Me: Okay, I know I said that it would be a few months before I posted this, but I just couldn't help myself. Anyways, this story will be better than the first one. It'll be longer and have a better plot. It will also center more on 6.

6: ^_^

Me: Please enjoy.


6's P.O.V.

I missed her. It had been so long since she had left.

After she had gone, 2, 5, and 9 told the others everything they knew about her. Except for the part they didn't know. She was forgetting. But now she wouldn't. She was safe.

I still miss her. And my Key.

I looked down at what I was drawing. Two humans, falling in love. It was sad, because one of them was Eliza.

I looked at the pile of drawings in the corner of my room, all of them were pictures of Eliza's life. I didn't mean to spy, it just happened whenever I thought about her too much. Like now.

I could see her entering a bathroom, getting ready for a shower, undressing…

I felt my face get warm and decided to look at what I had drawn.

Eliza, naked, in the shower. Now my whole body felt warm. Maybe I should go for a walk.

I placed the new picture at the bottom of the pile, then walked out into the hall.

Please don't let me run into anyone. Please don't let me run into anyone. Please don't-

"6. What are you doing wandering the halls at this hour?" I winced at 1's harsh voice.

"G-going for a w-walk." I stuttered out, bringing my hands up to my chest.

1 glared at me for a moment, before motioning 8 over.

"Take him for his walk, and then take him back to his room. And keep watch for the Beasts." I frowned at the orders 1 gave the guard. I wanted to go alone.

8 led me outside, then sat by the door and took out his magnet.

I walked lowly away from him, breaking into a run when I was far enough away that he wouldn't hear me. I sped around the corner and straight to where the Portal was. Where Eliza last stood.

I walked towards it until I was right on top of the last place she stood in this world.

I opened my front and pulled out the note. I stared at her handwriting for a long time, until I heard 8 calling out for me.

"6! 6, where are ya? Did ya get caught by a Beast again?" I sighed and set the note down, about to call him over, when I felt a spark of energy erupt behind me.

Turning, I saw a bright green orb start growing.

"8!" I tried to back away from it, but it grew too fast, completely surrounding me in a

single second.

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