Dark link x link

(A:N/ well I am bored and I LOVE this couple! Also i am in math... xD So I decided, TIME TO MAKE A YAOI ONESHOT! and this is the victims- I mean couple I am going to write about! ^^
Link: ? Victims? 0.o
Dark(Dark Link): dont worry! I'll protect you Link! *glomps*
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Warnings - Very short... pointless smut... Dark and Link are already in a relationship/hyrule is safe/gannondork is dead... Gone?, maybe some annoying Zelda bashing, randomness, A creepy creeper, OCC extremely uke-ish Link and over protective Dark Link! :D if you don't like yaoi get the fuck outa here! And flames will be used to roast marshmallows for my friends, to laugh at and amuse our selves and used to burn villages down! (^_^)
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Dark woke up to a familiar sent. Snuggling into his lover, Dark fell back asleep.
Link woke up almost being suffocated. He turned around to meet Dark and smiled to himself. Link slowly got out of Dark's grasp and replaced a pillow and went to go get something from the market to make for breakfast.
Suddenly he had a flash back;
"Link I don't ever want you to go shopping alone at all, just because that you have sword skills doesn't mean some rapist won't come up an molest you! You need to be safe." Dark growled and pounced on Link and they had hot man smex.
End of flashback
Link just blinked. 'I highly doubt that'd really happen..' Link chuckled to himself walking out the door to the market.
Xx at the market xX
Link hummed a ransom tune while looking for what to eat.
"I'll need this... Oh! Hi Zelda.." Link saw the princess approach him.
"Hi Link..." she seemed nervous.
"How are you?" Link grabbed more vegetables.
"Good… hey are you still together with him?" Zelda just HAD to make this awkward.
Link sighed, "yes. And no, I am not planning on leaving Dark any time soon."
"Well-" before Zelda could say anything someone pulled her to the side.
"..." Link ignored the strangeness and went to go pay.
After he payed, Link got ready to go, but before he could walk away he felt arms snake around his waist.
"Hello..." a creepy voice said.
"Get off!" Link turned around kicking the guy in the shin.
"Ow," and before the creepy man said anything else he got back up dusting himself off. "well fussy you are? That just makes it more enjoyable!" the creepy man tried to get closer to Link. Keyword. TRIED!
There was a blur and the creepy man was at the ground out cold.
"You ok?" Midna (hehe she's in her imp form) went to Link's side.
"yea... Dammit... Dark was right. Midna please don't tell Dark about this!" Link pleaded.
"fine... But if He finds out I didn't tell him, your taking the blame!" Midna helped Link up and walked with him home just in case the creepy man woke up and can back.
When they got to Link's house, Midna left saying bye and giving Link a hug and leaving him to deal with Dark.
Unlucky for Link... Purple Link (I'll call him Vio) was out for a stroll, and the gossiper he is, of COURSE he told Dark about what happened!
When Link got home, he was greeted by a shirtless Dark.
"Link." Dark didn't seem happy at all.
"Dark..." Link started to try and back away.
But the ninja Dark is, he came up to Link and grabbed the food and Link by the waist bringing them inside.
When Dark set the food down in the kitchen, and kept Link in his arms.
"I heard what happened down at the market..." Dark sets Link down.
Link shuffles his feet. "Yea... That happened..."
Dark slammed his fist against the wall, and trapped Link between both his arms.
"I told you this would happen!" Dark growled out.
"I-I'm sorry... I should've l-listened.." Link whispered out looking strait into Dark's eyes, which was easy since Dark's face was only inches away from his.
Dark looked into Link's eyes as for searching for any lies, when he was convinced he was telling the truth, Dark's eyes went soft.
"I believe you, but you are not forgiven." Dark smirked and whispered in Link's ear.
"W-What?" Link tried to face Dark but Dark kissed Link to keep him quiet.
"I'm going to punish you, then I might consider forgiveness." Dark nibbled on Link's ear.
