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Chapter Song: "Heart-Shaped Box" by Nirvana

The No Life King was, as always, sitting comfortably in a luxurious, velvet armchair in his chambers, holding a glass of the red liquid he so much enjoyed. As of late, his mind was occupied with thoughts of a certain dark-skinned, blonde Englishwoman he had the pleasure of calling Master.

She was in her office upstairs, going through an enormous amount of documents that needed her approval. These days she was always overworking herself, giving him the chance to slip into her mind easily and relieve himself of his boredom…amongst other things. Of course, he inevitably paid a price for these harmless mind games of his, but overall that was actually pleasurable in its own way. Besides, no matter what she said, he knew she secretly enjoyed these games, even craved them.

There were times when her mind called him unconsciously, teasing him with images he had projected to her in dreams – dreams she was unable to erase from her memory no matter how hard she tried. This was one of these occasions. Amidst her strenuous work, Integra was thinking of him, awakening his mind, and causing a sweet tightening sensation low in his abdomen. Instantly, his mouth curved in semblance of a smile, revealing fangs that had nothing to do with the content of his glass and all to do with the woman upstairs. Ah, yes…how should he toy with her today?

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, head of the Hellsing Organization and a member of the Protestant Knights, was in her office going through what seemed an endless amount of paperwork as usual. Although, lately she had to admit that she was rather thankful for this fact. It kept her mind from wandering to dangerous thoughts, courtesy of the tall, dark, and handsome male she had confined in her basement. Yes, she was aware that some women would call that a fantasy, but that was most definitely not the case with her.

The infuriating, mind abusing vampire she had the privilege of calling her servant was clearly overstepping some boundaries these last few months. She understood fully, that since the low level vamps she assigned him for extermination were not giving him the satisfaction he craved, he was going to search elsewhere for that. Unfortunately, the elsewhere in this case meant her.

At the beginning, she thought that she was imagining things. After all, being abstinent from sex did not mean she was clueless about it and had nothing to do with it. It just meant she usually had only herself and her imagination to play with. Lately, though, someone else was tampering with her imagination, making it impossible to differentiate between reality and fantasy anymore. She had tried all manners of punishment, but this game of his had yet to stop. After all, he was not a teenager she could simply ground to his room and cut his allowance.

What was interesting, though, was the fact that he could draw pleasure from activities other than mayhem and dismemberment. The infuriating part was that she found those activities satisfying as well deep down and had a feeling that the bastard was aware of it. Speaking of the devil, she must have dozed off long enough because an image of him, bent above her, with his usual insane smile and knowing eyes, his lower body pressed dangerously close to hers, appeared in her mind. She knew the exact moment when she was not alone in her thoughts anymore. Great, that was all that she needed right now…not!

"Master, put down that pen. I have something a lot more fun and satisfying for you to pay attention to. Not to mention, your hand is far better suited wrapped around it than what you're holding right now," he said huskily from behind her. At least, he had kept the pretense of still being in her office for now.

This is how it always starts, Integra thought, annoyed. Seriously though, he could do better than that cheesy line. Even so, that sensual voice of his so intimately close wreaked havoc with her self-restraint. For all she cared, he could be talking about the weather and still manage to make her feel all hot and bothered.

"Alucard, if you don't stop with this lame innuendo, the specific part of your anatomy you are referring to will get the attention it deserves…and not in a good way," she threatened him with a stern voice.

A low purr came out of his mouth along with his next line. "I assure you, Master, anything you will do to it will be well perceived," he replied in a sinfully erotic tone, while he was starting to harden just by the sound of her voice.

Oh...yes, we have officially stepped into the land of no return, Integra mused, sighing deeply. Judging by his wicked smile and the look he was giving her, like she was a birthday present he couldn't wait to unwrap and play with, there was no way he was leaving her alone now; which was just ridiculous, considering all of this took part in her mind. He wasn't even there in the room with her…

"Do not start gloating so soon, servant. It's not even noon yet and you are being awfully energetic. Go back to sleep and stop bothering me!" Integra commanded with authority.

In fact, how about you never wake up again! she thought wryly. Seriously, she couldn't handle any more of him right now. Like trying to save England from bloodthirsty monsters, one of which was locked in her basement on probation, and picking constant fights with that Vatican prick was not enough to keep her busy. But, no, he had to have his candy when he wanted it like a five year old brat. Maybe a vacation was not such a bad idea, after all. She knew just where to go. She heard Australia was great in the summer. Integra could lie in the beach for hours with her favorite book, and he could suffer all kinds of hell under the scorching sun as far as she was concerned; if he decided to follow her.

"Ah…but what better entertainment than bothering you, Master. Besides, if you are going to compare me to a five year old, may I remind you that it was you fantasizing about my candy a few minutes ago that lured me here? In the end, who's bothering who, Integra?" he returned with a Cheshire grin.

