Gilbert noticed something. He noticed that Matthew looked a little bit, off today. It was at a meeting. The boring crappy meeting that half the countries that contain in it gets bored as fuck. And to add that Germany is otherwise….you get the point. Don't you?

The ex-nation stared at Mattie noticing he looked pale. Really pale. 'Is birdie okay?' the albino thought to himself. Matthew noticed Gilbert sizing him and quickly looked away. Then he glanced back at him and Gilbert STILL was staring at him. the Canadian blushed. 'Why does he keep looking at me? Is there something on my face?' Matthew thought. Being stupid he wiped his face.

Gilbert just kept staring at him. Almost studying him. that's when he got up from his seat,(next to feli) interrupting his brother, Ludwig, and walking over to his Canadian boyfriend. Matthew at first didn't know what do as his lover walked over. But then he felt sick. Almost –throwing up- sick.

His faced turned a bright red as the ex-nation was a few seconds away from him. Then he busted a slob. On Gilbert. As he came. As soon as he came. The nasty peach, orange colored and chunky vomit splattered on Gilbert (a lot of it too). The countries stared in horror as when Matthew fell to the floor passed out. Gilbert, in shock knelt down to Matthew. He did NOT see that coming. Trying hard to ignore that he just got vomited on, he picked up Matthew feeling his forehead. He was burning. Alfred, Mattie's older brother, ran to Matthew, followed by Arthur which who was followed by Francis. all came to care for Matthew.

"What the bloody hell? I knew he was sick" Arthur said cleaning up the vomit. "Countries, meeting dismissed." Ludwig said then hurrying forward Matthew as half of the countries left the room really disgusted.

"Iz he alright?" Ludwig asked. "No, dude we have to take him to the clinic, QUICK!" Alfred said taking running to the door waiting for the other countries to come. "i hope my little Mathieu is okay" Francis worried. "don't we all you frog!" Arthur finished cleaning up the vomit.

At the clinic

"oh, he a rare type of stomach virus. Did he eat anything weird?" the nice nurse said asking the countries. Then Ludwig, Alfred, Arthur, and Francis looked at Gilbert. "Vhat? DON'T LOOK AT ME I DIDN'T DO ANY'ZING!" Gilbert panicked.

"Vwell, you have been with him more then us so what has he been eating?" Ludwig asked him. "I'm not sure. He hasn't been eating anything lately. I keep trying to make him eat him something but he says he's not hungry. But I knew something was wrong." Gilbert explained. "yup. I've noticed he looked a bit thinner then usual." Arthur added.

"oh dear god does he have tape worm?" Both Francis and Alfred said. "dude don't read my mind dick face." Alfred flatly said. Irritated.

Should I continue?