"D-Dark~" Link moaned out clutching onto Dark while he moved his hands under Link's shirt, and kissed him roughly.
Link's moan was cut off by Dark's mouth as Dark's hand grazed over his nipples and biting down harshly at his bottom lip demanding entrance.
Link opened his mouth letting Dark taste and explore his mouth moving his tongue against Dark's moaning.
Dark breaks the kiss taking in Link's flushed cheeks, and bright blue orbs.
He growled and literally ripped of Link's tunic causing Link to squeak out surprised. That was a new tunic dammit!
"Dark-" Link was cut off with another kiss which was quickly moving down his from his lips with Dark biting and sucking on Link's neck marking was rightfully his.
Link moan out again, wrapping his arms around Dark's neck to help him up in case his legs give out.
Dark hitched up Link's legs wrapped them around his waist, and pressed him against the wall even more.
Dark kissed Link then went to Link's ear whispering not so innocent words turning the both of them on even more.
Link moans at the dirty talk, and tries to urge Dark to do more than just kiss him, but he doesn't have to. Dark kissed down passed Link's neck and nibbled on his collarbone. Dark went down farther latching onto Link's nipple sucking hard.
Link laced his fingers threw Dark's raven hair which moaning out Dark's name very loudly.
"Da-Dark!" Link pulled at Dark's hair loving the pleasure.
Dark stopped what he was doing and kissed Link
which bringing his hands down to Link's waist and pulled his pants off along with his undergarments.
After Dark broke the kiss Link pushed Dark's pants off with his feet leaving Dark and himself naked for each other to see.
Dark smirks and wraps his hands around Link and his own erections pumping them at the same time causing Link to shout out Dark's name again and Dark to hiss in pleasure.
Dark pumping stopped as soon as he started because he felt Link was close and didn't want him to come yet, he had to punish him didn't he?
Link whined out but hissed out when he felt two fingers force themselves in stretching him to prepare what was coming up next.
Link started sucking on Dark's neck to distract him from the stinging pain.
Dark moaned out slightly at the hotness of Link's mouth on his neck, but also at the tightness around his two fingers, he moved his fingers around hooking them and found Link's prostate right away causing Link to stop what he was doing.
"Ahh, Dark!" Link blushed, "Do that a-again."
Dark smirked and hit the spot putting pressure onto it.
"Like this?" Dark nipped at Link's ear.
"Yes! Oh goddesses! Dark!" Link arched his back and moaned out very wonton like when Dark added another finger stretching him out while he kept jabbing into Link's prostate.
Before Link could come, Dark took out all his fingers causing Link to whine out protesting.
"Dark- Oh goddess!" Link gripped onto Dark's shoulders tightly tears forming in the corners of his eyes at the sudden thickness he felt inside him.
Dark whispered gentle words to Link as he forced more of dick his inside Link.
As the pain slightly passed Link moved his hips down creating some friction causing the pair to groan out.
Dark controlled himself not to pound into Link, but it was slowly slipping away as he started a gentle lovemaking pace.
"Gnn, Dark! F-faster!" Link moaned out with plenty of other erotic noises causing Dark to let go of his control and pound into Link with a rough and hard pace having Link shout out Dark's name over and over very loudly.
When Dark thrusted into Link at a different angle he hit Link's prostate causing Link to moan out Dark's name louder.
"Dark! I gonna come!" Link was shushed by a kiss while Dark pumped Link's dick with his thrust trying to make Link come before him.
"Dark!" Link came hard on both of their chests and Dark's hand.
Dark growled out Link's name and bit onto Link's neck while he came inside Link.
Link moaned out in pain and pleasure while Dark pulled out and licked the wound he gave Link as an apology.
"I love you." Link kissed Dark's cheek. He was exhausted.
"Love you too." Dark kissed Link back.
"Am I forgiven?" Link looked Dark in the eyes.
"No, not even close." Dark smirked as he brought Link to the ground grinding their hips together making them both excited for another round!
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