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I hated watching her self-destruct.

I think she let the fame of being the Chosen One's baby girl go to her head.

Around her fifth year (my seventh), she just imploded.

Her grades fell from Oustandings to Trolls in a matter of weeks.

She stopped studying, stopped trying.

It became a miracle to see her in class before twelve.

She started drinking and smoking heavily.

It was horrible to watch.

Her family tried to help, especially Albus (my best friend), but there didn't seem to be anything that anyone could do.

After a while, everyone just gave up.

Except me.

I would watch over her, if I caught her out while doing rounds I would give her a sobering potion and bring her back to Gryffindor common room.

There were times when she was really bad and everyone told me to give up.

My head would say "Who cares?"

But then my heart would whisper "you do, stupid..."

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