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It was the morning of the Surf Carnival. Excitement filled the Braxton house; Brax and Heath were giving Casey a pep talk. Ruby had called round early to wish her boyfriend good luck.

As the house filled with noise and laughter, Amelia was hiding in the kitchen making a picnic. Scarlet was sat in her highchair eating some banana. Brax smiled as he walked into the kitchen, he put his arms around Amelia's waist. He kissed her neck gently. Amelia smiled and turned to face him "Not long now and you will be Mrs Braxton" Brax beamed. "I'm already Mrs Braxton you goof" Amelia giggled.

"I know but I just want everyone to know how much I love you" Brax said as he leaned forward to kiss her lips "Nothing is gonna take you away from me" he said finally, before kissing her.

"I love you too" Amelia replied between kisses. Brax put his arms around Amelia and picked her up off the floor. Amelia squealed and Scarlet laughed. As Brax returned Amelia to the floor, he headed over to his little girl and took her out of her highchair. Scarlet squealed excitedly kicking her legs. Brax kissed Scarlet and carried her into the living room. Amelia smiled as she watched Brax with their daughter. She knew today would be a good day to tell him about the baby she thought to herself as she gently touched her stomach.


Amelia and Ruby were sat on a blanket on the sand, Scarlet was in her pushchair fast asleep as usual. "So have you got everything sorted for the wedding yet?" Ruby questioned curiously. Amelia nodded "Yeh, pretty much my wedding dress should be ready next week and the brides maids dresses are being delivered tomorrow" Amelia smiled. "Ooh, I can't wait to see them" Ruby beamed excitedly.

Suddenly Heath and Brax came running over "Casey's about to start" Brax exclaimed out of breath. Ruby looked at Amelia "Its fine you go, I'm gonna wait here with Scarlet" Amelia smiled. Brax, Heath and Ruby headed towards the grass verge so they could see better. Amelia smiled as she watched them; she was interrupted by a cry. Scarlet had woken up. Amelia reached into the pram and took Scarlet out "Did you want to watch you're big brother" Amelia said in a babyish voice. Scarlet just giggled. Amelia put Scarlet on her hip and stood on her tip toes so she could see Casey.

Casey won his race, after he had finished Casey and Ruby rushed over to Amelia and Scarlet. Casey had his arm tightly wrapped around Ruby. Amelia couldn't help thinking how much they reminded her of her and Brax. As Ruby got nearer to Amelia she took Scarlet from her quickly and ran back to Casey, handing her to him. Amelia looked up at where Heath and Brax were still stood. She noticed them talking to Alf, she smiled at Brax when he turned to look at her "I love you" he mouthed silently. Amelia grinned widely "I love you too" she silently mouthed back.

Suddenly 3 men barged into Amelia, causing her to lose concentration. As she regained focus she realised something was wrong. Amelia could feel an unbearable pain in her stomach. She instinctively put her hand on the place it hurt. Amelia was horrified as she moved her hand away. She held her hand up to look at it. Brax shared the same horrified expression when he saw Amelia's hand. It was drenched in blood…her blood!

Amelia was no longer smiling; she had pain and fear in her face. "SHIT" Brax cried as he jumped over the fence. "Brax what's…?" Heath asked, but he soon realised as he turned to see what had made Brax react like that. It was then he noticed Amelia, she had no colour in her face and was staggering backwards. Brax barged his way through the crowd forcefully "Move" he yelled at everyone who got in his way. Although he wasn't far away from his wife, it felt like miles.

Ruby had now turned and saw what all the fuss was about "OH MY GOD" she screeched, causing Casey to look round. Heath had arrived by now; he put a protective arm around Ruby, who was now hysterical. Casey pulled Scarlet closer to him

Amelia felt her body giving in. As she fell towards the sand she felt a comforting arm catch her. The weight of her body forced Brax to his knees; he pulled Amelia into his lap and put pressure on her wound. The blood poured through his fingers uncontrollably. Heath quickly pulled off his shirt and handed it to Brax. Amelia was in so much pain, she was gasping for breath "Darryl" she whispered with tears in her eyes.

"Shh baby, don't talk" Brax said trying to keep calm.

