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Chapter 40: Life is Short

Yeah the cookie crumbles but in who's hand?

All things said and all things done

- Butterfly Boucher

Olivia stared at Fitz, shocked by Mellie's revelation. Olivia knew he was making changes in his life but he wasn't expecting him to ask for a divorce. She couldn't figure out if he was looking for political suicide or if he didn't give a damn anymore.

"Have you lost your mind," Cyrus roared at Fitz. "You're the President, you can't get a divorce!"

"This doesn't concern you," Fitz argued.

"Doesn't concern me. My job is to keep you in office. You getting a divorce is one of the quickest ways out of the Oval Office!"

"Cyrus," Olivia finally spoke.

"Oh and I bet you're loving this. You and him and the baby can live in some fantasy land while the rest of us deal with this fuckery," he lashed out.

"Cyrus, that's enough! Olivia doesn't know anything and isn't involved. She's dating," he said, taking Cyrus and Mellie off guard.

"Cyrus, I have very little patience or tolerance for bullshit. You came to me for help and now my daughter's life is on the brink of being hell. So unless you have a solution, shut the hell up," Olivia yelled, taking him by surprise.

"You can't get divorced, not right now," Olivia turned to Fitz. "I have a feeling Jennifer won't be changing her mind."

"She doesn't have a leg to stand on," Cyrus said.

"Newsflash Cyrus, they have a child. Living, breathing proof of her allegations. It wouldn't take the long for any of his rivals to figure that out," Mellie interjected.

"Jennifer reminds me of Mellie. Nothing is to stand in her way of getting what she wants, consequences and collateral be damned," Olivia added. "With that said, there's very little doubt in my mind that she won't go public."

"Then all hell will break loose," Fitz sighed.

"The two of you need to sit down and prepare the kids. Fitz, you to call JR and Nancy to warn them. Mellie, if the story breaks, you need to instruct your parents and siblings not to speak to the press. "

"And what will you do? You can only hide Josslyn for so long. It's not as if you can deny her existence," Mellie questioned. She knew having Josslyn complicated the situation. If they're wasnt a baby, they could simply discredit Jennifer, but people knew Olivia has a child. There are records, documents, and photographs proving she did.

"I'm taking the same course of action you are."

"I could always admit to having an affair, take control of the situation before Jennifer goes public, " Fitz suggested and Cyrus sighed loudly.

"Because admitting to the American public that you can't keep it in your pants or use a condom is going to help this situation."

"Would you shut the hell up," Fitz slammed his hand on the table. "You are the only person in this room who isn't in jeopardy of losing everything and yet your the most opinionated. Unless what you have to say is going to help, I don't want to hear another word from you. I swear Cyrus, if you test me, I'll call James and personally help him with the adoption process," Fitz threatened and Cyrus swallowed hard.

"I have a plan," Olivia announced and all eyes snapped towards her. "It's farfetched but we can make it work."

"What is it," Mellie questioned. As she'd sat at the table, she's been trying the cook up a solution but nothing would do because of Josslyn.

"We'll say Fitz was my sperm donor," Olivia said boldly and Cyrus' eyes bulged but he remained silent.

"Look I know it's farfetched but it's the only thing that will work. There is no denying Josslyn is your child. If anyone where to request a DNA, there's no way around it expect for forging the results and publicly denying Fitz fathered her..."

"I'd never do that," he interrupted. Olivia could convince him to do many things but denying their child wouldn't be one of them.

"We can say that this occurred over the Christmas holiday out in California," she continued. She'd spent the week after Christmas before her pregnancy in California, splitting her time been the ranch and Ella's. "We can say I confided in Mellie about wanting kids but being single and not wanting to adopt just yet. She spoke to Fitz and after a lot of thought, it was agreed he'd be a sperm donor."

"How do we explain the lack of documentation," Mellie asked. She knew people would dig into Olivia's medical records and finances.

"I have a guy that can handle that."

"What about the trust fund, JR set up. If Fitz is only a sperm donor then why would his father give your child inheritance," Cyrus threw out, figuring it was safe to speak. The knew when to pick his battles and going up against Olivia and Fitz wouldn't be wise on his part.

