Amy got home and walked to her room. Dan was there.

"Hello, how was your training?" Dan said looking sirious.

"It was OK." Amy said.

"Did you show Ian the elevator break down simulation?" Dan asked.

"Yes. It was fun." Amy said, not taking her eyes from the floor.

"So, what else happened?" Dan said catching her eye. He was looking at his phone frowning at it.

"Nothing, we did the bomb defuser and the poll volt." Amy said riviting her eyes back on the floor.

"Hm. For some reason..." He said lifting the phone so Amy could see. " I dont believe you."

There was a picture on it of her and Ian when Ian had looked back and Amy kissed him. Dan just looked up and said. " How was it?"

"Dan, I'[m so sorry, I-I don't know why I..." Amy started.

"No, it's ok, I'm glad you finally did it." Dan said, and with that, he left.

Amy walked to her bed and lied down. She felt the tingle on her lips from the kiss. She smiled and wished that it was longer than it was. She picked up her phone and dialed Hamilton's number. She knew that her riends would again be togather.

"Hi Amy! Sinead's here so I'll put you on speaker." Hamilton said.

"Hi Amy, whats up, how was the date. Jonah said that Ian was gonna try to kiss you." Sinead said practically yelling into the phone.

"Alot's up, It was GREAT and he did, and succeeded, and I re-kissed him! Amy yelled.

"That's great! So, when do you think he's gonna ask you out?" Sinead screamed.

"I don't know, I didn't think about that." Amy said.

"Jeez, I will never understand the power of Cahill girl talk!" Hamilton laughed.

"Oh, sorry Ham. I forgot you were there." Amy said.

"You called my phone!" Hamilton countered.

"Yeah, so, whats been up with you guys?" Amy said.

"Well, we just finished a game of capture the flag with the Holt clan." Sinead said.

"It was kind of unfair, we had Me Sinead and dad, and the other team was Madison, Reagan and mom." Hamilton laughed.

"Needless to say I earned some honor points with Eisenhower. Madison even said that I was funner than most of the other girls Ham has dated because I acctually participated. Plus my Idea of where to hide the flag was perfect." Sinead said.

"She hid it in a whole, one that my dad uses for explosives." Hamilton yelled.

"The girls walked over it like 15 times before we stopped laughing and attacked. Ham and Eisenhower went for the flag and I protected ours." Sinead said.

"That seems fun." Amy said.

"It was, we're about to rematch." Hamilton said.

"Well, I guess I should let you go." Amy said and with that she hung up.

Same time at Ian's house.

Ian almost skipped in with how happy he was. He ran to his room where his master plan was unvailing. He walked in and picked up a book that he had written. He flipped through the paged until he reached page 30. Ian had written this book for the sole perpose of asking Amy Cahill to be his girlfriend. On the page in the book titled" The emerald angel." was written.

"The boy looked at this emerald angel and said. "Amy Cahill, will you go out with me?" -Ian Kabra." He thought it was well written. He walked to his car and was driven to the library he was to take Amy to and he asked the librarian if she could help.

"Well, this is an odd way to ask a girl out." The librarian said looking at the page that Ian had bookmarked. "I love it! Amy is a regular comer to the librry and she always talkeds about you Ian. I believe she will love this. It gives a shout out to her favorite thing, reading!" The librarian said with a misjivouse smile. "And she always takes book suggestions from me, so I can most definately help you with this, I won't take my day off tommorow Sue." She said.

"Thank you, this is really important to me." Ian said, and then he left.

The next day at the library.

Amy walked into the library she was supposed to meet Ian at. He was already there.

"Hi Amy!" He said.

"Hi Ian." Amy said mindlessly looking at the books.

Ian smiled at the librarian, who smiled back.

"Oh, Amy, we got a new book. This nice young man donated it, and I wanted you to have it. It seems alot more something you would want personally." She said.

"Really?" Amy said walking over to her.

"Yes, here you go, the Emerald angel." She read.

"Thank you." Amy said taking the book and walking back over to Ian.

"You donated this?" She asked not sounding quite sure.

"Yes, it's the only one in the world." Ian said smiling nervously.

"The only one. What did you hire an author?" She said sarcasticaly.

"No, I didn't need to. I wrote it." He said grinning more.

Amy opened the book and started reading. It was really good. She became engrossed and kept reading while Ian seemed to be counting the pages. After page 29 Ian looked away and looked red and all sorts of nervous. And when Amy read the page she could see why.

"Ian?" She said in a whisper.

"IAN! Of course, of course! How could I say no?" She yelled crying.

She jumped onto him and kissed him. Then hugged him. The kissed him again.

"So, do you like how I set it up?" Ian said with a practical ear to ear grin.

"Yes! I love it! You were really creative with things I like!" Amy cried.

"So. I guess we're togather now." Ian said, taking her hand.

"Yeah, I guess so." Amy said

Awww! Ok, this is the end. Sorry! I would continue it but I don't know where to go with it any more! :33