Selfish Degenerate

#91 – Writer's Choice.

Prompt: Selfish

Characters: Ky, Xander

Summary: What if Xander wasn't secretly working for The Rising? What words would he have to say to Ky if he saw him again, and vice versa? Slightly AU.

He hadn't expected to ever see Ky again. He had half-hoped he wouldn't though there was still a part of him that wanted his say – didn't he deserve to have his say after all Ky had taken – stolen - from him? Ky had waltzed off with his Match, the only girl Xander had ever loved, without so much as an apology or a backwards glance. Not that Xander could have or would have accepted a "sorry" from Ky. It didn't begin to make things right.

And yet there he was. Ky. Sitting at a table in a small eatery, feasting on something the Officials wouldn't have approved of – something that didn't come in a foil wrapper. Even working for the government, even fighting their war, per their orders, Ky refused to completely conform. Was that what Cassia loved about him? Xander wondered. His ability to stand out, to shine, despite his past of trying to slip under the radar? He had once tried very hard to conceal his Aberration status, but there had been little red flags up all the time that everyone should have recognized.

Xander had come to the Outer Provinces on a work mission for The Society but was soon going to return to Oria, to the safety of what he knew, but where he would be alone forever. The thought made him very angry and bitter indeed.

He marched over to Ky and slid into the seat across from him without being invited to sit. Pleasantries seemed inappropriate given the situation. "Does Cassia know you're here?" Xander immediately bit out.

Ky didn't answer, didn't even raise a dark eyebrow, and Xander felt the overwhelming desire to shake the truth out of his opponent but resisted. "Does she?" Xander said again as Ky kept picking at his food.

"Not yet," Ky said.

"But you plan to what – send a message to her? Bring her to a warzone and risk her life just so you can play the part of lovers?" Xander hated the sound of jealousy in his voice but he also hated that Ky was willing to endanger the woman they both loved for his own selfish desires. Xander had given up Cassia but not so that she could die.

"She wants to see me," Ky said. "That may hurt you and I'm truly sorry but –"

"But nothing. Don't pretend to care about my feelings. Don't pretend at all. You, Ky Markham, are nothing but a selfish degenerate. You offer Cassia forbidden romance but what else have you ever offered her? What have you given her? Certainly not safety or security. She had to leave her home in Oria. Her family was forced to the same, to retire to the Farmlands to work and toil in the sun, doing hard labor for the rest of their days. You made her an Aberration just like you. You marked her. You stole away everything that was familiar to her. Worst of all, you put her very life in jeopardy. You are selfish!" Xander said, his voice reaching a near-bellow.

If Xander expected Ky to look humbled, he was mistaken because Ky only shook his head. "I will always regret that I put Cassia and her family's lives in the line of fire but I am not the only selfish one here, Xander. You are too. You wanted to keep Cassia close; you wanted to keep her in a pretty, shiny glass box - a cage. You didn't want her to learn and grow, to fight the oppression of The Society. You only wanted to keep her for yourself."

"She was mine," Xander said. "Before you came along, she was mine."

Ky stood up and shoved aside his tray. "Thinking you can contain her, Xander. That was your mistake. Who is the selfish one now?" And then Ky turned and walked out of the busy mess hall leaving Xander with still more to contemplate and stew over.

Note: Although it may not be obvious here yet, I am totally Team Xander lol