Omg, the season finale. MY BABIIES.
I had to recover in order to write this. It's not much, but I didn't want to tear apart their awesome wedding-discussion. So this had to do. Let me tell y'all, it's tricky to write a lot about five seconds or so of footage. Anyways, hope you enjoy this plotless little thing.
-Kiera. x

It's such a small moment, but he's not sure he's ever felt quite as scared.
Yes, he was scared when she pushed him to the ground in Tel Aviv, a lifetime ago, but the pain in his shoulder distracted him and he focused on that.
Yes, he was frightened when the words 'No survivors' ran through his head, and his stomach sank just like the boat would have done. But that was not such a fear for his life, more a fear that he knew she'd never come back, and he'd completely missed his chance.
And yes, he was scared when she went missing- oh, a year ago now- and he upturned every rock he could to try and find her. But that just felt different, because he was determined to find her.

But now, he's found her. She's with him; stood right by his side, and that's what makes it all the more petrifying. She might die, next to him, and that's something he's never contemplated before.

The lights flicker to a deep colour once more, the entire cabin shaking and tilting to the right. Her words from earlier echo in his mind. "No, I'm not going without you." Despite the situation, her words still managed to send a shiver down his spine.
Then, before he knows what's happening, she's pressed against him, clutching at his waist for balance. His arms fold round her reflexively; protectively, but it does little to help and the car just keeps trembling.

The quaking gets the better of the two of them, though, and they fall to the floor, together. Debris begins to fall from the ceiling, and he shuts his eyes momentarily. Her hand rests on top of his, and he automatically wraps his fingers round hers. Somehow, it makes him feel just a little better, because they're together in this... whatever it is. Part of his brain sees the irony in the fact that, even in a situation like this, they still act rather as one. The other part clings to her body, desperately trying to pull her from him. Because she's protecting him, he realizes, and he doesn't want her to be the hero; not now.

Opening his eyes again, he sees her face- contorted, eyes shut tight- and feels a stab of pain in his heart. Breathing out gently, the collapsing elevator almost entirely forgotten, he sees her eyes open and looks into them, seeing pain and fear and something he can't quite identify.
He realizes, this could be the last time he ever sees her. She could be the last thing he ever sees. And... he thinks he's okay with that. Because they're together.

And she is, in fact, that last thing he sees. Right before the lights go out.