Shane Anderson was the most oblivious person on Earth. Well, that's what Reed thought, anyway. For the past week, Reed had been trying to seduce his boyfriend, and had, so far, been failing miserably.

He'd tried being subtle, but that hadn't worked; Shane hadn't even noticed.

He'd tried making Shane jealous, but that hadn't worked either. (Partly because when Reed had "flirted" with other Windsors...well, Reed just wasn't very good at flirting in general)

He'd even tried the whole 'eating sexily' technique. Julian had told him that it was very effective, but Reed had just ended up choking on whatever he was eating. Not very sexy.

(There had also been that time with the whipped cream, but Reed had decided never to speak of that ever again.)

So, all in all, Reed had not had a very good week. He'd even resorted to asking the Tweedles for help. Their "plan" was the reason he was where he was now.

Shane unlocked the door, opening it and walking into his dorm, only to be stopped short by the sight he was met with.


And also, fuck.

Reed was sitting on Shane's bed, hair tousled and with rosy cheeks. He was wearing leather pants (Shane gulped), and nothing else. Shane's eyes raked over Reed's pale delicate chest (he gulped again) And...was that eyeliner? Whatever it was, it was sexy as hell.

Reed looked...he looked amazing, but he didn't look like Reed. He looked so uncomfortable, like he'd rather be anywhere but there. Shane frowned, walking towards Reed, sitting on the floor in front of him, clasping his delicate hands.

"Reed, are you alright? 'Cause you don't look good - I mean, you do, really you do, but you look upset, and you've been acting odd all week. So, are you?"

Reed bit his lip, sighed, and then it all came out. His frustration, his annoyance...his insecurities. Because why wouldn't Shane sleep with him? Was he really that unattractive? Yeah, he'd wanted to go slow, but he was ready now, because he trusted Shane, and knew that the other boy would take care of him.

Shane was shocked. Why would Reed think that? Of course Shane wanted to have sex, but he didn't want Reed to feel pressured into it; you only get one first time, after all.

"Woah, Reed, slow down. If you wanted us to go further, you could've just said so. You didn't have to do all of this - wait, is this what the whipped cream was about?" Shane realised abruptly.

"Never speak of that again." Reed grumbled.

Shane chuckled, and after a moment, Reed joined in too. They laughed at the sheer absurdity of the situation. Shane collapsed on the bed next to Reed, pulling the smaller boy into a tight embrace.

"I should probably change..." Reed chuckled.

"If you want, love."

Reed smiled, getting up and changing into a T-shirt and sweatpants (that, should anyone ask, he would deny that he owned) He ambled into the bathroom to scrub the eyeliner off his face.

When he came back out, Shane grinned; this was his Reed - the sweet boy, who was naturally gorgeous (and rather clumsy). Reed fell onto the bed, cuddling up next to Shane, pressing chaste kisses to his boyfriend's lips.

Then Shane rolled over, pressing Reed into the mattress, cupping his face in his hands. Reed's arms curled around Shane's chest, clutching the thin fabric of his shirt. Shane licked at Reed's lips until he opened his mouth. Shane ran his tongue over Reed's teeth, mapping out every inch of his mouth.

Reed's hands moved to the front of Shane's shirt, tentatively undoing the buttons. Shane shrugged off his shirt, flipping the so that he could pull Reed's T-shirt over his head, fluffing up his hair in the process. Shane thought that it was rather adorable.

Reed raked his nails gently down Shane's chest, leaving faint red trails in their wake. Shane's hands gripped Reed's waist, thumbs gently rubbing his hipbones. Shane leaned backwards, pulling Reed down with him.

Reed placed his hands on Shane's shoulders as he leaned down to kiss him. He pressed soft kisses against Shane's jaw, smiling as his boyfriend groaned.

Shane's hands skimmed up Reed's back, tangling in his strawberry blonde curls. Shane pushed Reed away, so that he could latch onto his neck, nibbling the sensitive skin. Reed gasped, his hands tightening their hold on Shane's shoulders.

