The adrenaline had died down. I had switched back to my human form. I am was now curled up on the floor of the cave.

"Kayla, c'mon, get up. We should get back to RavenWood now." David said to me, helping me get up.

"No, I can't." I whispered back to him.

"What do you mean?" He asked. "You can come to RavenWood. And after what just happened, you have to."

I glared at him. "No. I can't. Don't you see? I am a... a... a friggin Fairy! I'm not a wizard. I can't be a fairy that learns wizard stuff! It wouldn't work... It wouldn't work..." I broke down in tears, the salty water flowing down my cheeks.

"But you must..." David trailed off. Melissa, Grace the messenger from Zafaria's assistant, appeared by my side.

"The king and queen of Zafaria would like to meet you," Melissa said, and Grace finished. "I am sure that they would be glad to take you in until this mess is over."

I nodded numbly, and was vaguely aware of a portal, a hot safari like place, and being lead to a castle.

"Introduce yourself, be well mannered, and treat them with utmost respect. That way they will like you more." Melissa whispers in my ear.

A boy in a royal blue cape, and a black and white outfit, storms out of the castle doors, and knocks my shoulder, and glares at me.

"Watch where you are going, weak peasant." He snarls at me. I lunge at him, furious at him calling me a peasant.

"I dare you to call me peasant again. I double dare you." I growl at him. Melissa and Grace grab my arms and pull me to the castle.

"You should be banished from Zafaria!" The boy shouts at me.

I kneel in front of the king and queen, and they speak to me.

"Kayla Watershard, rise, sweetheart. It has been such a long time." The queen says. "I am Queen Ferne, this is King Michael, the boy you were just arguing with is Prince Joseph, and finally, there is Princess Bluebell. We are the Watershard family."

I came on a quest to find my true family.

That quest was just completed.