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Chapter 1: Secret

Everyone has a secret

But can they keep it

Maroon 5: Secret

Ten months, that's how long it had been since President Grant received a good night's sleep. That's how long it had been since Olivia Pope had handed in her letter of resignation. That's how long it had been since she walked out of his life, into the shadows of the night and broken his heart.

Olivia's departure had been completely unexpected. To his knowledge, everything had been going pretty fine since Inauguration Day. Mellie was happy; Olivia was happy; the kids where happy, and Fitz was happy. As the months progressed and Fitz adjusted to life in the White House he was truly the happiest he'd been in years. He was President of the United States and he was in love with a brilliant woman; he couldn't have asked for more, and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why she left. All he knew was that he went from seeing her on a daily basis to only seeing her every once in a blue moon.

Olivia had dropped off of everyone's radar for approximately five months. Then she reappeared with her crisis management firm, Pope & Associates. Her team was comprised of the same people who helped to squash the allegations of Mellie's affair.

Fitz understood completely why Olivia would want to branch out on her own. She was young, talented, brilliant,
and ambitious. She was business savvy and knew exactly what she was doing. He just hated how she left. No goodbye, no explanation; she just vanished into the night. Even when she did resurface, it took him months to get an outright explanation.

Olivia claimed that she needed a change. She feared that by saying on staff, she was a threat to his presidency. She would not destroy what they worked so hard to build. She wanted him to be the president she voted for. She wanted him to be the extraordinary man she knew he could be. By staying, she was only a distraction; one deterring him from his goals.

No matter how much Fitz tried to convince Olivia come back her, there was no changing her mind. Her business was running smoothly and she was happy with what she was doing. She loved putting on her white hat giving people how. She was making something and out of nothing; however, promised to always be there when he needed her. The man was the love of her life, and Olivia was still on his side. She wouldn't - couldn't - completely cut him out of her life, but she could keep him at a distance. In order to protect herself, her credibility, and her secret, she had to limit his access to her. No more late night get-togethers or trips to Camp David. It was all too risky.

Olivia knew if Fitz ever discovered the real reason she resigned, he'd give up everything. He would walk away from his presidency and divorce Mellie. He would give up the extraordinary they'd fought so hard to get and Olivia wouldn't allow it. She would rather them both be wounded than to cost him everything. They owed it to the American people to walk away, because it wasn't just their lives in play. It was much bigger than the two of them. Olivia knew that as President Grant, Fitz could make changes; that he could be the man he promised to be; the man she voted for. She loved him enough to give him what he needed and to walk away. When a person loves someone the way she loves Fitz, they would do anything to see that person succeed. That's why Olivia knew she had to keep Josslyn Aria Grant a secret. Even from her father.