Normal text: Silver
Italicized text: Gold
Bold text: Lance


Where were you, Silver?

Out and about. Why?

We were supposed to go out tonight, you and I. Remember? We had a movie planned and everything. We talked about it last week.

How the hell am I supposed to remember something I agreed to that long ago? I have a life, Gold.

A week isn't "that long," Silver. This isn't the first time you've jilted me. A life does not constitute ditching your boyfriend to roam around Johto every other day for the past month.

Maybe I'm actually working, huh? Maybe I got a job and I'm going in for alternate shifts.

A likely story if you were bringing a paycheck home every two weeks.

Home? You call this dump of an apartment "home?" Christ, I've been impoverished most of my years, and this cockroach-infested hole is still somewhere I didn't want to settle down in. I told you over and over when we were house-hunting that we needed a decent, kept place, but you ignored me and signed us on here, citing cheapness or something. And you promised to keep it clean, but you've failed the hell out of that. This damn flat looks even more dilapidated than it did the day we moved in.

That's the problem with you, Silver. You always dodge my questions and scapegoat me for some other trivial matter. We've been over this a million times—I'm the champion of Johto. I've got challengers and Elite Four matters to attend to. I can't be home all the time, vacuuming the floor or scrubbing the shower. Why don't you take some responsibility and get your lazy ass off the streets and help out around here once in a while?

Arceus, you're such an asshole! I don't give a damn if you're the champion of Johto or Kanto or the planet! You're a fat, ugly fool that can't own up to his duties to save himself. Just clean and maybe I'll quit nagging you about it!

Oh, so now I'm the one who can't attest to his actions? Says the guy who's out all the time, doing Arceus knows what at Arceus knows where at two o'clock in the morning! The only thing I want out of you, Silver, is five goddamn seconds of your time! I want spend time with you, but you always fabricate some weak excuse to get yourself out of my sight! I just want to know where you were and who you were with! I wait up for you every night for you to come home, and then when you do, you won't even let me touch you. It kills me and enrages me at the same time.

I hate being touched.

You didn't used to.

Well, I do now.

Please, talk to me. Communicate. What is so important that makes you leave my arms for so long? Why are you so standoffish all of a sudden?

Maybe I'm seeing someone.

Silver, no.

Yes. You suck ass in bed and you complain like a woman. I need a real man, not a boy like you. I'm cheating on you, Gold. Deal with it.

How… how could you? You promised…

I didn't promise crap. None of that "We'll-be-together-forever" stuff is real, you know. It's all a joke, a game. Monogamy is a blatant lie. I know it. You'd better get on the bandwagon, too. Saves you a lot of heartache in the end.

You're wrong, Silver. Dedicating yourself to one person is the purest thing in the world.

Whatever. My dad sure didn't think so.

Your father was a cruel, awful man. You are a much better person than him.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, kid.

Where are you going now?

Away. From you and from… this. I need some space.

Silver, please stay. We need to talk-

No, we don't, Gold. We don't need to talk about anything. It's over. We're over.

… If you'd like it to be that way.

Yes, I would.