Oh, things are not looking good, she thought alarmed. He had actually dared to use her name instead of her title, meaning he was prepared to forget his position, placing her under him in rank, and more importantly…under him – in all kinds of positions. That was supposed to be bad, right? No, correction; it should piss her off. Then, why was she secretly starting to enjoy this? No, her heart racing was because she was getting angry, not because she was getting aroused by his words.

Get a grip on yourself and show him who's running this show! Integra commanded to herself. At least she hoped it was still her by the end of this insanity he called entertainment.

"Do not delude yourself, Alucard. The only thing I'm thinking about you is how to punish this clear disrespect of yours towards me. Who gave you permission to call me anything other than Master and invade my private thoughts?" she asked with a haughty tone.

Hmm…she is feeling the pressure already, he thought, amused. He knew exactly what to do to push her even more towards the edge.

Closing in from behind, he leaned towards her neck, and whispered close to her ear with a sultry tone. "How exactly do you plan on punishing me, Integra? Since it's taking you such a long time to think of a suitable torture, how about I help you? After all, you should know by now that I excel at that."

As expected, she shivered and almost moaned at that. But, he was not going to let her go that easily.

"Let me show you how it's done," he rumbled, voice thick with sensuality.

Before Integra had time to react, her world became dark. He blindfolded me…the bloody bastard actually blindfolded me, Integra thought with shock. Now that was new. In all their previous little sessions, he was assertive and highly provocative, but in the end, it all had been suggestions and images created through illusion. Only this time, it felt real; so real that she had the thought, if she didn't find a way to stop him now, things were going to get really dangerous, really fast.

Gritting her teeth, she raised her hands to remove the silk scarf that covered her eyes, but as she was about to touch it, he caught them and pulled them behind her chair, securing her there still in a sitting position. When she tried to move them, she discovered that they, too, were bound together with something that resembled leather. Great, now all that left were her legs, and she would be completely immobile, unable to move even an inch. As she was about to protest, using a vocabulary that no respectable woman should ever use in her life, she heard his voice in her mind rather than with her ears.

"I have no intention of binding your legs, Integra. I have far greater plans for them and, even if you do manage to escape, running will only excite me more," he informed her with apparent excitement in his rough, hungry tone.

As he said that, she felt something wet stroking the left side of her neck and fangs grazing her collarbone. Her heart began racing again and she felt a warm tingling sensation between her legs. Damn him, but that vampire had a way with his tongue that should be declared illegal. The thought of her struggling obviously excited him, though. Then, how about she stopped making this easy for him and start playing a little mind game of her own?

"Then tell me your plans, vampire. But, make damn sure I am going to enjoy them, or else I'm going to chain you to your throne and make you watch while I bleed myself all over you. And you won't get to lick a single drop," she taunted him mockingly.

This is unexpected, Alucard thought, surprised, taken aback from her reaction. She did indeed know a bit about torture after all. Not only that, but she was actually provoking him. Nice try, Integra, but he was going to make sure that by the end of this she would be screaming his name in ecstasy, all that delicious blood offered to him shamelessly.

Just visualizing it wrenched a groan out of his throat, made his teeth ache. But it was time to turn his attention back to his master, who had stopped struggling and was waiting patiently for his next move. Tricky, manipulative woman; even so, he wouldn't have it any other way. She was indeed worthy of being his Master.

He spread her legs apart with his knee, and leaned close to her ear, so he could continue their little game. A sharp hiss escaped her lips when his knee intentionally rubbed her core, so he drew back a little on purpose. A look of frustration immediately appeared upon her face.

"If you want more, all you have to do is ask," he teased her, chuckling, knowing all too well what was going on in her head.

Integra was starting to regret making that earlier comment. True, he had been startled for a moment, and she thought he would just fall all over her and devour her, but it had the exact opposite result. The bastard was playing with her, giving her a small taste, and making her work for more. She knew his intention was to make her beg, but hell would freeze over before she surrendered. Still, her treacherous body was slightly shaking and, without realizing it, she was already inching closer to his knee in an attempt to regain that wonderful friction between their bodies.

"Know your place, vampire. Don't think you have won yet," she bit back with what she hoped was a steady voice.

"And where would that place be, Integra? Here?" he murmured, sliding his hand across the column of her neck. A shiver ran through her at that.

"What about here?" Moving his hand down her ribs, his thumb stroked the underside of her breast through her shirt. A moan escaped her lips, but she refused to give him more, pressing her lips tightly shut.

"Or maybe here?" It was no more than a whisper, dragging across the sensitive skin of her neck, his hand sliding on the inside of her thigh, massaging the area painfully close to her aching flesh, one of his fingers brushing up her slacks over the source of her heat. Integra had pressed her lips so tight that they were bruising, so she could only whimper as he continued this sweet torture, never giving her what she needed.

Ah, what a tantalizing smell she is emitting, Alucard mused, enthralled, catching the aroma she was giving off in waves as he continued to caress her. Yet it was not enough; what he wanted was to hear her voice hoarse from pleasure, making those moans in the throes of passion she was so desperately trying to avoid.