…..he goes by Daken, Romulus told him that he would train him to kill you, because it amused him…..and that you were the one who killed his mother because you didn't want him."

Logan groaned his head ached, the block was wearing off slowly at least on that part of the memory.

"Your real name is James Howlett all I know is that something happened that made you change your name to Logan."

He stood up and walked to the window, he could remember Itsu, he looked at the floor, Jean stood up and sat on the bed feeling exhausted, May patted her leg.

"Good job, just remember to be there for him."

Jean nodded, slowly, May left, and Jean stood up and walked over to him, she touched his shoulder, and he turned and hugged her she could feel the tension in his back, but didn't say anything as he held her close, they stayed like that most the day, they jumped a little when the phone rang, she picked up it with her powers.


"Jean is everything alright?"

"Sort of, why?"

"I got a call from a young man who seemed rather disturbed and angry at Logan."

"Yes, Professor, better talk to Logan."

He shook his head and stared at the ground.

"Nevermind, that is Logan's son, he was brain washed."

"It would appear so, how."

She walked into the bathroom, and told the professor, he asked how Logan was responding and she said he seemed numb about it, as if he didn't know how to respond. The professor said if they needed help to call him, knowing that Logan wouldn't want anyone digging without his exact permission, he congratulated her on her control.

"Agatha will be pleased, keep an eye on him, and if you have any problems and feel it best not to talk to him about them, you call me."

"Ok, thanks, bye."

She hung up the phone, she saw Logan was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, she almost said something and saw the tears.


"I saw her."


"Itsu…my men and I had to clear out most of her village, all I saw was a dead body, I had no idea who I was burying."

She sat next to him, and stroked his hair, she was glad they had left the mansion, Logan wouldn't have had any peace with Kitty and Kurt around. He looked at her.

"Part of me wants to remember what else happened, and the rest doesn't."

"Well let me know which side wins."

He smiled at her.

"If you want, I can leave."

He just looked at her.

"Do you want me to?"

"You can go if you want." He said sounding more tired than he had in a while.

She lied down and put her head on his chest.

"You know Logan I wouldn't have to pick if you would just tell me what you want."

"Fine then, I want you stay right where you are."

She smiled.

"I knew I could get you to say it."

They lied their in silence for a while before drifting back off into sleep. Logan woke up to a scream, he sat up and Jean was on the floor, she looked at him.

"What? Bad dream."

"I'd say you were the one having a bad dream…."

She stood up and had three slash marks on her back, he swallowed.

"Red….I'm sorry, I wouldn't have done that on purpose."

"I know, they aren't all that deep, trauma probably."

"I don't have trauma Jean."

"You just remembered you saw your wife's dead body after I went digging and found a son you never knew you had who wants you dead, sounds like trauma."

"Or drama."

She laughed.

"Logan it's not funny."

"Says the one who is laughing."

He got up and grabbed the first aid kit he stared at the marks, they were really shallow for his claws, he looked and saw blood on his knuckles where they would come out.

"How is it, they did that?"

"Maybe you subconsciously know not to hurt me."

He looked at her, and cleaned the marks.

"Ow! Do you have to use the antiseptic…."

"Unless you want an infection."

"That didn't come out like I thought it would."

Freshly bandaged she turned and sat in his lap, he kissed her, his brain tweaked again as she pulls away he remembered, she looked like a really old friend of his….what was her name, he shook his head and looked at her.

"Your messing with danger girl."

"But danger is so good looking…"

He only smirked, May walked in 'looking for her glasses.' She looked at the bed.

"Oh my, I caught you undressing, don't be so slow Logan."

He stared at her and Jean started laughing.

"May he's not undressing me."

"Why not? Come on a little in the sack loving will make you feel better."

Jean laughed and grabbed the kit and took it back in the bathroom, May looked at her.

"I thought for sure you would have tapped that by now."

He tossed a pillow at her.

"May, really? You have a filthy mind."

"Look at her naked and you will too."

He looked at her a slight blush on his face.

"Her DNA says her chest is at least a C, nice and squeezable."

"Okay that's it, out!"

She laughed and ran out the room, Jean blushed, and sighed.

"May, always fit for comedic relief."

"Just a bit."

She looked at him.

"So was it a nightmare?"

"I guess…I don't know, now I can't remember."


The phone rang again, she picked it up.


"Quick, get away from him….he's a murderer."

"Akihiro, wait, that's not true."

He hung up before she could say anything else, Logan looked out the window, he thought he saw someone in the shadows, but he blinked and the figure was gone.

"He's watching this place."

"We should leave."


"He's targeting you, it's safer at the mansion"

"I am not running from my kid Jean."

"I'm not asking you too, you're gonna fall asleep if his claws are like yours he could cut you up in a couple slashes."


"James please, I love you…."

He groaned, the name was right there, Rose (Yes she is a real character and I don't own her or Romulus either as you know.) Jean looked just like her, and Rose had once said the same thing to him. (Don't know if that's true haven't read the comic, just know that Rose was an old child hood companion and he accidently killed her with his claws.)

Jean looked at him and he stared back, before he sighed and walked over to her and cupped her face before he kissed her deeply, she hugged his neck and kissed him back. They pulled apart for air, and Logan smiled.

"I love you too."

Jean smiled.

"Can we go please?"

"Yeah fine."

They grabbed their things and were off, Logan heard someone following them closely in the shadows, he didn't have to worry about May and Night at least. He kept riding and revved his engine they swerved between traffic and stopped outside the mansion. Jean got off his bike and turned she saw a second motorcycle, and Logan took off his helmet.


He took off his helmet and she gasped he looked exactly like Logan, his eyes a little smaller and his hair was longer but it was like looking at Logan when he was a child.

"How do you know my name."

"Long telepathic story."

He crossed his arms.

"You need to leave, he'll kill you as soon as you get pregnant."

Logan almost said something but Jean stopped him.

'Logan don't, let me talk to him.'

Logan looked at her and kept quiet, he could feel she was nervous.

"He didn't kill your mother, he didn't even know he had a son."

"Oh that's rich, believe what you want, but it's not true, he's an animal."

"So why not kill me then?"

Logan looked at her.


(Daken is suppose to much older but I'm going to have him around thirty)

"Akihiro, going to kill me."

"I'm no animal, I wouldn't kill a woman unless I had to."

"What about Natsumi?"

He cocked his head.

"Well you just know everything, don't you?"

"I know you killed her…I don't know why."

"She wanted to kill me, simple as that."

"She was still your mother…"

He looked at her and released his claws he tried going after her and Logan gave him a swift kick to the chest, he hit the floor and coughed.

"She's trying to help you, moron, your beef is with me ain't it?"

Akihiro swallowed.

"Why protect her, when you stabbed my mother too dea….."

He fell unconscious, Logan saw Jean using her powers to reach him, she sent her thoughts out to Professor Xavier before she passed out and Logan caught her, wondering how he could change in his only son's eyes.

End Chapter

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