Amelia was now struggling to breathe; Brax could see the tears in his wife's eyes, he was struggling to fight his own tears. "Just hold on baby" Brax begged. Suddenly Roo, Irene, Alf, Marilyn and Bianca had rushed to see what was going on, "OH GOD NO" Bianca yelled, Heath quickly rushed over to comfort her.

Now everyone on the beach was stood in a circle around Brax and Amelia. Brax could tell his wife was fading "Where's the fucking Ambulance" he yelled desperately.

"I love you" Amelia whispered faintly.

"Don't you dare do that, don't you give in" Brax demanded shaking his head frantically. Amelia smiled weakly. Casey and Ruby were holding Scarlet tightly. Neither of them could believe what was happening. Heath was comforting Bianca.

Roo, Marilyn and Irene were standing close to Alf. All of them watched as Brax cradled is fading wife, desperately clinging on to hope.

Brax felt Amelia's body go limp "MILLY" he yelled "MILLY DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME" he screamed as he pulled Amelia closer to him. Tears were streaming down his face. Heath realised Amelia needed to get to hospital, he knew she didn't have time to wait for the ambulance. Before he had chance to tell Brax, Heath realised Brax had already started making his way to his car.

Heath quickly followed, he took the keys off Brax "Drive fast, I can't lose her" Brax said as he climbed in the seat next to his wife. Heath sped towards the hospital; he was relieved they had arrived in one piece.

Brax quickly grabbed Amelia out of the car and rushed over to the doctors who were waiting to greet them. Roo had called Sid to let him know the boy's were on their way.

Sid took Amelia out of Brax's arms and laid her lifeless body on a trolley. He and the other doctors then rushed into the hospital. They were closely followed by Brax and Heath into rhesus. A nurse cut open Amelia's white dress revealing her pink strapless bra. Then whole room went silent for a second when they saw the extent of Amelia's injuries.

"We're going to need as much B Negative as you can get" Sid demanded to one of the nurses.

"Shall we ring through for a CT scan" Another nurse questioned. Sid shook his head.

"No there is no time, this belly's full of blood" Sid exclaimed as he gently pushed on Amelia's stomach. Amelia had now been hooked up to a few machines. As Sid and the nurses rushed out the room with Amelia, Brax watched as the staff frantically tried to save her life. He felt completely useless "Please Sid, you have to help her" Brax begged as he watched his wife disappear. Heath put a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder.

Brax scrubbed his hands frantically, trying to get his wife's blood off his hands. He couldn't focus his thoughts on anything as he watched the bloodstained water trickle down the plug hole.


After finally gathering himself, Brax had rejoined his family in the waiting room. Bianca, Charlie, Cheryl Casey and Ruby had now arrived. Heath had gone to fetch Scarlet from Leah's house. He figured Brax would need something to keep him calm.


An ocean of silence filled the room when Sid appeared out of the operating theatre followed by Amelia; she was on a bed with tubes and machines attached to her. Brax sighed a sigh of relief when he realised Amelia was breathing. "Sid how is she?" Brax asked as he stood quickly.

"Well we have managed to stop the bleeding, but because of the amount of blood Amelia lost I'm afraid her brain was starved of oxygen for a short while" Sid explained.

"Which means?" Brax said with an anxious tone to his voice.

"It means Amelia is at risk from brain damage, we won't know too what extent until she wake's up and that is if she wakes up"

"If?" Brax repeated "What do you mean if, Sid what chance does she have of waking up?"

"I'm afraid it's a 50/50 chance" Sid said grimly, but Brax realised he was holding something back.

"What's going on Sid there is something you're not telling me?" Brax frowned.

"Brax when Amelia came to see me yesterday we did some tests" Sid started before being interrupted by Brax.

"What do you mean tests?"

"She's pregnant Brax, Amelia's 13 weeks pregnant" Sid said causing Brax to slump in the chair behind him.

"Pregnant, how I don't understand? Mill had a miscarriage" Brax couldn't get his head around the news Sid had just given him.

"When Amelia miscarried she was carrying twins, she only miscarried one of the babies" Sid said finally before getting up "You can see her whenever you're ready"

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