Sigyn stared into the full-length mirror in the room of the palace that she'd been given to prepare herself. She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she looked at herself and thought about what she was doing. This is really happening. I'm getting married.

If she was truly honest with herself, she'd never seen this day coming. She was so different. And so... particular. Sigyn had never thought that anyone would accept her and she wasn't planning to compromise just to please someone else. But with Loki she didn't feel like she was compromising, and only after meeting him could she see the possibility of marriage being in her future.

Loki seemed to understand her like no one else did. He let her be herself. And, in return, she let him do the same. She accepted the way he liked to do things that were unexpected. She accepted the way that he seemed to like to be in control of things. The way he thought it was funny to surprise her. And she did it because she knew now that that was just part of his nature. Who was she to question what made him him?

It wasn't like any of the things he did had ever hurt her. It wasn't like any of those things had really even put her off him. Surprisingly, they'd grown on her. A shock here, a jump there; it wasn't that bad. And it seemed to make him happy, which in turn made her happy.

Sigyn discovered that she felt comfortable with him regardless of the trick she knew could be coming at any moment. And she realised now that she was fine with everything that might have turned any other person away, because she loved him. Not just liked. Love.

When the transition between the two had occurred, she didn't know; but it had happened. She'd found herself looking forward to every moment that she could spend with him. Even when he annoyed her and frustrated her, he always managed to find a way to convince her into forgiving him. Somewhere along the weeks he had spent courting her, she had fallen for him.

And here she was, standing in front of a mirror, staring at herself as she wore the dress she was to be married in. Her silver eyes looked her reflection up and down slowly. The dress she wore was beautiful; it had been a wedding gift from the Queen.

White in colour, the main body of the dress was sleeveless, with a fitted corset bodice that fishtailed at the knee. The bottom of it touched the floor and stretched out behind her in a long train. And her shoulders were covered with a sheer white material that hung down loosely over her arms.

Sigyn's hair had been left loose, her long curls draped down her back. And she looked beautiful; she knew she did, though she wasn't quite sure how. She never normally looked like this. But she had allowed the handmaidens that the Queen had insisted she have with her dress her in such a way.

Besides, she did want to look nice. How many weddings does a girl get, after all? she thought. But she smirked as she mentally corrected herself, Apparently one more than I thought I would. It wasn't too long before one of the handmaidens the Queen had provided her with came to collect her, entering the room with a quiet knock.

"It is time, my lady," the woman said.

Sigyn was about to correct her for calling her 'my lady', just as she had done with Thor, but she realised it was going to be something that she'd have to get used to. After she married Loki, she would technically be a Lady... A Princess. She didn't quite understand how she and that title had ever even been able to be said in the same sentence. It just didn't fit. She was never meant to be a lady. But being a lady came with marrying Loki; and Sigyn was pretty certain that she was meant to be with him.

She nodded and followed the handmaiden out of the room. It didn't take all that long to reach the mammoth hall where all weddings were held. Where hers was to be held. The hall was full when the handmaiden led her to it. A gathering of people stood in two crowded rows, only an empty walkway separating them to allow her to pass through.

As Sigyn looked at them, she thought about how she had been a member of such a crowd not so long ago. And Dagný had taunted her about how this could potentially happen. That possibility was coming into fruition; and Sigyn was starting to feel incredibly nervous. This is really going to happen, she thought, taking a deep breath in an effort to keep herself calm.

She began to walk through the pathway that had been left free of bodies, all the while staring at her destination rather than the vast number of people whose eyes, she knew, were all trained on her. The Allfather stood directly in front of her at the head of the hall, looking royal and magnificent as he always did. She saw four people that she'd never met but knew to be the Warriors Three and Lady Sif stood on his left, while the Queen and Thor stood off to his right; behind Loki.

Loki. Her husband-to-be was decked out in full armour, even his helmet, that made him seem impossibly taller than he had been before. It was so odd to see Loki in anything other than his normal black and green attire. In all the time she had known him, they were the only colours she'd seen him wear. They were his colours.

He was still wearing them, just in his armour, it made him look so... regal. Different almost. It nearly unnerved her a little too. He was so... She didn't even know. But Loki wasn't looking at her yet like everyone else was; he was looking at the floor instead. She didn't know why, but she didn't question it. She didn't have time to. Because as soon as she noticed it, he looked up, his eyes meeting hers.

Sigyn's breath caught in her throat slightly as he did. There was a certain reassurance in the look in his eyes that calmed her though. It was a glance that made her nervousness seem to wash away quickly. And then she knew, she was there for the right reason. She loved him.

When she reached the end of the aisle, Sigyn and Loki came together before the Allfather. As was tradition, they respectfully repeated the vows the Allfather said, swearing to them for eternity. Each kneeling down, they kissed the other's ring finger in turn. The two of them didn't take their eyes off of each other until the All Father proclaimed them married. To forever be together as husband and wife. And as he did, the crowd broke into a rumble of cheers and applause.

Loki took the opportunity to lean over to Sigyn and whispers into her ear over the thunderous applause surrounding them, "You are beautiful."

She could feel her cheeks reddening, but she didn't much care anymore. And she cared even less when he went on to whisper a vow on top of those he'd already uttered, to be with her always, to love her. A vow that only she could hear. He may have been the God of Lying, but he wasn't lying now.

Just as Loki pulled back from placing a soft kiss on her forehead, Thor came up behind him and caught him in a brotherly hug, tearing him away from his new bride for but a moment. She watched as the Warriors Three and Lady Sif too went to congratulate him.

Sigyn used the brief moment to take the time to look around at the splendorous crowd around them. She saw her father smiling at her. The twins too were grinning, and, for once, were silent. She'd take that as a wedding gift any day.

Her eyes found Halvar and Njal amongst the others; she'd invited them, but asked Loki to ensure their presence, which he had. Njal smiled at her and she could have sworn that Halvar didn't look as grumpy as he usually did. They seemed to have played quite a part or at least have been present since the beginning of she and Loki's courting so Sigyn had made sure that they were there at their wedding.

She'd tried to invite the Archive Keeper too, who, in her opinion, was in need of a good drink, but he had refused with a, "I'm not leaving here; who knows what'll happen to the books!"

A touch on Sigyn's arm brought her attention back to Loki; to her husband. His hand on the small of her back gently pulled her around to face him again. Sigyn stared at him, beaming happily. She could see in his expression that he was happy too; even his eyes seemed to be smiling at her.

"I believe you owe me a kiss," Loki said, grinning.

If it was possible, Sigyn's smile grew as she replied, "A kiss freely given..."

Her lips found his quickly, and a hoot rose up from the crowd. Sigyn didn't care. The hand on her back pressed her to him as her arms slid around his neck, entwining them in an embrace that would end their bargain, but be the start of a whole new one. Sigyn could only smile into his lips at the thought. Finally, she pulled away from him, just enough so that their lips were no longer touching, but that she could lean her forehead against his.

So that only he could hear her, Sigyn whispered, "Whenever you should ask."

Author's Note: So that's it guys! The end of 'Five Kisses'. :) What can I say? I've really enjoyed writing this story- and the fact that I did is mainly due to my awesome housemate Lana, aka AngelofSilkenRoses. :D Erm, so yeah; the end and stuff. :P Well actually, not really. :P

If I hadn't already been planning it, which I had, the number of you guys that have asked me to do a sequel would have persuaded me. If you're interested, look out for upcoming oneshots and then a sequel that takes place during Thor and the Avengers.

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