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A New Beginning

2 Hours, 12 minutes, and 18 minutes later Derek had the wedding underway with the help of Merideth Christina, Callie, Arizona and Chief Webber. The whole hospital had been rushing around in order to get everything ready for the simple yet special wedding of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey.

In a way, the wedding was much more than just Mark and Lexie getting married; it was a celebration that Seattle Grace Mercy Death had once again faced death head on and had somehow come out alive.

The few hours that Mark, Merideth, Derek, Christina, and Arizona had thought Lexie was dead were some of the most terrible hours they had lived through. They were physically and mentally exhausted and their bodies were beaten and battered by the time help had arrived.

The months that had past since that terrible event had left each of them with a different struggle. Merideth had fortunately been the least hurt but emotionally she was still unsure. Have thought she had lost Lexie to turn around and have her be okay was hard to deal with but with Derek and Zola, she was coping.

Christina had finally gone into shock after being rescued. She had kept herself and everyone else together right after the crash but that had taken an emotional toll on her body as well. She didn't want to have to be the strong one for a while and had fortunately found comfort and strength in the arms of Owen Hunt. Physically, her dislocated shoulder had healed and only felt a little bit of the soreness now and then.

Derek had the emotional strain of the ordeal but he was also coping with regaining strength in his arm. He had thanked God repeatedly that he had not lost his hand and considered himself lucky to have made it out of the ordeal with only a few physical and emotional scars. Given time, he knew his arm would be back up to par with being a neurosurgeon and he would have his OR back.

Arizona had lost a lot of blood and the compound fracture of her left leg was still healing. Callie had been able to use screws to secure the bone back in place and the wound was healing nicely. She would always have a slight limp and possibly use a cane but she could deal with that as long as she had Callie and Sofia. They were her rock and helped her through her ongoing recovery.

Mark had miraculously not gotten any kind of infection from where Meredith had relieved the pressure from his cardiac tamponade. He had actually not even realized something was wrong with him at the time, just attributed the pain in his chest to his heart breaking. He had wanted to die right along with Lexie on that awful day and it was a miracle that they were both still alive. He hated to admit it but only the thought of Sofia needing him had kept him alive when he had thought Lexie was dead. Had it not been for the desperation in Arizona's voice when she told him Sofia was waiting on him, he would not have come back from that ledge he had been about to fall over.

Lexie had been hurt the worst of course but at least she had been in a coma for most of the physical recovery time. Her wounds would still plague her as would the nightmares of what had happened that terrible day but the worse of the literal pain was over. Her body was getting stronger ever day and they are specifically kept her comatose through as much of the healing as could. The task that lay before her now would be strenuous physical therapy to learn to use her arm and legs again. If she was able to learn to walk she would be okay. She was glad she had Mark to lean on for support in that area. He had promised her after she woke up that he would be with her every step of the way no matter where the road led them.

So this wedding, was so much more than just the joining of Mark and Lexie; it was so much more than all of them alone. But together, it was a much needed time to celebrate and be happy that they had lived to see another day.

There was nothing fancy about the wedding. Derek had picked up a suit for Mark to wear as well as the engagement ring he had bought Lexie two years before. He had never told anyone except Derek that he had bought her a ring and they had split up shortly have the purchase but he had kept it. Hoping that someday he would be able to give it to her.

Meredith had been so happy that Lexie was still alive. She had gotten her a simple white dress that no one would see anyway since Lexie was bedridden for the moment but it was at least something. She had gotten the hospital's priest to oversee the small ceremony and had picked up the marriage license that Chief Webber had somehow arrange in the spur of the moment.

Christina had picked up a few vases of roses while Callie and Arizona had gotten the single-tier cake from a local bakery. Everyone had done their part to make sure the wedding went off quickly and without any problems.

The women quickly crowded the room, trying to prepare Lexie and the few decorative touches they have brought with them. Mark is banished from the room and for the first time since walking back into the hospital after the crash, does so with ease and a smile on his face. "I'll be back to marry you soon," he whispered in Lexie's ear then walked out the door with a bounce in his step he had been afraid might never have returned.

Derek presented the suit and ring to his best friend the walked him to the showers so he could change and shave off the scruffy beard that had grown to cover Sloan's face. "Everything's okay?" Sloan questioned Derek, making sure everything was in order.

"Everything's great. The world is finally righting itself."

Mark nodded and took a long look in the mirror. He had somehow gotten older of the past two months. The blue bags under his eyes were harsh and defined. The blonde of his hair seemed to be just a little bit duller than in the past. But one thing that had been so far gone he thought would never be back was the light in his eyes. He felt a rush of emotion to finally see some life back in them. This definitely was not how he'd pictured his wedding day but it would work. When it was the right girl, they could get married anywhere and it'd be perfect.

"You ready?" Derek asked as he handed Mark his tie.

"Never been more ready for anything in my life." Mark nodded then took a deep breath and headed back towards the room where Lexie waited. He glanced at his watch, noting it had been 3 hours, 37 minutes and 54 seconds since Lexie had decided to become his wife.

Meredith helped Lexie put on the simple white dress. "I'm sorry it isn't much. I knew you couldn't wear the big dress but it's something..."

"It's perfect Mere, thank you." Lexie smiled at her sister. "Thank you for doing all of this." She looked around the room, surprised but happy about the simple touches that somehow made it seem like so much more than the generic hospital room it had been only moments before.

"I'm just..." Meredith choked up and fought to keep the tears from her eyes. "I'm just so happy you are back. You never know how much someone means until there gone. You mean a lot to me Lexie. I love you."

Lexie was taken aback by her sister's words but smiled and pulled her into a hug, "I love you too."

Derek nodded then stepped into the room, "we ready?"

Lexie nodded and whipped the tears out of her eyes. She had only been awake for about a day and had already cried more in that time than she had her entire life.

The room filled up with the invited guests. Lexie watched as Meredith, Derek, Zola, Christina, Owen, Avery, Kepner, Chief, Bailey, Sam, Callie, Arizona, Sofia, Karev, and Teddy all took places in the back of the room.

The priest then came in followed by Mark. Lexie's breath caught as she looked at just how gorgeous Mark looked in his suit. She would definitely never forget this day.

As Mark took her hand in his, the priest asked him to vow to love Lexie and only Lexie for the rest of their lives. In the face of the recent events, that vow took on new meaning so Mark replied that he would love her and only her for eternity.

Lexie made the same vow back to him, knowing that even death could not separate them. The kiss at the end was short and sweet with the reception being barely longer. Lexie was exhausted from the long day and just wanted rest. Everyone wished the couple their best then left them for a few moments alone.

"I love you." Lexie smiled as she laced her fingers through her husband's. "I love you too," was his only reply as he carefully wrapped his arms around her; relishing of the feeling of her in them at last.

"I'm sorry that this is our wedding night." She winced, thinking of the other things they could have been doing if the situation wasn't so grim, "and that it looks like we won't be having a honeymoon anytime soon."

"I'm not. I love you and I was so happy when you said you wanted to marry me. We can have 1000 wedding nights and honeymoons once you are recovered but for now all I need is you here with me: alive and safe." He kissed the top of her head.

"Just promise me one thing," Lexie said, looking up at Mark.

"Anything." He said with a smile on his lips.

"When we go on our honeymoon, can we drive?" Mark laughed and pulled her gently against him again. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

And just like that they were happy again. Lexie would recover, she would stil be a surgeon, and now she would have Mark by her side every step of the way.

Mark looked at his watch once again. They were now 6 hours, 7 minutes, and 9 seconds into their life together and that was definately something to celebrate.

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