Eating Dinner

"Oh, Alec. Fuck, baby. Where in hell did you learn to do that?"

*There was no reply, and seconds later, both men moaned. Then...

"Ah! Shit, Magnus, do that again!"

Isabelle Lightwood stood outside Magnus Bane's apartment, slightly disconcerted by what she heard. It was six in the afternoon, and the couple knew that they had to go to the institute, Maryse had ordered it.

So they were having sex, and hoping she would just leave them to it? What a ridiculous notion.

"Harder, Magnus." *The warlock then groaned loudly, voice muffled.

She did not know what to do. She did not like having to hear her brother moaning like that, much less see him in the act.

That would be gross. Still, the door was not actually locked.

So she could probably just go into the house, and hope they hadn't decided to shag against the door or something.

It would be better to yell from inside the apartment, too.

So, she pushed the door open, and walked in, eyes on her phone, just in case, and nearly tripped over something.

A tape recorder. Right in front of the door.

She hit the off switch with her foot, and this allowed her to hear other things. There was small amounts of clattering coming from the balcony.

She walked across, absolutely silent.

"Try this, Alec. It's really sweet." Magnus held out a pink sweet, with some sort of cream on the top. Alec, frowned at the confection, but leaned across the small table, allowing Magnus to feed it to him.

He bit into it, taking half, and chewed it thoughtfully.

"Quite sweet. Not as bad as those blue ones you got last time." Alec reached for his drink. Magnus had a hobby of picking unusual sweets for after dinner. Their plates, empty of everything except gravy, were pushed to the sides, and the box of sweets was between them, next to an almost drunk bottle of wine.

"Alec Lightwood! Did you really think you and Magnus could escape?" They both turned to face Izzy, who was standing in the doorway, hands on her hips.

"Quite honestly, ye-"

"You went in here, even though you thought me and Alexander were making love?" Magnus sounded scandalised, and Alec snorted with laughter.

"Yes. Nothing other than demons or death should allow you to disobey mother. She can be really scary."

Isobelle started walking to the door.

The other two both stood up, resigned to following her.

"By the way, nice recording." Her voice floated back to them.

Alec burried his face in his hands.

"Oh, sweet angel. Izzy heard that."

Magnus laughed. "That was the idea, sweetheart."

He wrapped his arms around the slightly shorter boy, pulling him close.

Then groaned.

"You know what, darling?"

"Nope. What?" Alec mumbled, embarrassed by his sister.

"That tape was on too loud. I could hear you from in here."

"Hmm. Thanks, love." Alec sounded offended, and Magnus smirked, shaking his head.

"I'm hard as hell, and now I've got to talk to your mother."