A/N: Just a little moment between the brothers right before the duel between Peter an Miraz.

It had been over a year, but the ritual had been repeated so many times it would never be forgotten. The brother's silently helped each other into their armor, and the last year, the last days, melted away. Falling into their old pattern, Edmund spoke once they finished, giving his older brother, his High King, counsel. Peter listened closely to his most trusted counselor and closest friend.

"Miraz is older, heavier, and stronger. Those are his advantages, but will make him over-confident. He will underestimate you, Brother. This last year you've hated that people have seen, and treated you, as a boy, not a soldier and High King; but now it is your greatest advantage. Miraz has no idea who he is facing. He thinks he is going to fight an inexperienced and untrained boy. He doesn't realize you have years of experience and training, my King. Use that."

Peter met his brother's eyes. "Ed… I'm sorry…. For everything…"

"I forgive you, Pete. Just like you forgave me. But if you let Miraz kill you…. I'll never forgive you for that…"

Peter gave a half smile. "Then I better not let him kill me."