"Dad is big on family," Fitz threw out. "Once he found I'd fathered a child, even if I wasn't raising her; he felt the need to be apart of her life."

"I think it can work. I was able to convince people I had a miscarriage. Certainly people will buy into Fitz being a sperm donor. We've always said Olivia is like family and that we'd do anything for her. Billy is gone so there's no proof of an affair," Mellie rationalized.

"I need to talk to Kat, John, and Johnny before I head back to my office. Call a car for the kids, talk to them and I'll handle things on my part," Olivia instructed.

"I'll call the nanny," Mellie said.

"And I'll call for a car," Cyrus said pulling out his blackberry.

"Can you give me a moment with Olivia," Fitz asked but they could tell by the tone of his voice there was no room for negotiation.

"Are you okay Liv? I'm not referring to The Great Olivia Pope. I'm asking about you, Josslyn's mom, my...my Livi," he asked as he stood before her. He could see the hesitation and fear behind her dark orbs.

"I have to be. I can't... I don't have time to be that person, Fitz. One wrong move, one slip up and this all could go to hell," she answered honestly, slightly letting her guard down. It was the first time since Christmas that things had felt somewhat normal between them.

"If things get out of hand and you need a place to hide out, the house in Cambridge is free for you to use," Fitz offered kindly.

"That wouldn't be too wise, all things considered. While your offer is sweet, I have a place to get away to," she assured.

"What are you going to do about Jennifer?"

"Don't you worry about her. The less you know the better," Olivia responded in a tone that scared Fitz. He'd never seen her look that way before. "She threatened Josslyn, she threatened our daughter. I will tolerate quite a bit, but the potential loss of Josslyn happiness and safety isn't one of them. I don't care who that girl is or what she thinks she can hold over my head, because when I'm done with her she'll regret the day she laid eyes on John. "

"Liv," Fitz placed his hands on her shaking form. "Just take a deep breath and calm yourself," he instructed and received a nod. He ran his hands down her shoulders until her breathing regulated. "There you go... Are you certain you want to go this route?"

"Yes. I'm doing this to protect our daughter, but Fitz I need you by my side," she met his gaze. "Promise me... promise me that you'll stick to the plan. I know you said you'd never deny me or what we had but you have to," she pleaded.

"Livi, I..."

"Please... If not for me, do it for Josslyn. It's one thing if she's the child you fathered to help a dear friend, but it's another of she's your secret love child. I need you Fitz. I can't do this without you being on board. Please tell me you are," her voice cracked as she swallowed her tears. She could let their live destroy their lives. She could imagine get daughter living her entire life as a secret love child.

"I promise... I know this is for the best but Liv... If this becomes too much, if you want to face the music all you have to do is say so. You know I'm always in your corner," he swore as he resisted the urge to kiss her. She was vulnerable and exposed, on the brink of losing it all and he only wanted to comfort her. Instead, his hand brushed her cheek and she pressed her face into his palm. "You're still wearing your ring," he commented as he looked down at her hand but didn't receive a comment.

"Just... One minute. Before I go put on my white and we rewrite history. Before we go back to being former lovers and Josslyn's parents. Just one moment where we're just Fitz and Livi," Olivia requested and Fitz nodded.

His arms pulled her in and she melted into his touch. There she was safe and everything was right in the world. There was nothing she couldn't do because even if he didn't verbalize it, Fitz believed in her. He was trusting her with his life: he was putting his job, his reputation, his heart on the line once again and was trusting her to return them to him in good condition. More importantly, he was looking beyond the last six months to comfort and support her.

"You're good," Fitz asked, reluctantly pulling away from her and she gave him a silent nod. "I have faith in you Livi. One of the things I admire the most about you is your drive and determination. You never let anyone stand in your way…Go put on your white hat and save the day," he kissed her forehead and gave an encouraging smile. That simple gesture alone was all Olivia needed to put things in perspective. It calmed her fears and reminded exactly why she was willing to risk everything, and spend the rest of her life living a lie to stop the cookie from crumbling right before their eyes.

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