Kayla: Welcome to the first chapter of my story, Oh, and if Cyrus Drake, my professor, is reading this, I will become the greatest Conjurer of all time!

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Kayla Jackson was lying in bed, thinking about the Tests she had to do the next day. Her Sunday had been made up of jumping on her trampoline, watching TV, playing on her Ipod, playing Wizard101, and being told to go outside. She drifted off into a wonderful dream of wizards, the spiral, and the evil that was being thrust upon the inhabitance of every one of the worlds...

Kayla woke to the sound of an owl hooting. "Wha, Where am I?" she asked, confused. "Look Gamma, the spell is working!" cried an old man who was leaning over her. Kayla stared, then exclaimed: "Hey, your headmaster Ambrose from RavenWood school of magical arts, from the game Wizard101!" The headmaster simply replied "My golly, no. Wizard101 is no game, It's real, in a far away place from Earth. But you were right about the other stuff. We must now consult the book of secrets." He handed Kayla a large book, and it flipped over to a page with a simple personality quiz written down.

I like to spend my time...

By myself

with my friends

Has to be... By myself.

Which is the most powerful?








Definatley Earthquake

My favourite class in school is...

Reading and writing


Maths or science


I like all my classes

Reading and writing beats the rest

What's my favourite time of day?




Night is so magical!

What's more important to me?

Competing against others

Cooperating with others

Competing, Duh

What's my favourite animal?




Polar Bear




Dragon is by far the best.

Suddenly, bright yellow words burned in the air saying: MYTH

Gamma starting hooting like a wild owl. "Myth, myth! She's a student of myth!"

"Whoa, chillaxe Gamma! Ambrose, what's the big deal about me being a student of Myth?" Kayla said. "Oh,it's just that Myth wizards are very rare at the moment, too powerful for their own good most of them. Anyway, right now you must return to your own world, but I will be waiting for you." Ambrose waved goodbye while he said this, and just before Kayla woke up, Gamma hooted "Farewell for now, Kayla Watershard, but I'll be seeing you soon. Also you won't remember anything that happened tonight!" Then the room faded and Kayla awoke...

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