Shane's hands stroked down Reed's sides, until they reached his sweatpants. With a shy nod from Reed, Shane hooked his thumbs over the waistband, pulling them down in one swift movement. Shane's eyes raked possessively over Reed's body, hands resting on the smaller boy's thighs. Reed blushed; he wasn't used to such attention.

While Shane was still staring, Reed had started to unbuckle Shane's pants. A moment later, when Shane noticed, he quickly shed his pants, leaving both boys in their boxers.

"You alright?"

"Shane, you don't have to keep making sure that I'm OK."

"I know, but are you?"

"I'm fine. More than fine, actually."

Shane grinned, slowly pulling Reed's boxers down his thighs, dropping them to the ground. Reed's blush returned, and he bit his lip as Shane ran his hands up his legs, stopping to grip Reed's slender waist.

Reed tentatively started to pull Shane's boxers off, the taller boy lifting his hips to make it easier. Reed gazed at Shane's body, toned and muscled from his years of dancing. Reed almost felt inadequate in comparison. But the way Shane was gazing hungrily down his body was a nice boost to his ego.

Shane flipped them, so that he was settled between Reed's legs. Reed felt a hand skim down his chest, and between his thighs. He gasped as a finger cautiously circled his hole; oh, that felt good. He whined as Shane pulled his hand away.

There was the sound of a drawer opening as Shane retrieved a condom and a bottle of lube. Reed heard the cap being opened, and moaned as he felt one of Shane's slick fingers push past the ring of muscle. Shane pulled his finger out, and pushed two back in. He stopped immediately as he heard Reed whimper. It wasn't an 'oh-my-god-that-feels-so-good-don't-stop' type of whimper; it was an 'ouch-that-actually-kind-of-hurts' type of whimper. Shane waited for a minute or so until Reed spoke again.

"Move, Shane."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't, just do something!" Reed replied in an exasperated tone; he wasn't fragile, after all.

Shane pressed a quick kiss to Reed's temple. He moved his fingers, twisting and scissoring them, until Reed yelped, hips bucking upwards. Shane grinned, relentlessly tapping his fingers against Reed's prostate until the smaller boy was writhing against the bed.

It was only then that Shane pulled his fingers out completely, leaving Reed feeling uncomfortably empty. Shane rolled the condom on, slathering his cock with a generous amount of lube; he didn't want to hurt Reed.

Shane slowly pushed his cock past the ring of muscle, stopping a few times because of the pained sounds that Reed was making. Once he was fully sheathed, Shane stopped completely. No matter how much he wanted to completely ravage the gorgeous boy in front of him, he had to start slowly; had to make Reed feel good.

Reed's eyes fluttered open, his hands tangling in Shane's hair, gripping it tightly, as if to ground him. The second that Shane started moving, he knew that neither of them would last long, but that was alright, there would be other times (plenty and plenty of other times).

Shane, true to his word, did start slowly, gently pulling out, inch by inch, until Reed started to tug at his hair, urging him to go faster. Shane complied, speeding up his thrusts, though only slightly; Reed was already going to be sore enough in the morning.

Shane's hands curled around Reed's thighs, hoisting him into his lap. Reed squeaked as Shane's cock pressed roughly against his prostate, whimpering in pleasure. Reed was close, so close, so all it took was Shane's hand grasping his cock, and then he was coming.

It was the sight of Reed coming, his sweet, innocent Reed, that sent Shane over the edge, coming harder than he ever thought possible; his vision almost blacking out.

Reed actually did pass out for a few seconds, drifting in and out of consciousness as Shane cleaned him up. A minute or so later, Reed felt a warm body slide under the covers with him. Shane wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, tucking Reed's head under his chin.

"So, did I manage to seduce you?" Reed muttered, almost asleep.

"Oh, yes, absolutely. It was a great plan; I should probably thank the twins when I see them."

Reed chuckled sleepily, managing to force one last sentence out before he fell unconscious.

"They wanted me to have a riding crop, too, but I thought that was going too far."

You should have seen how far Shane's jaw dropped.