Amelia couldn't speak she had just sat down in the place she had been stood, the women were desperately asking Ruby about information on their partners "Amy" a familiar voice broke through the thickness in the air. A thickness that made it almost impossible to breathe "Amy" the female voice said again, this time Lynne sat down beside Amelia and grabbed her hand.

"Amy sweetie I need you to listen to me ok?" Lynne said softly, Amelia just nodded "Its gonna be ok sweetie?" Lynne smiled weakly "Brax is strong and sensible, if anyone can come back from this him and Heath can. Now you need to hold it together ok honey, you have Scarlet and that baby in your belly to think about"

Amelia just sat for a few moments and took in what Lynne had said to her then she took a deep breath and stood up. Lynne watched curiously as she walked towards Ruby "Is anyone else missing?" Amelia asked slowly, she felt Charlie grip onto her hand.

"Er…Er, B…Brax, Heath" Ruby sniffed "John, Sam, Gordo and Mike"

"Casey" Amelia suddenly remembered "Ruby what about Casey" Amelia yelled, the panic in her voice made everyone rush to her.

"He's ok" Ruby said quickly "Casey's ok"

"Oh thank god" Amelia cried as she remembered herself and turned to Gina who was beside herself. Amelia walked over to Gina and took both of her hands "John will be ok Gina" Amelia seemed certain of what she was saying "Darryl won't let anything happen to him" she added.


After the shock, the woman had gathered at the surf club to wait for the survivors to be brought in "Oh thank god" Bianca shrieked as she rushed towards Liam "I love you2 she sobbed as she wrapped her arms tightly around his torso.

Amelia and Ruby waited anxiously, they were both overwhelmed when they saw Casey walk through the door with a couple of River Boys "Casey" Ruby squealed as she rushed to Casey and wrapped her arms around him. Amelia waited for Ruby to back off Casey before she hugged him herself.

"I'm sorry" Casey sniffed as he pulled away from his mum "I tried to find them but…"

"Casey, baby" Amelia cupped Casey's face in her hands "Look at me, you are here and you are safe that's all that matters to me…you don' need to be sorry" Amelia pulled Casey into another tight hug, she was desperate to see Brax walk through the door and for someone to tell her that they had made a mistake, and that he was ok but that didn't happen.


Alf and the rest of the voluntary rescue service had arrived at the surf club, so had the police "Mrs Braxton" a male officer said causing Amelia to turn quickly.

"Yeh" Amelia's mouth moved but was too dry to speak.

"I'm Officer Noble and this is…" the officer started.

"Look with all due respect officer I know who you are, o you can save the introductions" Amelia snapped angrily I want you to skip straight to the part where you tell me what you are doing to find my husband and his brother"

"I'm sorry Mrs Braxton but there isn't a lot we can do" the officer regretted his reply instantly.

"What" Amelia cried "How can there be nothing you can do?"

"The coastguard has a helicopter out searching and we have a few men on foot in the bush, but into we get some light we are…" the police officer explained.

"Useless" Amelia filled in his conversation sharply "You, lot are useless"

"I'm sorry Mrs Braxton but there's not a lot more we can do while it's still dark" the police officer apologised.

"Not a lot you can't do, or not a lot you won't do" Amelia replied angrily "Don't pretend that this is a good situation for you guys"

"Amelia" Charlie stepped in and put her hands on Amelia's shoulders but Amelia pushed her away "Oh come of it I'm not stupid, you lot have been trying to bring us down since we moved here, don't try and pretend this isn't and ideal situation for you all…five less River boys in the Bay for you to worry about"

"And what about John?" Gina finally stepped forwards.

"I'm sorry Gina but john is unlucky…while he is out there with the boys you can kiss goodbye to any of these guys actually doing anything to save him" Amelia ranted furiously.

"AMY" a voice interrupted silencing Amelia immediately, the voice came from Harry. Amelia rushed straight not his open arms. Gina was left reeling from Amelia's outburst.

"Take no notice love" Alf sighed as he approached Gina "She didn't mean any of it, she's just upset, we were gonna bring him home"

"I hope so Alf" Gina exhaled "I hope they bring them all home"


As the hours past it started to get lighter outside Romeo, Miles, Sid, Elijah and Liam were all getting ready to help with the search "I want to help too" Casey said as he walked towards Alf, who was giving the guys a run down on what was going to happen.

"No" Ruby protested causing Casey to frown "I got you back I can't let you go back out there Case"

"But my family's out there" Casey argued.

"Ruby' right Casey" Amelia interrupted "Besides me and Ruby need you here so you can't go out"

Bianca was also pre-occupied with Liam's decision "You can't go out there Liam, please"

"I have to Bianca, Heath and Brax saved my life…the least I can do is try and save theirs"


The rescuers all gather outside the car park and looked around there where about 15 men "Do you think this is enough?" Sid asked Alf nervously.

"Not really but it's the best we've got right now" Alf sighed regretfully.

"Oh my god look" Roo gasped as she pointed to the 8 trucks that had arrived in the car park, as the trucks stopped about 4 River boys climbed out of each one.

"Jamie" Amelia smiled weakly as she walked closer to the tall guy with long hair.

"I called everyone I could" Jamie said as he looked back at the 30 River Boys standing behind him.

"You did good, thank you" Amelia smiled as he rubbed Jamie's arm, she turned to Alf and Sid who were practically gob smacked at the sight in front of them "They want to help with the search"

"Yeah" Alf stuttered "Yeah we'd be glad of all the help we can get, he couldn't believe the River Boys, known for their violence and causing trouble, were standing in front of him willing to do whatever he told them to do.

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