Pezberry Life

Who uses all the hot water?


"Where's the spider this time?" Santana asked, strolling into their room.

"Santana! Why is there no hot water?" Rachel grumbled.

"Because I went for a run this morning. And when I returned, my beautiful and randomly horny girlfriend decided that she wanted all up on this. After which, she proceeded to pass out, while I had to get ready for work. Thus, I took a long, luxurious shower in hopes of washing all the sex off me. And now it is…six hours later, and you're just now getting into the shower?"

"You do realize that if I'd given that long of an answer, you would've teased me?" Rachel asked.

"Yup. Go run through it cold—we're meeting Blaine and Dave for dinner."

"I hate you right now."

"Love you too, Shortie."