Pezberry Life

Silliest fights

"We've been through this…."

"Yeah, and you're still wrong."

"I am not! You're being ridiculous."

"Look, it was cute in high school, but it's time to grow up…. You have to accept the fact that I'm right, here."

"I don't get you sometimes. I really don't. You logic makes no sense to me."

"Would you like to be the pot or the kettle?"

"Don't be so judgmental!"

"I'm not being judgmental! I just think you need to sort out your priorities. As a performer, you should really know better."

"Don't bring me as a performer into this, Santana Lopez! It's got nothing to do with that. And besides, if you want to go down that road, the best performers have varied tastes."

"That still doesn't excuse the fact that you like *NSYNC better than Backstreet Boys…."