"Vhat?" Gilbert jumped off Mattie. "you can't be, you're a guy!" All Matthew did was give him a look. "Haven't you heard of mpreg dumb duck." The Canadian responded.

"B-but you should of told me before I just tried to have sex with you!" Gil exclaimed. "I wanted to tell you before but…I got really sick a few weeks earlier and I had no appetite so I didn't eat. But I have really weird symptoms, like, how I threw up even though I never ate. The Nurse was wrong Gil…" He told the albino. "but…" Gilbert started. "How?" "Because you keep fucking me." Matthew said flatly.

"Wow birdie I knew you was a chick. So, how do you know that you're even pregnant, and how is this even possible?" the ex-nation asked. "I honestly don't know…. But I have screwed up symptoms and I'm scared." said the Canadian. "Mattie, I seriously don't want a child, plus it will cause us a new country. Fuck, when I was just about to fuck you too." Gilbert said the last part under his breath.

"Well sorry Gil, I needed some contact from you because these people were all up on me." Matthew froze after he said that. He then wrapped his arms around his stomach. 'oh god'

"No! Don't throw up, not now! This is ridiculous!" Gilbert had to get him to the bathroom, but the bathroom that was in the room Francis was in there and the other one was upstairs. "France, get the FUCK out zis bathroom!" Gilbert yelled banging on the door. But it was too late, Matthew threw up again and this time it was milky white. Ew.

"OH MEIN GOTT!" Gil yelled and then after I guess 3 seconds he then sniffed and smelt something burning. "OH SHIT!" he said after that. "Gil…Gil…" Mattie was calling his name. "help." "just a minute, babe!" He dashed to the kitchen about to shove a fork up Arthur's ass.

The Fuck? O_O

He left poor sick Mattie on the floor. When Gil entered the kitchen he wasn't surprised to see fire. "I told you NOT to cook you ugly piece of crap!" He smacked Arthur in the back of the head. "Ow. Blooded, fuck." Arthur rubbed the place where he just got smacked. "Sorry." He then apologized to Gilbert harshly.

"OH my God! My bro threw up again!" Alfred entered the room. "Alfie…kick Gil's ass for me." He told the American softly. "don't worry bro, I'll do it when he's at least expecting it." Alfred knelt down. "aw dude your vomit smells like crap."

"just help me." The Canadian said a little annoyed. So Alfred picked him up bridal style and took him upstairs to the other bathroom. Alfred literally threw him in there and closed the door. "Just… take good for yourself in there, bro." He said behind the closed door. Almost not caring.

Matthew hit the tiled floor but not that hard because he landed on his butt. He was too tired and annoyed to get up and shower and stuff.

After everything was settled a bit.

Francis finally came out the bathroom and fainted at the sight of vomit. Oh great. Arthur was there and laughed at the 'wanker.' "England hurry up and clean that shit, it's nasty." Alfred whined. After Gilbert was done fixing up his kitchen and stuff he told everyone to just eat cereal and the Frenchman was still passed out. So, y'now he couldn't cook for them.

Matthew was still in the bathroom, kinda tired so he fell asleep in there. Weird. (But I have done that before. And sorry if I'm skipping part to part I'm a lazy bitch.) "So, my bro threw up and you left his weak helpless body on the floor." Alfred gave Gil a look which actually made Gil's heart sunk.

Ooooooohh snap he gonna get beat up. Well eye dee kay. Ch.6 is being worked on. Oh guys, I'm like so in love yandere Canada so I might be making a Prucan fic featuring Snapped! Canada. Sooo if you want that just tell me and I'll do it after I'm done with this story. K bye~ revvvieeewww :P