Chapter 5: "Trying To Control A Poltergeist Is Deadly"

"Where's his room?" Dean asked.

"The basement," the old man answered.

Dean shook his head. "Of course. Okay, then, let's visit Mr. Hill, shall we?" He gestured to the old man to lead the way.

The old man nervously did so, quietly leading the Winchesters into the lobby, through a door not far from the front door, and down a flight of stairs. Another door, and they were in the basement.

When the old man reached Joseph's bedroom door he hesitated before knocking. "Sir, it's Frank. We need to talk."

Frank glanced at the brothers, then back at the door while they waited, but there was no reply.

Sam knocked on the door harder than Frank had. "Mr. Hill. Can you come out?"

They waited about ten seconds longer but nobody came to the door and they hadn't heard anyone shuffling inside.

Dean and Sam looked at each other and Sam nodded.

Dean picked the lock with a paper clip and pushed the door open.

Frank gasped.

Joseph was lying bloody on the floor in the middle of the room with the only light in it coming from a dozen lit wax candles on his desk.

Dean squat beside Joseph's body while Sam examined the objects on his desk.

"He's been using his desk like an alter table," Sam told Dean.

Dean stood and walked over to it to look at the variety of objects on the table, the knives, the blood, the old book that looked similar to one a witch would own.

"So now we know how he was controlling the spirits," Dean said. "And from all the blood he was using and the spells, it looks like he was trying to control all of them, even the most powerful ones."

"Like the black mass," Frank thought out loud.

Sam nodded. "It must be a poltergeist taking form."

"Do you think he was a witch?" Dean inquired.

Sam shrugged.

"Well, either way, we need to burn the body," Dean decided. "Make sure he doesn't come back to haunt our asses."

Sam nodded and was about to pull a lighter and a bag of salt out of his jacket pockets when they heard a woman shriek.

He and Dean took off, running for the lobby with Frank following them as fast as his aged body let him.

When they reached the stairs, the Winchesters stopped in their tracks. At the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor rooms, Marybeth lay face down on the ground, her hair covering her face soaked with blood.

"Is she dead?" a voice whimpered from above.

It was Tiffany.

She and the rest of the guests were standing in the spot Marybeth must have been thrown or jumped from, in front of the white banister, all frozen and shocked by the sight below them.

Sam approached Marybeth and squatted beside her to check for a pulse but she didn't have one.

He shook his head at Dean and Dean looked away. "Damn it."

Dean then glanced up at the other guests above. "What the hell happened here?"

Tiffany cried. "She jumped! Oh God, she jumped. We were all fine and then she asked me if I heard the voice too and she started acting crazy. She said she had to go, and took off."

"No one tried to stop her?" Sam asked.

The army man stepped forward. "I told the others to stay back. I went after her, and they didn't listen to me, but she threw herself off the stairs before any of us could grab her and pull her away from the edge."

"Do you know why she'd do that?" Tiffany inquired.

"My guess is the poltergeist got to her," Dean said. "And if that's so, now more than ever we need to stick together."

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